Flower nail designs are designs created on any nail shape and length that include floral patterns in any color combinations and of any texture.

Floral nail designs are among the most popular because we consider flowers to be synonymous to the whole concept of beauty. Plus, whenever we see flowers, we experience some positive emotions, which is definitely a reason to get a floral mani.


Hand Painted Flowers


A failsafe way to end up with a unique manicure style is to get hand painted floral nail art. Sure thing, you will need to entrust this task to a really skillful nail technician who is good at painting. That is one of the reasons why a hand painted flower manicure is very popular with celebrities, especially such fashionistas as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and Lizzo.

How to do flower nails at home?

How to make a 3d flower on your nails?

How to make daisy flowers on your nails?


Minimalist Flowers


When it comes to flower nails, the key approach here is quality over quantity. As such, it is always better to get a minimalistic flower image that would look neat and sophisticated than to go for a messy floral print. This mani can look appropriate even in a quite formal environment, which makes it an excellent option for work.

French Florals


Whenever you want to upgrade your French manicure, adorning it with flowers is always a good idea. They match the style of your classic nails like no other. Dua Lipa and Adele often choose such a manicure solution for both everyday wear and fancy outings. So, you can always draw inspiration from their French flower design nails.


Bright Floral Mood


When the weather outside is gloomy and dull and you are missing bright colors, you can add them with the help of your manicure. Vivid flowers can boost not only your nails but your mood as well. For the most gorgeous nail polishes, you may turn to OPI, Zoya and Essie.

Ethnic Flowers


Ethnic motifs are always on trend. They are everywhere – on clothes, accessories and nails too. Thanks to such a print, you can give your manicure a boho chic. While there are plenty of ways to create the design, flowers allow you to achieve the best result. Find your dose of inspiration in JLo’s and Lizzo’s manicures.


Blue Hydrangea


Blue hydrangea is one of the most captivating flowers. So, why don't you embellish your mani with it? Although it seems most suitable for summer flower nails, you can wear this design any season. Rimmel in Danny Boy Blue and Orly in Glass Half Full will help you to achieve the desired nail look.

Multicolored Floral Nails


Do not be afraid to mix several colors in one manicure when creating summer flower nail designs. Just like they grow on the sweet scented meadow, multicolored flowers can be integrated into your manicure. Get the needed colors in Zoya, OPI and Essie, as they seem to have one of the vastest color palettes.

Blooming Daisies


Most people love daisies, as these flowers are incredibly alluring in their simplicity. Plus, they have multiple uses. Apart from eye pleasing bouquets and relaxing herbal teas, they make up a gorgeous nail design. So, if you are seeking mesmerizing ideas for simple flower nails that you would not be able to take your eyes off, it is hard to think of a better option than daisies.


Purple Flowers Nails


If purple is your favorite color, then you ought to get floral nails in its shades. The trick here is to pick out several hues of purple to make the design look striking against the base color. Katy Perry may become your source of inspiration for this mani.

Flowers Mix


Because of the wide variety of floral nail designs, you may feel quite overwhelmed when choosing your next mani style. How can you limit your choice to a single flower when there are so many beautiful options? No worries, we have a solution for you. You just need to mix the flowers you like in one manicure. Genius, right?

Blue and White Nails With Flowers


You may not be the best at matching colors and that is when Mother Nature comes into play. You can get inspired by the color combinations that you spot around you, such as white and blue, for instance. This can be any interpretation, but we like a blue flowers on white nails duo.


Delicate Daisies


Spring flower nail designs are usually subtle and delicate to be in tune with the weather outside. So, fragile daisies are sure to make up a perfect option in this case. Lana Del Ray likes decorating her look with daisies and her manicure is no exception. Essie in Blanc and OPI in Marigolden Hour are what you need for this mani.

Barbiecore Flowers


With the Barbiecore era entering the world of beauty, you cannot go wrong with pink flower nails. They are pretty, cute and girlie. Yet, there is no need to garnish every nail with flowers. You may just use them as an accent. Orly in Beach Cruiser and Essie in Muchi Muchi will be your helpers in the creation of such a mani.

Royal Blue Nails


Blue flower nail designs have a royal feel to them. So, in case you wish to get a luxurious manicure that you would not be able to take your eyes off, this is your sure bet. Denim from Dior, Mezmerised from Essie and Ring in the Blue Year from OPI are among the boldest royal blue nail polishes.


Dried Flowers


If you find painting a flower on nails quite a daunting task, we have a great idea in mind. You may replace the image with real flowers, just dried ones. In addition to being an easy way to get cute flower nail designs, you achieve a very realistic design. While it can also work for natural nails, this option is more suitable for flower acrylic nails.

Smiley Faces


Summer flower nail designs usually have an upbeat vibe. That is why if you decide to accentuate your manicure with smiley faces, it will turn out very fun and optimistic. Combine this design with a floral print and you are sure to get a perfect manicure for the summer. Rihanna’s and Dua Lipa’s manicures can be your reference when recreating the design.

Cherry Blossoms


For spring flower nails, you want something that is associated with the season most, such as cherry blossoms. To get this nail art, you will need a pastel base, like OPI in Bubble Bath, and several other nail colors, for example, (Un)guilty Pleasures from Essie and Rimmel in Funtime Fushia.


Gothic Aesthetic


To sport a gothic manicure, there is no need to wear all black or dye your hair a dark color. You may get it alone and let it be the main accent. Check out this striking idea that takes your mani to the spotlight. Its goth aesthetic provides your look with a touch of grange.

Fresh Spring Nail Flowers

Floral patterns are peculiar to spring nail designs. Delicate and petite flowers in springtime nail colors will be great embellishments for your mani. And flowers can be the main theme of your nail art or act as cute accents.

There are many spring nail colors to choose as a basis for your floral nail art, but we especially love the ones you can see here. So, if you have no idea what to start with, consider these color combinations for your spring mani.

Summertime Nail Art

We really love how fun these summertime and tropical nails designs appear. And truly, a white, as well as blue base, screams summer. The only thing that is left to do is to add some summer nail designs, and voila, you get a manicure that you can sport on hot summer days.

But what to use to recreate such nail designs?

  • The major tools to use for this nail art are toothpicks and nail lacquer. Nail lacquer can be replaced with nail gel or acrylics. And toothpicks can be replaced with art brushes, nail dotters, stickers, or stationary tapes.
  • Make sure you can concentrate well.
  • If your hands are not steady, you can easily smudge the designs and thus spoil the way it looks.


Flowers Art On A White Base

Are you aware of the fact that beauty is in simplicity? Just look at these floral patterns painted on a white base, and you will understand what we mean. Really, even though it might sound surprising, but sometimes the achievement of the wow experience does not require any vivid colors or outrageous designs. And these white nails ideas with tiny flowers prove our point.

And white is one of neutrals, which makes such manicure appropriate for all possible occasions.

Colorful Flower Nails Design

Sometimes we really wish to find some easy nail designs that we can recreate at home. But think about it, whenever you try to, you get some boring nail art ideas only. It’s all in the past, believe us. Here you can see bright flower nail designs that are fun to look at. Catch your inspo!

Fall Nails With Flowers

We really fancy these fall nail designs as there is something so unique about them. Fall nail colors combine quite well with floral patterns, creating the real art on your fingertips. Just look how flowers go with warm reds, soft pinks, and oranges peculiar to that leaf-strewn season.

Would you like your nail art to be reminiscent of fall? Then rock one of these nail designs. It’s time to look fab!


Glitter And Flowers

Flowers and glitter nails designs are pretty popular nowadays because they combine the most amazing things we all adore. There is nothing that these two will fail to solve, be it a gloomy day or a day when you do not feel lucky, or a cloudy morning when you do not want to get out of your bed. Pick one of these nail art ideas, and all those blues will be easily shaken off.

These ideas will work for you if you are searching for something festive, like party or homecoming nails designs.

Floral Art On a Black Base

There is something especially mysterious about black nails designs, how do you think? Being also neutral, a black shade is an ultimate base for any nail designs, including florals. Opt for such a mani, and you get double accentuation: with flowers and with the deep base. And we hope that acrylic nails you can see on this page will inspire you to explore those endless possibilities.

Dried Flowers On Your Nails

Do you know that nowadays it’s trendy to incorporate dried flowers into nail designs? Flowers always make nail art appear more delicate. Just try one of these ideas.


Winter Mood Nail Designs

Winter nail colors work well for floral patterns, as you might notice here. When the colder season comes, your mani requires winterfication, as well. These seasonal nail art ideas will help you embrace colder months. We think that abstract flowers you can see here will be great for holiday nails designs. Let your mani be festive and mood-boosting.

FAQ: Flower Nail Designs

How do you stamp nail art?

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Apply nail polish that will serve as a background.
  3. Take an image plate. Cover half of the image with a polish and spread it down with a scraper to remove the excess.
  4. Pick up the image with your stamper by pushing it onto the plate and then transfer the image right on to your nail.
    Clean up any polish that may have gotten on your skin with a brush and polish remover.
  5. Apply a thick coat of top coat and don’t touch the brush to the nail so you don’t smudge your image.
  • Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails. Source
  • Whether it’s spring outside or just spring in your heart, there’s no wrong time for flower nail art.Source