Christmas Nail Art In Gold, White And Red Colors

24 Cutest Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Christmas nail art is so jolly and bright, and it is also a great way to Christmas-ify oneself, especially for those who don’t want to wear a costume in traditional colors. Santa’s hat, Christmas tree, snowflakes, glitter – there are so many pretty nail designs that are suitable for the occasion. Show off your gorgeous themed nails when hosting your Christmas party and amaze your friends and relatives.


Photo 1-6: Christmas Nail Art

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If you are curious about nail art, check out our rainbow nails designs, too. They are fun and flirty and able to improve your mood at a glance. Besides, you can pick any colors for this design instead of sticking to only one or two colors.


Photo 7-12: Christmas Nail Art

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You are likely to fall in love with Christmas nail art due to its traditional yet fresh design ideas and the variety of options. And a manicure in gold, white, and red colors looks not only Christmassy but also quite chic.



Cute Christmas Nail Art

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With the cute Christmas nail art, you can never go wrong. Opting for red, white and gold shades in your holiday mani, create pretty holiday patterns with snowflakes, cable knit sweater design and, of course, Santa Claus's depiction.


Sweet Christmas Nail Designs

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Can you imagine Christmas holidays without sweets? Doubt it. Gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, candy canes, they're everywhere, even on your nails. Go with one of these eye-candy Christmas nail art designs, which won't definitely harm your body shape.