Hey, ladies, who wants to see nail art designs for Valentine’s Day that look really cute? Little hearts in various colors and birds that symbolize a happy couple. Eiffel Towers as a feature of one of the most romantic cities in the world and heartbeat signals. LOVE signatures and a contemporary sign-off XO, which means Hugs and Kisses. There are so many attributes of this holiday that the choice for a manicure is really wide.


Nail Designs for Romantic Look

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If you are looking for the best Valentine's Day Manicure, everything is simple: take colors that you like the most, add some hearts, rhinestones, ombre or glitter design and perfect nails design is ready!


Beautiful Valentines Day Nail Arts

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Don't be afraid to use your imagination fully to make your Valentine's Day Nails, the more designs you combine, the brighter your nails look!

White and Grey Nail Designs for V Day

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If you are looking for something more reserved for day V, but you still want to keep up with the traditions, we have something for you. Choose white and grey hues for your festive manicure and lets the cute hearts introduce the necessary vibe.


Lovely Valentine's Day Nail Design

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Picking nail designs for your manicure is essential, but do not forget about toe nail art, too, especially if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend. We all know how these holiday dates end, so make sure that your pedicure is flawless.

Nail Art Designs with Hearts

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Like rainbow nails shout Summer and Vacation, a heart and pinks and reds shout Valentine’s Day. By adding cute little hearts to your nail designs, you can show everyone that a cupid is your best friend.

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If you are looking for some cute nail art ideas to get inspired from before the romantic holiday, we have a few ideas in mind. The thing is that there is nothing better than adorning your nails with sweet hearts for Valentine’s!


Lovely Trees Nail Art

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Those of you who are all about the creativity will certainly appreciate these designs. When simple hearts are not enough, it is time you hang them on the trees!

Colorful Heart Pattern

Credit photo: instagram.com/murka_vk_nails, instagram.com/nailartemarilia  

Valentine ’s Day is a joyful holiday that is why colorful manicure will fit in just perfectly. However, you should not forget about the hearts. Use these simple but outstanding designs to your advantage.

Abstracted Nail Art For Valentine’s Day

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Some women value abstract nail designs more than all the others. If you are one of them, then these abstract nail art ideas will undoubtedly win over your heart!


All You Need Is Love!

Credit photo: instagram.com/nails_bychels, instagram.com/yagala, instagram.com/mdollasnails Credit photo: instagram.com/yagala, instagram.com/aissandra, instagram.com/lori_nails

Let everyone around you know the way you feel. If you are in love, depict it on your nails so that your joyful mood does not go unnoticed.

Elegant Tiny Hearts Accents

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It is easier than easy to combine your holiday manicure with everyday ideas. Cute little hearts all over your nails will look fitting during the day itself and even after it. Call it a multifunctional Valentine’s day manicure!

Mickey Mouse Nail Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/gandziuchaa

It does not matter the holiday season, Christmas or Valentine’s, you need to simply adore your new mani. If you are all in for something cute, funny, and seasonal – Mickey Mouse nail art spices up with lovely hearts is the one to consider.


"Be Mine" Nail Art Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/agnesnails.stylizacjapaznokci

Still thinking about the perfect way to tell him about your feelings? Show him your new manicure, and there will be no unspoken secrets between you two left!

Red And Gold Glitter Nail Art

Credit photo: instagram.com/miss_deer_nails

When you decide to keep your nails classy but suitable for the romantic evening, go red, and you will not regret it. However, if you want to add some fancy flair to the design, we think that the gold accent finger and sweet heart art will match the occasion perfectly.

Red Rhinestones Heart Nails

Credit photo: instagram.com/priscilla_nails

Those of you who think the holiday to be of the utmost importance and you wish to go full-in when the day comes, we have something in store for you too. Red stiletto nails with rhinestones and big hearts are what we have in mind.


Wild Nail Art For Valentine's Day

Credit photo: instagram.com/nailz_by_dev

While many dames are looking for something gentle and feminine, others search for that elegant nail art with a wild vibe to it. If you belong to the category, then these stiletto nails with leopard-patterned French tip and wine-red accent nails will surely steal the show!

Minimalictic Valentines Day Nail Art

Credit photo: instagram.com/elina.nails.art

Some ladies are all-in for the most minimalistic nail designs there are. We feel you, and we have something on offer too. This pale pink solid manicure with tiniest sparkly hearts in the middle fits the description of minimalistic nail art perfectly.

Beautiful nails design will make your Valentine's Day festive attire perfect, don't be afraid to make experiments with your nails to add some spice to your look!

REFERENCES: * Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. * What pairs best with chocolates, a teddy bear, or a bottle of wine? Valentine’s day nails, of course!

FAQ: Nail Art Designs

What do you need to do nail art at home?

  • A nude color nail polish.
  • A couple of toothpicks.
  • A rectangular sponge.
  • A plastic sheet.
  • A cotton swab.
  • Nail polish remover.

Can you use a toothpick for nail art?

The simple nail art trends are specially designed for the ladies who try doing nails at home without the right tools. All that is required is a nail polish, a toothpick and a ball-tipped pin.

Can you do nail art with a pen?

Absolutely! You can make a French manicure with a nail art pen. Just draw the tip of your nail with a nail pen. Use white nail polish if you want a classic look.