Christmas nail art is so jolly and bright, and it is also a great way to Christmas-ify oneself, especially for those who don’t want to wear a costume in traditional colors. Santa’s hat, Christmas tree, snowflakes, glitter – there are so many pretty nail designs that are suitable for the occasion. Show off your gorgeous themed nails when hosting your Christmas party and amaze your friends and relatives.

Winter Nail Art With Glitter

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Glitter is a wonderful accompaniment to your Christmas manicure. It can instantly spark up any nail art design. You can use it to accentuate only certain nails or adorn your entire mani with it. Color-wise, opt for the shades that either match your winter nail art or pop against it.

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Even such a simple thing as a candy cane can give much inspiration for your Christmas nails. Accentuate your manicure with glitter stripes that copy the colors of this popular Christmas sweet and you will end up with a cute and pretty holiday mani, which is so easy to create.

Christmas Colored Nails with Snowflakes

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If you are looking for easy and quick Christmas nail art design, then there is almost no better option for you than decorating your manicure with multisized snowflakes. Though, if you do long for something sparkling, complement your manicure with gold glitter accents.

If you are curious about nail art, check out our rainbow nails designs, too. They are fun and flirty and able to improve your mood at a glance. Besides, you can pick any colors for this design instead of sticking to only one or two colors.

Easy Nail Designs for Christmas

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If you are headed to a fancy Christmas party, then you most likely want your manicure to look elegant and polished. Consider these simple yet sophisticated nail art designs that will not take you much time and effort to create while allowing your manicure to compliment any attire.

Christmas Nails with Unique Nail Art Ideas

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With the cute Christmas nail art, you can never go wrong. Opting for red, white and gold shades in your holiday mani, create pretty holiday patterns with snowflakes, cable knit sweater design and, of course, Santa Claus's depiction.

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You are likely to fall in love with Christmas nail art due to its traditional yet fresh design ideas and the variety of options. And a manicure in gold, white, and red colors looks not only Christmassy but also quite chic.

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A reindeer is a popular symbol of Christmas on a par with Santa Claus. Thus, to get into a holiday mood quickly, paint your mani in traditional Christmas colors, which are red, white and gold, and accentuate one of the nails with the print of this Santa’s helper. It does not have to be realistic though. The funnier, the better.

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It is hard to find a person who would not recognize the Santa Claus suit. That means that garnishing your nails with its print guarantees that your manicure will be infused with festive vibes.

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Painting Santa Claus on your nails is always a good idea, as no other print seems to be able to create such a cheerful and festive ambiance as Father Christmas. For a touch of glam, add some glitter accents to random nails, which will perfectly spruce up your mani.

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Christmas is that time of the year when you should implement your most creative ideas. Do you find a traditional Christmas tree boring and trivial? Try to depict it on your manicure using Christmas decorations, such as streamers, baubles and other ornaments.

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Ombre nail design is one of the best ways to pull off several colors in one manicure. For Christmas, try out a red and black combo, which looks exceptionally flattering and bold. Yet, to bring it to the whole new level of festivity, add gold glitter accents to a couple of nails.

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Patterned Christmas Nails

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Undeniably, winter is the season when you are most eager to feel cozy. This concerns not only your outfit or house interior but also your nails. Thus, to give your manicure a toasty feel, adorn it with plaid pattern.

Do you want to pull off a creative nail art design for Christmas but lack ideas? Do not worry! We got your back! Check out the snaps we selected for you. With this nail design, you can rest assured that your manicure will not go unnoticed.

Christmas Themed French Nails

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No matter the weather outside, if you want to pay tribute to the holiday season, it is a good idea to adorn your mani with a frosty pattern. All kinds of multiform snowflakes, as well as Christmas trees and ornaments, work well in this case.

A surefire way to beautify your Christmas manicure is to add a matte top coat to it. It will look especially unusual and eye-catching if you apply it over nail art design with snowflakes. Thus, you will get a frozen window effect, which will make people want to peer at your hands in awe.