Elegant Looks For Matte Nails Every Girl Will Want To Copy

Matte Nails Designs You Will Love

Matte nails are so pretty and elegant! If you are looking for nail designs that are classy and chic, you can’t go wrong with matte nail polish!


Nail art has come a long way over the years. The traditional French style manicure is still quite in style. However, ombre nails, coffin nails, and stiletto nails are taking the art of nail designs to new extremes!

From pretty pastel rainbow nails to nails with bling, we have it all! All of the best looks with matte nail polish in one place!

Check out our favorite looks for matte nails and don’t forget to pin your favorites so that you can try them at home or show them to your nail stylist!

Pretty Geometric Nail Art

Source: Laura_nails_studio via Instagram

Geometric nails are super trendy, if you want a clean and sophisticated look. This combo of black matte and pale pink is pretty. But the pink, white, and black triangle painted on the ring finger gives this look an artsy edge that will be sure a trendsetter!


Ombre Rainbow Nails

Source: Chaunlegend via Instagram

Ombre nails are so pretty and classy. This pale matte pastel combo is so feminine and chic, but the stiletto style nails give it a slight edge.


Perfect Black Matte Nails

Source: Alextruong_nails via Instagram

If you are looking for a style that’s classy yet dark, try this black matte look but adorn your accent finger with gold gemstones for a blinged out look that's trendy and hip!


Sparkly Nail Art Design

Source: Nailsbyly via Instagram

Sparkly nails are glamorous and classy. This stunning pale blue matte polish is so pretty. But the tiny random rhinestones designs really make this look pop with style and sophistication.


Stunning French Manicure Idea

Source: Nail_sunny via Instagram

French manicures have been around for years, and they will never go out of style! This traditional French manicure looks great on either short or long nails. The nude matte color with thin matte white tips is so elegant and works for any occasion from a day at the office to a more formal event.

Beautiful Mint Nail Design

Source: Fiina_naillounge via Instagram

This pretty mint green is gorgeous, and the fancy jeweled design on the ring finger is super pretty. Mix and match gemstones for a look of pure elegance that will make you the envy of all your peers!

Nude Nails with Glitter Crystals

Source: Bagheeranails via Instagram

Neutral shades are a perfect way to show off some of that bling! This matte nude polish is a perfect canvas for these shiny gemstones that will glisten in the spotlight!


Colorful French Tip Nail Design

Source: Thenailistaproject via Instagram

If you’re a fan of French manicures but want to give them a more modern vibe, you should try this look. The combo of soft orange, peach, nude, and iridescent matte colors are just stunning. Add some shiny gemstones to bling it up a bit!

Dark Ombre Nails

Source: Amur_nails via Instagram

Black and gold is always a classic combo. This black matte and mauve ombre fade with gold gems in the form of a leaf pattern on the accent finger of one hand is so pretty. But then if you paint the same design in gold glitter on the other hand, you'll have the perfect contrast of gold and black for a look that's timeless and chic!

Matte Marble Nail Art

Source: Fiercebypatricia via Instagram

Marble nails are so pretty and trendy. This palest of pale pinks with a black marble design is so cute, but the gold tips really make this look ultra chic!


Pretty Geometric Design for Short Nails

Source: Ana0m via Instagram

Not everyone likes long nails. Short nails are easier to manage in the work environment. And short nails can be just as trendy as longer nail shapes. This pretty pink, white, and gray matte polish combo is super pretty, but the geometric pattern and shiny gemstones really make it pop!

Deep Purple Nails with a Glitter Accent

Source: Sarahsnailsecrets via Instagram

Purple nails are sexy and regal! And this purple and glitter combo is no exception. Paint your nails a deep purple matte color and use a shiny glittery polish on your accent finger for a totally trendy vibe!

Minimalistic Nail Art in Pastel Colors

Source: Laura_nails_studio via Instagram

If you want a look that's more subtle but still feminine and chic, this pretty pastel grey and pink combo is perfect. Add some gemstones at the nail bed for a touch of bling to make this look pop just a bit!


Peach Stiletto Nail Design

Source: Getbuffednails via Instagram

You’ll be pretty as a peach with these pale peach stiletto nails. But for a twist, paint just the tip of your ring finger peach and follow the pattern with a pretty gemstone design. This look is super dainty and classy for those who want a feminine vibe!

Burgundy Gel French Manicure

Source: Katya10054 via Instagram

We think this look is super cute, so we saved the best for last! The nude base with thin burgundy tips and pretty studs is simply stunning! They almost resemble cherry blossoms and are perfect for a special event in the spring or summer seasons!

Matte Nails To Complete Your Elegant Look

Matte nails are quite trendy right now, and such mani is perfect for ladies who love standing out. To give you an idea how cute your nails could look, we have picked photos of monochrome nails.


Matte Nails

Source: nailbar_milano via Instagram, katerine_nails via Instagram, nail_vera via Instagram

Whether you are curious about nail art or not, this kind of manicure is quite doable.

Source: riyathai87 via Instagram, polish_drops via Instagram, glambymeli via Instagram

To have matte nails, you can either purchase matte nail lacquer, or a special top coat.

Matte Nails

Source: badgirlnails via Instagram, chikkitas_nails via Instagram, lalalovenailart via Instagram

But if you like rainbow nails, it will be cheaper to buy a top coat.

Source: nailsbymztina via Instagram, glamsusie via Instagram, laura_nails_studio via Instagram

Thus, you can just use nail lacquers you already have and cover your nails with a matte top coat instead of buying five to ten matte nail lacquers.

Matte Nails

Source: riyathai87 via Instagram, lavrova_katerina via Instagram, badgirlnails via Instagram

However, applying a matte top coat is not as easy as applying a usual top coat.

Source: nailsbyeffi via Instagram, philglamournails via Instagram, melcisme via Instagram

A matte top coat can magnify any streaks and unevenness, and it takes about 20 minutes for it to dry. Yet, it’s for you to decide how to achieve that chic matte effect.


Matte Nails

Source: philglamournails via Instagram, nogtiinminsk via Instagram, nailsbymztina via Instagram

Matte Floral Designs

Source: kimiko7878 via Instagram, melcisme via Instagram, just1nail via Instagram

We hope you enjoyed our favorite designs for matte nails! They are really pretty and so easy to duplicate at home! Try one or try them all! We are sure you’ll just love them and all of your friends will be super jealous!