Matte black nails, being so bold and sleek, are quite trendy right now. This edgy manicure screams, “Do not even try to mess with me!” And a matte finish is achieved quite easily: either get a top coat with a matte effect, or purchase nail lacquer that is already matte.


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Monochromatic Matte Black Nails

Did you know that gothcore themes are the prevailing ones in 2023 manicures? Well, now you do. You can make any statement you wish a nail art like that. Enjoy this simple, aesthetically appealing, and captivating trend while it lasts.


Glitter Matte Black Nails

As you can notice, this season is fruitful in darker whimsical nail trends, like galaxy nails and matte black manicure, sheer or with a pop of glitter color.

It’s true that glitter goes well with almost any color, but matching it with matte black will create an enigmatic flair that’s difficult to miss. Sometimes, you don’t even have to go full-in with glitter. A couple of accents are more than enough to suffice the goal. See for yourself!

Black & Color Nail Designs

Another trend is matte nails in black that have glossy tips. Its appearance was truly expected. Women love French manicure, but that traditional white line is so in the past now.


Patterned Matte Black Nails

Believe it or not, but a matte finish can become a true embellishment for practically any nail shape – coffin nails, oval nails, square nails.

Matte & Glossy Black Fusion

This contrast between matte and glossy on each nail is super glam. Also, the good news is that these nail designs look awesome on shorter nails as well.


Matte Black Accented Nails

Black matte acrylic nails look gorgeous on their own; we are not going to argue about that. However, they look even spicier when you add a certain accent to the design. No matter the preferences, you can find an accent that will steal your heart!

Bird Theme

Bird Theme
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Since the dawn of days, birds have stood for freedom, new beginnings, and hope. Should any of these connotations coincide with your current mood and you wish to pull off them aesthetically, then bird-themed matte nail art is the answer to your prayers.

Autumn-Inspired Black Nail Designs

Nothing screams fall ambiance better than gold-shaded leaves. As you decorate your house for the season, it’s time to take some extra care and attune your look to the season. Keep in mind that there’s more where the leafy designs come from. Sometimes, all it takes is to stick to autumn hues to succeed with a thematic manicure.


Winter-Styled Black Nails

Winter-Styled Black Nails
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There’s a chance you couldn’t have thought matte black to be exactly wintery color. However, you can easily weave it into your manicure if you follow our lead. A stary winter sky and ever-present snowy mounting on your nails – does the idea sound wintery enough? We bet!

Spring-Inspired Black Matte Nail Designs

Spring is all about awakening from winter slumber. Floral patterns are the best to depict the mood. However, you don’t need colorful patterns to keep up with the season. At times, all it takes is a skillful and contrasting outline to spread the vibe.

Black Matte Nails With Lettering

Everyone knows that your manicure is one of the means to express yourself. However, it is time to use it quite literary. Implement captivating lettering to let the world know what’s on your mind. Whether it is a new favorite brand, a new tattoo, or even a life motto, feel free to experiment.


Matte Black Nails With Rhinestones

The beauty of matte black nails lies in their vast versatility. You can suit your nail art to any upcoming occasion with the least effort imaginable. For instance, you can glam your tips up to the point of no return with gorgeous rhinestones. Moreover, even an accent nail spiced with sparkling rhinestones will deal with the task more than effectively, but there are no limits you can’t push!

FAQ: Matte Black Nails

How to do matte black nails with glossy tip?

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Apply black polish.
  3. Glue a tape to the tips of nails and apply matte top coat over it. Let dry.
  4. Carefully remove tape.
  5. Apply top coat to glossy tips only.

How do you get matte nails?

To get your nails that matte finish, you can either use a matte top coat over a finished nail or nail polish which is already matte when it dries. One more way to get matte nails is to use steam. Boil some water. Paint your nails like you normally do, and while they are still drying, place your hand over steam for 3-5 seconds.