Red is the color of love, and there's nothing we can do about it. However, with all the magic in the air, you can find unusual venues and play around with other, less romanticized nail art palettes, and we'll point you in the right direction. No worries, goths, and punks in the audience – this collection has a fancy Valentine's treat for you, too!


Little hearts in various colors and birds symbolize a happy couple. Eiffel Towers as a feature of one of the most romantic cities in the world, and heartbeat signals. LOVE signatures and a contemporary sign-off XO, which means Hugs and Kisses. This holiday has so many attributes that the choice for a manicure is wide.

Despite the classy takes on Valentines nails, we've managed to come up with unusual and captivating twists so that you can make your minimalistic manicure speak louder than ever. Intricate designs from Marine at @marinelp91 and unique art from Hang Nguyen are only the tip of the iceberg. Ladies, who wants to see nail art designs for Valentine's Day that look really cute?

Pearly Nails

by @kangannynails

It is true that valentines day colors know no boundaries. Thus, we suggest you celebrate this holiday with Essie and opt for sophisticated nails adorned with shimmering pearls. You can use each nail as a separate canvas for a delicate masterpiece. Pearly nails will radiate grace and awaken hidden feelings. Make every gesture count with this enchanted manicure from a happily-ever-after fairytale!


Gothic Love Nails

by @kangannynails

Which Valentine colors do you think Lady G prefers? Our votes go for something edgy, and black may as well be the perfect representative. If you don't feel like a classy holiday manicure when the season knocks on your door, the black stilettos spiced with glimmering hearts in the middle will help you succeed with an ideal Wednesday Addams look. Alica McNails, a nail artist from the UK, states that many people will choose to embrace their inner goths this season.

Keep in mind vampy shades spread the aura of love, mystery, and intrigue. Thus, those who care to redefine the notion of Valentine's romance and sprinkle it with a touch of enigma – pay attention to the art.

Red Aura

by @kangannynails

In case you don't know, the term aura nails covers blurred color orbs placed in the center of your nail. Usually, the sphere blends with the base color seamlessly, so there are no harsh lines. When classy red Valentine nails become too used up, you can try and ignite passion with red aura nails. While the mixture of a nude base and red looks breathtaking, you can take things to the next level with intricate silver hearts implemented into the design.


Red Hearts with Gold Accent

by @kangannynails

Not all heart design nails require a scheduled visit to the nail studio. At times it is possible to recreate a masterpiece of Valentine's day nails in the safety of your home. Expert heart nail tutorial

  • Start with a clear base coat.
  • Paint your nails in a complementing nude color.
  • Take a dotting tool and paint two red dots on your nail.
  • Take a small nail brush and drag the bottom of the dots together into a triangle to create a perfect heart shape.
  • Use a toothpick dipped into gold nail polish to outline your hearts with tiny gold specks.
  • Seal the design with a glossy top coat.

FYI: You will need a pigmented shade for the hearts, so we suggest you consider the OPI collection. At the same time, The Gel Bottle has presented a suitable gold chrome shade to introduce into your collection.

Red Glitter

by @marinelp91

A devout nail artist, Marine claims simple Valentine nails do not have to look dull and boring. All it takes is to dress your passion into a perfectly glittery red nail shade, and your tips will reflect the excitement of a beating heart every time you move a finger. We assure you that even Katy Perry couldn't say no to such an exquisite manicure!


Pink Ombre

by @marinelp91

Marine, a famous nail expert, suggests that pink Valentine nails deserve your undivided attention when it comes to the holiday season. First things first, pink is a close relative of red. However, one swift look at this exquisite gradient, and you'll spot the sweet stir of love growing in you. That is the effect this matte ombre will have on those around. It is hard to resist the visual appeal of the graceful color evolution spiced with a gentle whirlpool of blossoming emotions.

All Pink Shades

by @marinelp91

Cute Valentine nails are closer than you think. Sometimes, all it takes is just two shades of pink, a thin brush, and a steady hand to come up with such an extravagantly lovely manicure. According to Glaminati experts, as you coat each finger with different shade of pink, you should dip your nail brush into a contrasting shade to add abstract blobs to the base. While a matte finish makes the nail art twice as unique and captivating, you should keep in mind that it will highlight potential imperfections. So, you should be pretty careful while handling the tools.

Red and White Mix

by @marinelp91

While Valentine's Day is all about mutual love, passion, and affection, you mustn't forget that love is pure when it is genuine. Thus, as you seek the best designs for your short valentines nails, we suggest you pay attention to the retro mixture of red and white. The vintage red spiced with negative space and immaculate white hearts look overly harmonious with one another. We are sure Dita von Teese wouldn't say 'no' to such a mani. However, you shouldn't limit yourself to just one shade of red when it comes to nail art. You can play around with such colors as:

  • Imperial red
  • Blood red
  • Brick red
  • Scarlet
  • Indian red
  • Maroon

China Glaze has an impressive collection of red hues from which you can choose.


Wine Cat Eye

by @marinelp91

Valentines Day nails can reflect any mood that you want them to. Thus, this gorgeous design by Marine showcases a sultry elegance that the festive manicure can possess. The wildcard combo of wine red and cat eye effect indicates that love is unpredictable and you shouldn't strive to tame it but rather ride along. Use your tips as a sheer tribute to the mystery of romance and make a few hearts skip a beat as you walk by.

Nature Pink French

by @mariapro.nails

You can always introduce some intricate updates to the classy Valentine nail designs. For instance, a timeless French manicure can acquire a fresh and quite romantic twist if you combine a matte nude base with a bright pink French tip, which is barely noticeable. Keep in mind that peach and coral pinks go well with medium skin tones, while brighter shades look exquisite paired with darker skin colors.

According to Bryony Howell of Gels by Bry, a love-inspired French manicure will be all the rage this season.

Valentines Short Nails

by @thehangedit

Your February nails do not need to be extra long and possess an ultra-bling to carry out the festive flair and put a smile on your face. As you can see, Hang Nguyen experimented with two tones and simple smiley accents. The universal bond of red and pink, topped with modernistic art, reflects the season's vibe in an individual and unusual way.


Black and Red Colors

by @thehangedit

Once again, Hang Nguyen proves that February nail colors are as versatile as the season. Not only can you mix such contrasting hues as black and red in a single manicure, but you can take things further and implement an animalistic accent print into the design without making it look out of place.

Pink and Red Hearts

by @thehangedit

Care to make your fingertips spread sweetness, love and joy? Then, you should follow Hang Nguyen's lead! These pink and red heart nails will steal your breath away the moment you see the finished result. The detailed outline and negative space peeks make the manicure twice as unique and outstanding.

Glitter Valentines Day Nails

by @puro.nails

Glitter and Valentine's day nails make an ideal match, and no one would dare deny it. However, it is time to set the usual pinks and reds aside and give the green light to purples and lilacs. What can be more charming than a lavender glitter base coated with colorful hearts?


Polka Dots Romantic Nails

by @majamarkowicz

The beauty of present-day nail art designs lies in the fact that you can attune every pattern to your personal needs and preferences with as much as a skilled artist at hand. A classy polka dot can become a perfectly romantic pattern with as much as a change of color palette, and a few hearts dropped every here and there.

Romantic Nails with Flowers

Most themed nail art designs are expected to intensify holiday flair. In the case of Valentine's day, we celebrate love, romance, and devotion. Flowers are surely on the list of most romantic items in the universe. Thus, coating your tips with cute pastel flowers is one way to rule the day.

Valentine's Day Nails with Hearts

It is hard to imagine Valentine's day nails without traditional symbolism added to the scene. If you are a traditional type of gal, these sweet little hearts will capture your soul and everyone else's attention in no time. There is a fitting option for all. No matter the preferred nail shape or length, you can make your manicure stand out when the time comes.


V-Day Nails with Stamping

A hand-painted manicure is a time-consuming operation. Thus, when every minute counts, you may want to consider lovely stamping instead. The variety of options available is merely overwhelming. Choose your favorite style and pattern, and let the holiday vibe light up everything around you.

Pink Shades Valentines Day Nails

Barbie pink hues aren't the only choices to pick from Valentine's day is knocking on your door. You can also play around with deeper mauves and baby pinks to create a design of your dreams. Besides, an adequately-placed accent can intensify the holiday vibe without being too tacky or inappropriate.

Mickey Mouse Nail Design

by @gandziuchaa

It does not matter the holiday season, Christmas or Valentine’s, you need to simply adore your new mani. If you are all in for something cute, funny, and seasonal – Mickey Mouse nail art spices up with lovely hearts is the one to consider.


"Be Mine" Nail Art Design

by @agnesnails.stylizacjapaznokci

Still thinking about the perfect way to tell him about your feelings? Show him your new manicure, and there will be no unspoken secrets between you two left!

Red And Gold Glitter Nail Art

by @miss_deer_nails

When you decide to keep your nails classy but suitable for the romantic evening, go red, and you will not regret it. However, if you want to add some fancy flair to the design, we think that the gold accent finger and sweet heart art will match the occasion perfectly.

Red Rhinestones Heart Nails

by @priscilla_nails

Those of you who think the holiday to be of the utmost importance and you wish to go full-in when the day comes, we have something in store for you too. Red stiletto nails with rhinestones and big hearts are what we have in mind.


Wild Nail Art For Valentine's Day

by @nailz_by_dev

While many dames are looking for something gentle and feminine, others search for that elegant nail art with a wild vibe to it. If you belong to the category, then these stiletto nails with leopard-patterned French tip and wine-red accent nails will surely steal the show!

Beautiful nails design will make your Valentine's Day festive attire perfect, don't be afraid to make experiments with your nails to add some spice to your look!

FAQ: Nail Art Designs

What do you need to do nail art at home?

  • A nude color nail polish.
  • A couple of toothpicks.
  • A rectangular sponge.
  • A plastic sheet.
  • A cotton swab.
  • Nail polish remover.

Can you use a toothpick for nail art?

The simple nail art trends are specially designed for the ladies who try doing nails at home without the right tools. All that is required is a nail polish, a toothpick and a ball-tipped pin.

Can you do nail art with a pen?

Absolutely! You can make a French manicure with a nail art pen. Just draw the tip of your nail with a nail pen. Use white nail polish if you want a classic look.