Christmas nails are a unique and trendy way to showcase your sense of style and individuality. With the holiday season approaching, you must be aware of all the best designs that will add a festive touch to your look and make you shine bright like a holiday star. This nail art collection gathers everything on the scale from twinkling ornaments to updated French tips. All it takes is to pick the idea that corresponds with your mood and reflects your personality best!


Green Glitter

Green Glitter Christmas Nails
by @heluviee

Green Christmas nails are perfect for capturing and showcasing the festive spirit with style and holiday glamour. Sparkling greens have the power to evoke the evergreen magic of the season, so the more – the better. You can play around with different Christmas elements, such as candy canes and presents, and add them to your manicure. While we're on the topic, Essie has a memorable collection of green nail polishes you can choose from.

Pro tip: A French tip in sparkly green will add a touch of sophistication to your look.

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Christmas Tree

Trees on Christmas Nails
by @phoebesummernails

At first, it may be challenging to imagine pink Christmas nails with a Christmas tree as the primary décor element. However, Christmas trees exude the magic of the holiday better than most other attributes. Even a single abstract accent will spice things up and make your fingertips look festive and unique.

Pro Tip: You can introduce gold foil specks to add more bling to the design.

Chrome Snowflakes

Chrome Snowflakes Christmas Nails
by @phoebesummernails

If you think white Christmas nails are the only seasonal option to pull off when the holidays come knocking on your door. In fact, pairing gold chrome snowflakes on nails with an off-white base with a light blue undertone seems to be a much better solution. Besides, you can always add some class to the scene with a matching French tip accent. It sounds like Rihanna would want to wear such a mani to an upcoming Christmas party. What do you think?

Pro tip: you can use snowflake stickers to succeed with the design effortlessly.


Candy Art

Candy Christmas Nails Art
by @phoebesummernails

Candy canes serve as a highly popular Christmas nail design, but there's a way to take the design to the next level of unique. We suggest you use the pattern to outline your almond nails with a few accent nails featuring small candy canes scattered all over the neutral pink base. A word of advice – OPI has a great collection of red hues to inspire from.

Pro tip: use a thin dotting tool to create tiny and even sections.

Midnight Velvet

Midnight Velvet Christmas Nails
by @phoebesummernails

Wearing your Christmas nails simple does not equal boring or mundane. A perfect midnight velvet base paired with delicate snowflakes can transform your manicure in a matter of a few strokes. Keep in mind French tips are always an excellent way to spice things up a little. The outcome will be both classy and elegant and dark and mysterious.

Pro tip: use a tiny dotting tool to make the snowflakes look as delicate and intricate as possible.


Christmas Nails Red And White

Christmas Nails Red And White
by @thehotblend

Christmas Nails Red And White are seasonal classics, and celebrities like Ariana Grande keep emphasizing the fact. Yet, you can transform the regular red manicure into an enchanting and unique masterpiece. All it takes is to play around with traditional and inverted French matched with a seamless glow of chrome red nail polish.

Pro tip: use some acrylic powder to add more texture and visual appeal to the snowflake accent.

Santa French

Santa French Christmas Nails
by @thehotblend

It seems that there's barely anything new and unusual about Christmas French nails, but we bet we can surprise you. The French we are talking about features a Santa hat as the primary festive accent. Sounds like this mani can add some more merriment to the mood without disrupting your business dress code.

Pro tip: Use sparkly red nail polish to make the design look more festive and fun.

Night Art

Night Christmas Nails Art
by @trickortreatnails

Transform your short Christmas nails into a twinkling night sky with just a coat of deep green nail polish and a fair share of gold metallic stickers shaped like the moon and stars. The alluring mixture of rich, velvety base and mysterious midnight aesthetics results in a mesmerizing manicure for any seasonal festivity.

Pro tip: Essie has just the suitable collection of dark green tones you can choose from.


Short Stilettos

Short Stilettos Christmas Nails
by @trickortreatnails

Christmas nails acrylic stilettos pose as a perfect combo of edginess and practicality sprinkled with holiday vibes. The subtle yet pointy tips coated with candy cane French tips and metallic red base create that elegantly fierce flair anyone would envy. Set a new trend of matching bold statements with practicality.

Pro Tip: Use two or more French tip accents to emphasize the Christmas atmosphere of your manicure.

Green Red Mix

Green Red Christmas Nails
by @freaky_fresh_phalanges

While Christmas press on nails are a great alternative for the holiday season, it is possible to succeed with a masterpiece using just a couple of well-chosen shades. The dynamic duo of green and red can become a playful yet utterly elegant mix suitable for the occasion. You can browse the Zoya nail polish assortment to find the best colors of the season.

Pro tip: a shimmery rhinestone snowflake will make your manicure the center of any party you head to.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match Christmas Nails
by @freaky_fresh_phalanges

Combining all your favorite Christmas elements in a single festive manicure is the best way to express your individuality and creativity. Keep in mind that moderation and balance are vital in this case. You can adorn your nails with tiny holly designs, small shimmering Christmas trees coated with snow, and mouth-watering candy cane swirls that serve great for the purpose. Moreover, a sparkly red solid accent will enhance the holiday's overall atmosphere. We bet Selena Gomez wouldn't be able to resist this Christmas mani perfection.

Pro tip: use the same small dotting tool to add intricate details to your manicure. Don't forget to wipe it clean before each application.


Holly Design

Holly Christmas Nails Design
by @freaky_fresh_phalanges

Holly nails are the epitome of cute Christmas nails. This delightful and perfectly festive manicure can capture the holiday's pure essence. Use those vibrant holly leaves and berries as regular or inverted French tip elements and highlight them with metallic accents of red and green.

Pro tip: Use a milky white base to highlight the holly details.

Ghome Christmas Nails

Ghome Christmas Nails
by @freaky_fresh_phalanges

Christmas acrylic nails are usually about famous Christmas attributes, but little gnomes, Santa's helpers, typically remain in the shadows. Use your chance to transcend the ordinary through a green gnome manicure as the holiday season approaches. Let your tips tell a perfectly magical Christmas story.

Pro tip: explore the ORLY nail polish collection to find the best green tone that resonates with your mood. Keep in mind that a nude base will reflect the gnome art best.

Red Plaid

Red Plaid Christmas Nails
by @freaky_fresh_phalanges

The plaid Christmas nails design is an example of a wintry classic that even Kylie Jenner couldn't have left unnoticed. Among all the shades and colors, red plaid projects warmth and rustic charm, known to be the elaborate representative of the Christmas season.

Pro tip: use gold accents to add a festive aura to your design, and opt for complementing shades like matte green to enhance the holiday vibe of your manicure.


Grinch Design

Grinch Christmas Nails Design
by @estheticsbyjayde

Care to rock Christmas vibe the way Cardi B would? We have something special in store for you! Grinch-inspired mani excessively elaborated with colorful Christmas light nails is precisely what we have in mind. This whimsical Grinch nail art contains the mischievous and iconic flair of the festivities that are waiting for you. Don't forget to dress Mr. Grinch in a classy Santa's hat!

Pro tip: play around with other famous Dr. Seuss characters to introduce more detail and holiday charm to your tips.

Sweater Art

Sweater Christmas Nails Art
by @estheticsbyjayde

Sweater nails are another seasonal classic that is hard to resist when the festivities are knocking on your doors. Christmas dip nails are perfect for creating cozy woven sweater patterns to spread the atmosphere of holiday joy and warmth supported by glowing fireplaces and general delight. Metallic accents in the shape of snowflakes will introduce the extra touch of festive flair.

Pro tip: Layer gold and silver metallic accents to add more depth and holiday bling to your nail art.

Simple Nails Designs in Christmas Colors

Holiday preparation takes up so much time that there is barely enough left for yourself. That is why introducing gold shades into your mani is the simplest and the easiest way out, but it still possesses a nice holiday vibe. Is there anything else you need?


Christmas Theme Arts For Holidays Mood

A Christmas tree is the best definition of holiday season, don’t you think? That is why while thinking of your new holiday nail art, make sure it involves pine trees!

Sparkly Glitter Nail Art Design

You may be not a fan of glitter, but the holiday season begs for it, so it is best if you give in to it. Besides, what can be cuter than the mixture of festive hues and sparkling glitter?

Christmas Nails with Foil

Ombre is that one technique that lingers in fashion for a while now. If you think about it, there is no wonder why since there is not a single occasion that you wouldn’t be able to fit ombre in and Christmas is barely an exception.


Shimmering Christmas Nails

The shimmer is the definition of festive mood that is why when planning your next visit to the nail salon you should better keep that in mind. Besides, when intricate nail art is not exactly what you are fond of – simple and solid shimmering design

Sparkly Snowflakes Nail Art

No Christmas can pass without the snowflakes. In case your region lack some snow – add it to your nails. One more thing – do not forget about the glitter!

Christmas nails are the best way to celebrate the season and express your festive mood. Add a touch of holiday magic to your appearance with these stylish nail art ideas, and make the festivities a time to remember!

FAQ: Christmas Nails

Why fingernails are white?

Overuse of nail polish, thin nails, anemia, renal disease, heart disease, diabetes and liver disease are just a few of the disorders that can cause white nails. When the organism experiences a protein deficiency, whole nail whitening is commonly noticed in situations with kidney disorders.

Can you use normal glitter on nails?

Normal glitter can be used on your nails as long as it is very fine. We suggest you don’t use craft or body glitter on your nails because of how thick they dry.

Are glitter nails tacky?

In the world of nail art, glitter is no longer considered tacky. The execution of the glitzy aesthetic is what matters. Wearing an actual color with glitter, such as neon pink or purple glitter, is dangerous because these colors are not suited for regular use.

How to do candy cane nail art?

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Paint your nail white. Let dry.
  3. Do some candy cane stripes with a thin brush and a red nail polish. You can vary the width of these stripes
    or keep them the same. Let dry.
  4. Finish off by applying a layer of top coat.

How to do Christmas presents nail art?

  1. Paint your nail green.
  2. Paint a little square that is going to be your present using white acrylic paint and a thin brush.
  3. Paint another one at the top with red polish.
  4. Take the opposite colors and add “x” to each present, then add a bow on top of the “x”.
  5. Outline the center circle of the bow.
  6. Apply top coat.