Super Fun St Patricks Day Nail Art Ideas

Greenish St Patricks Day Nail Art

St Patricks Day nail art allows you to show off how much you love this holiday. As you probably know, green is the major theme color for this holiday. But it would be much more fun if you combine green with other colors and add some pretty patterns.


Festive Nail Art for St Patrick Day

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A holiday manicure has its peculiarities, such as a Santa’s hat or a Christmas tree – symbols used for a Christmas nail art. But what is the symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day?


Creative St Patricks Day Nail Ideas

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A shamrock flower is commonly associated with this holiday, so you can use this design for your toe nail art as well as for your manicure. Let those cute toes be festive, as well.


Cute And Easy St Patricks Day Nail Arts

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However, if you think that a shamrock flower is too traditional, you can simply replace it with anything, like polka dots or some other floral patterns. Just stick to green shades.


Creative Nail Designs for St Patricks Day

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As you can see there are lots of different and creative nail designs for Patrick's day, find one that you like the most or create your own special by combining different designs!


Shamrock Nail Art For Good Luck

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Yet, if you're a bit more conservative when it comes to St Patricks Day nail art, feel free to adorn your mani with a shamrock flower here and there. Color-wise, green perfectly matches with gold and white, so use them either as the base or as the design tone.

St. Patrick's Day Inspired Nails

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Though, if you feel like skillful enough, you might want to go further than a shamrock flower nail art, as it isn’t the only symbol of St. Patrick's Day. You can always use the elements of St. Patrick's costume, the pot of gold or even a mug of beer as an idea for your St Patricks Day nail art.