When it comes to colors of your Christmas nails red and white are often considered the most suitable option. As these are classic holiday colors, you can never go wrong with them. Yet, you should not worry that you are going to be limited in choice. There are multiple different variations of a red and white combo to match any taste and style. For your inspiration, we have picked out the most flattering of them and put them together in the following guide. So, feel free to explore it carefully and choose the option that appeals to you most.


Can you put white and red together?

If you mix white and red, you will get a pink shade. Yet, in case you decide to pair them in one look, you can rest assured that this combo is going to look great.


What color goes with red and white?

A red and white combo can be accompanied by other colors, such as subdued blue. Just use a bit darker shade of red so that they match better.

Candy Design

by @marinelp91

A candy cane nail design is one of the most popular for Christmas. Yet, if you do not feel like drawing the canes themselves, you can get away by applying their easily recognizable print. You will need to stock up on high pigmented white and red nail polishes. We recommend Dior in Jasmin and Rouge. Pro tip from top nail artists: Use a thin nail art brush or a nail pen to create a striped design.

Also we cna help you with easy Christmas candy nails tutorial from our team:

  • Apply a clear nail base.
  • Apply two coats of a white nail polish and let it dry.
  • Apply the white nail polish to a silicone nail art mat so that it forms a square.
  • Place a dot near the white square using a red nail polish.
  • Dip a thin nail art brush into the red dot and draw a thin line over the white square.
  • Dip the brush into the red nail polish and draw another line next to the previous one.
  • Repeat the previous step until you reach the end.
  • With what is left on the brush, draw muted lines between red lines.
  • Take a stamping tool, pick up the design and press it against your white nail.
  • Apply a layer of a top coat.


Red Glitter Mani

by @marinelp91

Red glitter in a classic red color is a Christmas manicure option that will not leave you indifferent. It beautifully reflects fairy lights, giving your Christmas look a magical feel. Yet, with a sparkly mani, it is better to refrain from sequins, gemstones and other shimmering materials in your Christmas outfit. Pro tip: Apply a peel off nail base under the glitter nail polish to remove it easily.

Sweet Love

by @charsgelnails_

Looking for a cute Christmas manicure idea? Check out this one. A heart design shaped up with candy canes will definitely melt your heart. This mani style will look charming with any attire, be it a fancy dress or a cozy sweater with jeans. You can find the needed nail polishes in OPI and Orly, as they have a wide selection of options for any occasion. Pro tip: Use a shimmering red nail polish for candy canes to give your mani a touch of sparkle.

You know why are red nails attractive? Any nail artist will tell you - the red color is considered passionate. It causes excitement. Plus, as it is so bright, it is more memorable than other colors, especially when it is on your nails. That is why a red manicure is so attractive.


Red And White Nails For Everyday

by @riornails

However, if you like a white and red nail combo, you should not wait for the whole year to wear it only one day. Feel free to match these two colors in your manicure any time you like, either through the whole holiday season or any day of the year. Yet, for everyday wear, you may want something more casual, like white French with red tips. Pro tip: If you are not sure that you can paint tips neatly, you can use curved stencils.

Sparkle Red and White

by @charsgelnails_

There is no such thing as too much sparkle when it comes to your Christmas nails. You may play around with different shapes, sizes and finishes of glitter to make your manicure fun and unique. Olivia Rodrigo and Kim Kardashian can be your source of inspiration for red and white sparkling nails. Pro tip: Instead of a red glitter nail polish, use a golden glitter topper placed between two layers of semi opaque red nail polish for a more dimensional look.

Snowflakes Art

by @charsgelnails_

Snowflakes nails are a very popular choice for Christmas and no wonder. Isn’t it one of the first things that you associate winter with? You could have spotted this design on such trend setters as Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez. Use OPI in Big Apple Red as a base and draw snowflakes using OPI in Alpine Snow. Pro tip: Rather than drawing snowflakes, you can use a topper or nail stickers.


Cute Santa Nails

by @abbydoesnails

This cute manicure idea will make everyone want to take a closer look at your nails. A funny Santa Claus nail design can boost your mood, as it gives off a holiday vibe like no other. Of course, you can hardly imagine it paired with a gown. It is better to opt for a sweater with a matching design and some leggings. Pro tip: There is no need to paint a Santa Claus image on each of your nails. Just accentuate a couple of fingers.

Santa Hat

by @abbydoesnails

If painting Santa Claus on your nails seems like a daunting task, a Santa hat nail design is your surefire way out. This mani style comes out quite reserved, so you may wear it even to a holiday business party. Just choose a dress that would follow the dress code. Pro tip: Although this design is easier to create on pointy nails, you may incorporate it into any nail shape. Just draw a red triangle on the tip of your nail and add a pompom to the top.

Gnome Nails

by @haha_nails_

A gnome nail art is a great option for those who are looking for unusual red and white Christmas nails ideas. No worries, you will not have to grace your every nail with a gnome image. You may if you want, yet a single nail should be enough to create a perfect mani for Christmas. Pro tip: Paint other nails a sparkly nail polish to enhance the festive mood of your mani.


Matte Plaid Nails

by @galanea_marta

In the winter, we usually want something that makes us feel cozy and warm. And if it is not always possible to wrap up in a plaid blanket, you can always get its pattern on your nails. Celebs like Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski like this trend a lot, so you can spot a plaid design on their mani quite often. Pro tip: To give your plaid nails a velvety finish, apply a matte topper above the polish.

Santa Belt

by @galanea_marta

Need a manicure idea to go with your red Christmas party dress? Why don't you complement it with a Santa Claus belt design? It will make up a cute and charming ensemble without much effort on your part. Arm yourself with Essie in Really Red, OPI in Funny Bunny, Nails Inc. in Black Taxi and Dior in J'adore and start creating your best Christmas mani. Pro tip: Add a rhinestone to each nail to ignite your mani with some extra shine.

Dark Red French

by @so_nailicious

If you are a fan of a French mani, we have a great Christmas nail idea for you. Instead of a traditional white tip, opt for a dark red nail color. It will give your look a chic flair, so you can pair it with a classy and elegant outfit that suits a formal or semi formal ambiance. Pro tip: For a bolder nail look, apply a base color other than nude or natural. Combine red tips with a black base or go with a red and white nails combo instead.


Mix and Match Coffin Nails

by @roger_thenailartist

Have some fun with your white and red Christmas nails and adorn each finger with a different design. This nail style is easier to pull off if you have a lot of room for creativity/ So, long coffin nails are a perfect canvas for it. Pro tip: While the designs on each nail may be different, they should still match each other. So, make sure you keep them Christmas themed.

Cute Deer Art

by @poshnailloungedavie

What Christmas is it without Santa’s deer? They are among the best known symbols of Christmas. This nail art will suit a pretty and girlie attire, like a lovely dress or even your favorite pajamas. Paint other nails a shimmering red nail polish, for instance, China Glaze in Ruby Pumps. Pro tip: To draw Rudolf’s nose, use a dotting tool dipped into a red nail polish. For antlers, use a thin nail art brush.

White Sweater Nails

by @poshnailloungedavie

Sweater nails are one of the hottest manicure trends this season and not for nothing. They create a perfect idea for Christmas nails, as they give you a toasty and comforting feel. Of course, you can sport this mani with your favorite sweater. Yet, a dress will be suitable too. JLo loves this nail design for not only the holiday season but during the fall months as well. Pro tip: If you are new to acrylic nail art, it makes sense to enlist the help of a professional. Alternatively, go with a simple pattern for the starters.


Chrome Design

by @poshnailloungedavie

Red and white nail designs come in a myriad of finishes, formulas and styles. Chrome nails in a highly saturated red color teamed with a white Christmassy nail design is a manicure idea that you will not want to switch to anything else. With this mani, you can wear both a neutral outfit to shift the focus to your nails and a bold attire to boost your manicure impact. Pro tip: If you struggle to find a red chrome nail polish, you can get away by using a crème red polish with a chrome powder on top.

Christmas Red and White Nails With Glitter

Glitter is a wonderful accompaniment to your Christmas manicure. It can instantly spark up any nail art design. You can use it to accentuate only certain nails or adorn your entire mani with it. Color-wise, opt for the shades that either match your winter nail art or pop against it.

Even such a simple thing as a candy cane can give much inspiration for your Christmas nails. Accentuate your manicure with glitter stripes that copy the colors of this popular Christmas sweet and you will end up with a cute and pretty holiday mani, which is so easy to create.

Red and White Nails with Snowflakes

If you are looking for easy and quick Christmas snowflake nails art design, then there is almost no better option for you than decorating your manicure with multisized snowflakes. Though, if you do long for something sparkling, complement your manicure with gold glitter accents.

If you are curious about nail art, check out our rainbow nails designs, too. They are fun and flirty and able to improve your mood at a glance. Besides, you can pick any colors for this design instead of sticking to only one or two colors.


Minimalist Red and White Nails Designs for Christmas

If you are headed to a fancy Christmas party, then you most likely want your manicure to look elegant and polished. Consider these simple yet sophisticated nail art designs that will not take you much time and effort to create while allowing your manicure to compliment any attire.

Christmas Unique Nail Art

With the cute Christmas nail art, you can never go wrong. Opting for red, white and gold shades in your holiday mani, create pretty holiday patterns with snowflakes, cable knit sweater design and, of course, Santa Claus's depiction.

You are likely to fall in love with Christmas nail art due to its traditional yet fresh design ideas and the variety of options. And a manicure in gold, white, and red colors looks not only Christmassy but also quite chic.

A reindeer is a popular symbol of Christmas on a par with Santa Claus. Thus, to get into a holiday mood quickly, paint your mani in traditional Christmas colors, which are red, white and gold, and accentuate one of the nails with the print of this Santa’s helper. It does not have to be realistic though. The funnier, the better.

Christmas nails red and white are a match made in heaven. You can create a myriad of beautiful designs with this color combo. Hopefully, with the help of our guide, you will choose your statement Christmas manicure design with ease.

FAQ: Christmas Nails Red and White

How to do a Christmas holly nail art?

  1. Apply white polish. Let dry.
  2. Take a small brush and some green polish and paint holly leaves along the edges of your nail.
  3. Take a dotting tool and some red polish to add the holly berries between the leaves.
  4. Finish the nail with the top coat.

How to do a festive design?

  1. Start with a green base. Let dry.
  2. Take red nail polish on a small brush and paint a teardrop shape coming up from the bottom of your nail.
  3. Take a dotting tool and some white polish and add dots along the bottom edge of your nail as well as to the top of that teardrop shape to make a little Santa Claus hat.
  4. Finish the nail with the top coat.