Everything About Wedding Garter Sets

Don’t forget about your wedding garter! Everyone knows that wedding preparation is intense, but still, you need to remember even about such details. The toss of a wedding garter is a tradition that needs to be followed on your wedding day.


Chic Weeding Garter

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A perfect garter should match your wedding lingerie. Apart from being a tradition and looking lovely, it should also hold your stockings. The styles are multiple.


Soft Bridal Garters

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Following the tradition, you prefer regular wedding veils and dresses. This is not the case with garters. They can be as creative as you want ‘cause they are hidden.

Amazing Garters for Your Perfect Wedding Look

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The variety of garters is so broad that it will fit any personality, needs, and tastes. Silk, lace, and satin are the materials that look most elegant. They are so charming.


Traditional Blue Wedding Garter Sets

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Among the variety of garters, you can find the ideal variant that will reveal your individual style. This little accessory completes your wedding look. And it's no secret that sexy wedding photos can't do without this pretty little detail!

FAQ: Wedding Garter

What is the purpose of a garter at a wedding?

Garters served a vital function long before elastic was invented: they kept stockings up. As a result, the bride wore one on each of her legs. Garters, on the other hand, are now seen as fun attributes rather than requirements. There’s no right or wrong way to put them on. Do what feels right to you.

Who buys bride garter?

As a modern heirloom and particular memory from their wedding, the bride can choose a bridal garter as a treat for herself or her soon-to-be spouse. The bridesmaids also can collaborate to get a garter for one of their friends.

Why does the groom take the garter off with his teeth?

If you’ve ever shuddered as you saw a groom remove a garter from his new wife’s upper thigh with his teeth, you may have pondered who came up with such a sexually charged wedding ritual. Taking off the garter has become the male counterpart of the bouquet toss at weddings.