A chrome nails design is the newest trend which, in our opinion, is so cool to look at. However, this design is a bit more intricate than the one achieved with the help of foiled or metallic-finish nail lacquer. Which means that not every lady can do it at home without the assistance of a manicurist. But we know that some ladies are quite skilled and patient, so let us discuss what you might need for this nail design.


Half-Moon Chrome Nail Art

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Half-Moon Chrome Nail Art picture3
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It is possible to do chrome nails in any colors, and you can even take rainbow nails manicure to the next level. But this time the shades will turn out to be more subtle and, consequently, even sexier.


Pink Chrome Nail Designs

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Every time you want to master some new kind of manicure, it is advisable to start practicing with toe nail art. Thus, you can use both hands and master the new design much faster. To do chrome manicure or pedicure, you will need certain things.

Hottest Chrome Nails Design

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Hottest Chrome Nails Design picture3
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First, pick the base shade. Next, find your nail lamp and install it on the table. You will also need an applicator that has a sponge on its tip and chrome powder that is loose. Place all the needed things in front of you and begin your journey to the world of chrome acrylic nails.


Cute Metallic Nail Designs

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Cute Metallic Nail Designs picture1
Cute Metallic Nail Designs picture2
Cute Metallic Nail Designs picture3
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FAQ: Chrome Nails

How long do chrome nails last?

Gel polish has a longer wear time compared to conventional polish, and dries in just a few minutes. There is no risk of smudging or peeling after your gel polish has dried up.

Do you top coat chrome nails?

Chrome must be put over a layer of non-wipe top coat that has been properly cured. You will hardly get this mirror-like look if you apply chrome straight to a color or a sticky layer.

Can you do chrome nails with dip powder?

Chrome is a nail art color available in powder or flake form. It gives your nails a smooth liquid look when it’s rubbed over No Wipe Gel Top Coat or gel-like standard polish. Most satin dip powders can also be used as chrome rubs.