Glitter Matte Black Nails

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As you can notice, this season is fruitful in darker whimsical nail trends, like galaxy nails and matte black manicure, sheer or with a pop of color. Embrace your inner darkness!

Black & Color Nail Designs

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Another trend is matte nails in black that have glossy tips. Its appearance was truly expected. Women love French manicure, but that traditional white line is so in the past now.


Fabulous Nail Art Ideas

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A black line is much cooler. Besides, this contrast between matte and glossy on each nail is super glam. Also, the good news is that this combo looks awesome on shorter nails, as well.

Patterned Matte Black Nails

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And not only shorter nails. Believe it or not, but a matte finish can become a true embellishment for practically any nail shape – coffin nails, oval nails, square nails.


Matte Black Accented Nails

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Black matte acrylic nails look gorgeous on their own; we are not going to argue about that. However, they look even spicier when you add a certain accent to the design. No matter the preferences, you can find an accent that will steal your heart!

FAQ: Matte Black Nails

How to do matte black nails with glossy tip?

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Apply black polish.
  3. Glue a tape to the tips of nails and apply matte top coat over it. Let dry.
  4. Carefully remove tape.
  5. Apply top coat to glossy tips only.

How do you get matte nails?

To get your nails that matte finish, you can either use a matte top coat over a finished nail or nail polish which is already matte when it dries. One more way to get matte nails is to use steam. Boil some water. Paint your nails like you normally do, and while they are still drying, place your hand over steam for 3-5 seconds.