Did you know that every snowflake is unique and has a one-of-a-kind pattern? This makes snowflake nails nothing less than just a work of art to showcase your individuality. As the winter starts to descend all over the world, it is time to embrace the charm of the season and implement it into your everyday look.


The variety of designs to play around with is immense. We've managed to round up the most captivating patterns to reflect the true beauty of the season and complement your artistic taste. Are you ready to transform your nails into a miniature of winter wonderlands? Hop on!

Gold Glitter Snowflakes

by @heluviee

Gold glitter snowflake nail designs are what you need to capture a pure winter wonderland in your nails. All it takes is to combine the sparkly allure of gold glitter and the reserved beauty of negative space paired with the intricate lace of a white snowflake. The touch of such gentle seasonal magic can spice any festive along with a casual look.

What is a snowflake manicure?

HOW TO Simple Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial

Brushes to draw snowflakes


Snowy Christmas

by @phoebesummernails

It is hard to describe the ultimate magic of snowy Christmas with words, but it is possible to capture it in your fingertips. One of the effortless ways to succeed with the purpose is to opt for pink to glitter ombre with occasional snowflake accents. A Christmas nails design like that will remind you of the warmth you share with your loved ones during this magical season every time you glimpse at it.

Chrome Snowflakes

by @phoebesummernails

There's nothing wrong with looking for easy snowflake nail art. Besides, they are many, and even high-end celebrities like Beyonce refer to such ideas from time to time. What we have in mind is a pure milky base spiced with chrome snowflakes. While the design is simple at the core, it is magnificent by the flair it spreads.


Red Design

by @thehotblend

Red snowflake nails aren't the most requested manicure of the holiday season, but that does not make the design any less special and mesmerizing. Red is the color of passion and energy, so red nails are bound to ignite interest and excitement. Spice things up with a chrome finish to the red base and a few snowflake accents, and you will get an innovative masterpiece as a result. Keep in mind Essie has a good collection of red hues to pick from.

Textured French

by @thehotblend

Some snowflake design nails can redefine your vision of elegance. If you want to introduce a modern twist to your seasonal nail art, you may want to start with a textured French mani. The textured snowflakes scattered all over your French tips and accent nails will introduce that tactile accent to your manicure that is hard to find elsewhere. OPI presents an excellent choice of light blue nail polishes to choose from.


Elegant Black Art

by @thehotblend

Who could have thought that black snowflake nails could be so beautiful and season-oriented? If you want to capture beauty, depth, and soul in your manicure, these elegant black nails will help you perfectly fulfill the task. The striking contrast, worthy of Kylie Jenner, transitions emotions and a sense of mystery topped with unparalleled elegance.

Matte Nude Snowflakes

by @thehotblend

Nude snowflake design nails can be more versatile and captivating than you think. This delicate matte nail art consisting of a nude base and white snowflakes is subtle but enchanting. Such a minimalistic and sophisticated manicure would be a festive go-to design among such celebrities as Arina Grande and Selena Gomez. Care to unveil the power of being a fashion icon? Start with this winter mani!

Gothic Winter Design

by @trickortreatnails

You don't have to say 'no' to your gothic image when the holiday season arrives. On the contrary, gothic snowflake acrylic nails would be a perfect tribute to the season and your individuality. The mixture of black and white suffice for the purpose, as usual. However, these delicate snowflakes introduce the festive allure to the scene.


Pink Mood

by @estheticsbyjayde

Your snowflake manicure can be as playful and vibrant as you want it to be, no matter what the critics say. Should you be in a pink mood, then this intricate manicure is precisely the inspo you need. The mixture of seasonal elements, including but not limited to snowflakes, makes the art particularly feminine and captivating, don't you think?

Sweater Nails

by @puro.nails

Glitter snowflake nails combined with sweater nails make the coziest combo of the season. Designs like that reflect the warmth and festive ambiance. Thus, if you want to spread holiday vibes and comfort, a sweater nail art is the ideal solution. Besides, you can experiment with deeper and richer shades for a change. ORLY seems to have ideal hues in its collection.

Baby Blue For Winter

by @puro.nails

Light blue snowflake nails reflect the grace of the season like nothing else. If you want to welcome winter's arrival, this would be the best way to do so. The softness of the color, its delicate appeal, and the ultimate intricacy of delicate snowflakes create that icy aura your winter look requires.


Snowflakes On Long Nails

by @puro.nails

It is no secret that longer tips provide more room for artistic experimentation. If you are a dedicated fan of long nails, you may as well use the canvas to create a mesmerizingly realistic winter flair. All it takes is to paint your tip in favorite shades, like light pink and dusty rose glitter, and implement delicate snowflake accents over a solid-color base. Playing around with additional elements and wintry patterns is an additional opportunity.

Purple Love

by @puro.nails

Cardi B is an excellent fan of vibrant hues, and if she's the main inspiration to you, these purple acrylic snowflake nails will help you follow in the rapper's footsteps and create a manicure full of passion and mystery. A bit of glitter, a snow-white accent, a tad of fancy swirls, and delicate snowflakes are all you need to capture edginess sprinkled with seasonal romance in your fingertips.

Short Nails With Geometric Snowflakes

by @abbydoesnails

Short nails can be attuned to the charm of the season with ease if you know what to aim for. We suggest you coat your tips with a deep forest green base – China Glaze may have the perfect shade – and adorn it with gold snowflakes and geometric elements. Should you fear that replicating the intricate patterns is beyond your artistic skills, gold snowflake nail stickers will save the day.


Snowflakes Nails with Blue Shades

It is winter that we are talking about, that is why it is natural that blue hues prevail. Starting with the dark blue and ending with a shimmery blue coating, spiced up with lovely snowflakes, your fingernails will look exceptionally festive!

Sparkly Glitter Snowflakes Nails

When the holiday knocks on your door, it is time you meet the season in full armor. In times like this, such gorgeous snowflake nail art ideas come in simply irreplaceable.

Snowflakes Nails for Christmas

Your manicure can garner as much attention as you like with beautiful frozen snowflakes Christmas nails. Playing around with different silver and white colors, you can achieve a very close-up realism trying to recreate wintery scenery. Alternatively, embellish your nails with sparkling rhinestones and glitter.

Royal green with metallic coating looks so rich and elegant that it is hard to take the eyes off. Besides, the combo of snowflakes, deer, and candy cane patterns take that holiday mood to the next level of beautiful!


Snowflakes Nails in Red Color

If you wish to keep it gentle when the holiday season comes, we have it covered! The fact is that rose gold sparkly snowflakes look breath-taking on a beautiful pale base.

Spice up your classy red base with a cutesy snowflake and let the holiday mood in!

Snowflake nails are ideal if you want to embrace the beauty and ever-present magic of winter. You can pick from delicate and intricate patterns of the most vibrant shades or stay on the classy side and experiment with the universal French manicure. The choice is yours!