Rainbow nails can definitely improve your mood! There are so many designs, such as spun sugar, bubble nails, paint drips, feather effect, glitter tornado, rainbow dots, rainbow tips, neon ombre, rainbow lines, rainbow balloons, and many others!


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Rainbow Tips Nails

Rainbow French tips nails are a fun and vibrant twist on the classic French manicure. With a burst of colors, these nails add a playful and youthful touch to any look. Each nail is painted with a different color, creating a beautiful gradient effect that resembles a rainbow. The tips of the nails are then delicately painted with a contrasting color, giving it that signature French manicure style. Whether you're attending a special event or just want to brighten up your day, rainbow French tips nails are a trendy and eye-catching choice. Express your creativity and embrace the rainbow with this cheerful nail design.


Rainbow Nails with Waves and Stripes


Vertical Ombre Rainbow Nails

Do you love ombre nails? Pick nail polish of a bright color, and it will make your manicure look adventurous, edgy, and daring. However, when you choose rainbow designs, it is better to use the colors from the same family.

Mind that not all nail designs require long nails. Colorful nails look prettier if they are short. Otherwise, your nails will look artificial and gaudy. And guys do not like when women look too artificial. Sometimes, it is better to make it simple.


Easy Rainbow Nails


Marble Rainbow Nails

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Rainbow Nails with Patterns

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Rainbow Nails with Art

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FAQ: Rainbow Nails

What is a rainbow manicure?

Simply paint each nail a different color if you want the iconic rainbow manicure look. This variant is our favorite because the pastel colors and matte finish give it a cool candy-coated look.

What are the rainbow nails called?

Rainbow nails, also known as gradient nails or multi-colored nails, are created by painting each nail a slightly different shade of the same hue or a completely different color.

Is painting one nail a different color trend?

One of the most popular Korean nail styles is accent nails. Consider it a good way to make one of your nails (usually one on each hand) stand out from other nails. It might be polished a different color, have a different finish, or have a fun drawing or other creative design method on it.