When it comes to house planning, we need to take a lot of things into consideration and sometimes something can slip the mind. That is why we are here to remind you that a study room is an essential component of your house. The thing is that not only kids or students need a study, but a study is also a place for you to work and to relax – both issues combined, and there is rarely an exceptional adult who does not need that. Taking all that into consideration we figured that it might be helpful for you to browse through our modern compilation and pick up the best study room option for yourself!


Modern Study Rooms

If you like everything that is 100% up to date, then these modern study rooms are what you need!

Modern Study Room Idea
Study Room Idea with Dark Walls
Study Room with White Walls
Study Room Design with Rustic Accent
Study Room Idea
Study Room with Dark Walls


Well Organized Modern Girly Study Room

Well Organized Modern Girly Study Room #girlystudyroom #pinkcolor
Credit photo: Instagram.com/bigseal_station

When you think about a study room than you certainly think about the study room furniture and a chair and table are the most important elements here. However, there is a need for something else too, to keep everything in order you are going to need some shelves. If it is a study space for a girl, then this neat and tidy idea is what you need to consider at least.

Modern Kids Study Room With Shelves For Child Stuff

Modern Kids Study Room With Shelves For Child Stuff #kidsstudyroom #kidsspace
Credit photo: Instagram.com/so.very.me.and.home

Kids study room is a must. If you are a young parent and have no idea what to look for – we have a perfect idea in mind. This study is undoubtedly a place to work on all the projects that you kid may have as well as it is a place to keep all the child stuff at once.


Modern Study Room In White Color

Modern Study Room In White Color #modernstudyroom #whitecolor
Credit photo: Instagram.com/tconceptshop

When you think about the best color for study room, you need to think white in the first place. It may lack some uniqueness, but it is surely the best color to grant the study the most light not to mention peace of mind, which is very much required when you are trying to concentrate and work on something.

Modern Study Room With Huge Tabletop Storage Space

Modern Study Room With Huge Tabletop Storage Space #storagespace #chests
Credit photo: Instagram.com/thehomeofficedecoration

When you are organizing your study, you need to take into consideration what type of work you are going to use it for. If you need a lot of working space but still want to keep everything within reach, then a huge table is that one item you should give a thought. However, no matter the size of the storage or working space you need to keep it clean and well-organized all the time.


Study Room Set Up In The Living Area In Pastel Color Theme

Study Room Set Up In The Living Area In Pastel Color Theme #pastelcolor #girlroom
Credit photo: Instagram.com/lilylikecom

It is true that not everyone is able to devote a whole room to a study, but you need not worry. The truth is that you can easily transform one of the corners of your living room into a neat and compact study. Paint such a home study room pastel, and you will always feel calm and inspired while working there!

Study Rooms With Vintage Accents

Those of you who are in love with all possible vintage elements – we have something in store for you too!

Simple Study Room Design

Colorful Study Room With Vintage Accents

Colorful Study Room Decor In Boho Style #plants #pinkchair
Credit photo: Instagram.com/littlebigbell

It should be mentioned that every study room design is something you should come up with personally. If you like things to be bright – do not leave it out when it comes to a study room organization. Also, you can introduce as many vintage elements into your study décor as you like, after all, it is your personal working space!


Study Room Idea With Vintage Chair Accent

Study Room With Rustic Chair #patternwall
Credit photo: Instagram.com/est_living

The vintage study room does not need to be overfilled with all possible accents. Just one or two vintage details are enough to grant your study that unforgettable vintage charm!

Classic Study Place Near The Window

Study Place Near The Window #classicdesk
Credit photo: Instagram.com/this_little_savage_life

Your study needs to be not only nice to look at but also comfortable to work at. That is why you should order your furniture in such a way that everything is within reach, not to mention the fact that there is enough of light available, that is why placing your table near the window would be a great idea to consider.

Rustic Study Rooms

If you are a real bookworm, then these rustic study room ideas will please you like nothing else!

Modern Study Room Design
Rustic Study Room


Rustic Study Room With Book Storage Space

Study Space With Book Storage #bookstorage
Credit photo: Instagram.com/muthugirl

The classy rustic study is a book study room. If you are a lucky owner of too many books, then you should consider at least adding some more shelves to your study. Shelves filled with books are not only useful but also nice to look at, think about it!

Cozy And Rustic Study Room Design

Cozy And Rustic Study Room #woodtable
Credit photo: Instagram.com/fragilemyths

Rustic study room is always the coziest place in the house. The thing is that it is up to you what to fill it with and usually people fill their rustic studies with the things they like most. Motivational quotes, books, everything that makes you feel relaxed and productive should be gathered in your study!

Rustic Classic Study Space

Rustic Classic Study Space #photoframe #rusticchair
Credit photo: Instagram.com/thebibliotheque

A rustic study is not only about the books but also about the pictures. Hang all the pictures or photos you like just over your working place so that you can look at them every time you need a little break from hard work or study.


Study Room Ideas for the Little Ones

Pastel Blue Study Room for Kids
Cute Blue Study Room for Children

Space Organization Ideas

The well-organized study room is the best study! And today we are going to share a few tips and tricks as for how to keep your study in order!

Plastic Baskets And Boxes To Organize Your Pen And Pencils

Plastic And Wooden Boxes Organizers #organizer
Credit photo: Instagram.com/thejumpingfox

It is not a secret to anyone that pens and pencils are those items that every study is full of. That is why in order to keep them in order we suggest you add some plastic boxes to your interior and store the pens and pencils there so that they are always at hand!


Space Organization For Small Study Room

Space Organization For Small Study Room #smallstudyspace #studydeskorganization
Credit photo: Instagram.com/lilylikecom

It is true that not everyone can afford a large study room. However, even a small working place will be useful if you keep everything in place. Such an approach will not only make it easier for you to always find the things you need but also it will help you keep calm and concentrate.

Study Desk Organization Idea

Study Desk Organization Idea #bulletinboard #stationaryorganization
Credit photo: Instagram.com/healthy.weirdo

If your study is your desk only – worry not, that is more than enough. The key is to keep everything necessary within reach and easy to find. Keep the items you need most on the table and put everything secondary on the shelf over it. As simple as that.

Top Desk Organization

Top Desk Organization #deskorganization #stationaryorganization
Credit photo: Instagram.com/studwotivity

There are many study room ideas out there, but you need to find your special one. To achieve that you need to start with what you are busy with, if you are an artist, keep all the tools you need on the desktop and hideaway other things within your desk drawers. In such a way you will always be inspired and relax since there will be no need to get up and look for the things you need at the moment around the house.


Shelves Designs To Organize Your Study Place

Shelves Designs To Organize Your Study Place #plasticorganizers #studyorganizers
Credit photo: Instagram.com/lovegood_96_

Very often shelves are treated like the things of necessity, but we suggest you get a little bit creative with your shelves so that they become additional useful décor elements!

Plastic Organizers For Your Stationery

Plastic Organizers For Your Stationary #notebookorganizer #stationaryorganizer
Credit photo: Instagram.com/elizastudiesbiomed

When there are not enough shelves or table space to keep all your utilities in one place, it is time to experiment with plastic containers. Devote a separate container to all types of your stationery, and you will never run around the flat looking for the pencil or a sheet of paper!

Rest And Study Space Organization

Rest And Study Space Organization #smallstudyspace #restspace
Credit photo: Instagram.com/residentsunderstood

One of the best small study room ideas is to combine the resting and working place in one. If you do so, you will always be ready to work when you are ready or to rest when you are tired without changing the location. Sounds comfortable, doesn’t it?

A study room is something that everyone needs. It does not matter whether you are a student or a housewife, a personal study will be the place to work and to relax. What is more, we have gathered here all the best study rooms ideas to suit all tastes!


FAQ: Study Room

What do you call a study room?

Study room or simply a study is a personalized space used for studying or work. There is a separate room for those purposes in many houses. However, it can also be special area which is a part of a bedroom.

How to organize an effective study area?

Find a well-lit area, natural light creates a warm and lively atmosphere. Adding a low-maintenance houseplant will improve air quality and make the whole area more peaceful. Make sure your chair is comfortable and you’re looking at your computer monitor at a right angle. Use this space only for studying.