Stars are among the most mysterious objects that can foretell your fate and offer answers to eternal questions. However, there’s another side to these celestial elements – they can spice up any look and make you feel unique and extraordinary. While you can experiment with starry patterns in your wardrobe, we suggest you implement the trend into your manicure as well.


Star nail designs are all the rage at the moment on TikTok, and for a reason. These elements are aesthetically appealing, customizable, and beautiful to look at. Glaminati experts have compiled a trendy collection of star nail art ranging from intricate constellations to minimalistic designs. All you have to do is pick the option that resonates with you!

Star Nails Tutorial

  • Star nails are easy to succeed with if you follow these simple steps:
  • File and shape your nails well.
  • Cover the tips with a clear base coat.
  • Apply a layer of light pink base coat.
  • Use a thin brush dipped in a pale yellow nail polish and make five dots in a circle.
  • Connect the dots to form a star figure.
  • Fill in the outline with color.
  • Paint a second star using a different nail polish color but sticking to the same technique.
  • Cover the design with a glossy top coat.


Black and White

Black and White Star Design Nails
by @sweetandsavvynails

You can use this stunning star nails art to succeed with a classy appeal but a contemporary take on your daily manicure. A famous nail artist, Savannah, chose to play around with good old French tips and make them heart-shaped and coated with glittering stars. This celestial symphony is utterly elegant and appealing. We suggest you give it a try some time this season.

Moon and Stars

Moon and Star Design Nails
by @sweetandsavvynails

Care to depict some astrology stars on nails? Then, you should follow Savannah’s lead and express cosmic beauty through a skillful match of tiny stars and a mysterious, holographic moon. As the moon reflects every sparkle of distant and magical stars, your manicure will be the center of attention anywhere you go, and for a good reason, we must admit.


Textured Stars

Textured Stars Nail Designs
by @sweetandsavvynails

Some people claim that since they are not good at nail art, they won’t be able to create an intricate and unique star nails design. We beg to differ, and Savannah is here to support our point. At times, perfection is created through a seamless balance of a neutral base shade and rich metallic stickers. You can go as far as to crown your stars with jewels, and your manicure won’t look out of place, no matter the outfit or occasion.

Purple Pink Cloud With Stickers

Purple Star Design Nails With Stickers
by @sweetandsavvynails

The beauty of stars is that they can be easily implemented into almost any design. For instance, this dreamy purple sky with fluffy clouds and iridescent stars tells a tale of style and beauty. It is impressively easy to create your own universe with these celestial opportunities.

Cloud nail art tutorial:

  • File and shape your nails.
  • Gather the supplies: (A clean base coat, Glossy top coat, White nail polish, Indigo-blue nail polish, Baby blue nail polish, Bright blue nail polish, Pastel lavender nail polish, Baby pink nail polish, A dotting tool, Flat brush, Small brush, Thin striping brush).
  • Cover your nails with a base coat.
  • Coat your nails with white base color.
  • Dip a dotting tool into each nail polish in turn and cover the nail bed with dots of different shades and sizes.
  • Use a flat brush to mix the dots, moving from the base of the nail to the top.
  • Dip a small brush into white nail polish and draw little clouds on your nail.
  • Draw tiny stars in between the clouds with white nail polish.
  • Add tiny dots to the surface to mimic stars in the distance.
  • Coat the nail with a clear top coat.


Winter Witch Nails

Winter Witch Nails
by @sweetandsavvynails

Savannah knows no limits when it comes to unique nail ideas and artistic takes on winter nails. How do you feel about the captivating and mystical witch winter star on nails? This bewitching manicure blends cosmic motifs and supernatural enigma, resulting in otherworldly elegance.

Chrome Minimalist Stars

Chrome Minimalist Stars on Nails
by @jinasongnails

One can draw an invisible line between chrome modernism and stellar charm, but we say that these two merge perfectly. A subtle sheen of glazed nails decorated with gentle stars will reflect the magic of the world that wakes up at sunrise.

Pro tip- Chrome powder will look its best when applied over a clear or color base coat. The clear base will preserve the tints of the powder, while color coats will introduce a unique touch based on the shade you pick.

Stars and Gems

Stars and Gems Star Design Nails
by @jinasongnails

Stars on Nails sound as mesmerizing as they look, but we know how to take things even further. You can adorn each star center with a different gem. The twinkling gems will send rays of light every time you move a finger, and that is a perk not to treat lightly.

Expert advice - A salon manicure with gems usually lasts a lot longer than a home-made one. Thus, if you head for the salon for your next mani, you should expect it to last at least 2 weeks. A gel manicure is more durable, so it is advised to pair it with crystal nail art rather than crystalizing your natural manicure.


Pink Ombre

Pink Ombre Star Design Nails
by @sophrainbownails

A famous nail artist and educator, Soph has shared one of the starry masterpieces that will steal your breath away. Glazed pink to red ombre looks like a perfect sunset with the first stars spilling over the sky. It is incredible how such daring shades combined with celestial motifs result in an elegant and serene manicure.

Rainbow Nails

Rainbow Star Design Nails
by @sophrainbownails

Can’t figure out a single palette for your stars nails? Soph has a stunning idea to replicate! Rainbow nails will reflect your individuality and style through a kaleidoscopic elegance that can’t go unnoticed no matter where you go!

Disney Star Nails

Disney Star Nails
by @poshnailloungedavie

If you are planning to pay a visit to Disney Land, we have a great manicure idea in mind. Combine a Disney design with matching stars and you are guaranteed to get one of the cutest nail styles ever. Yet, if Disney Land is not on your travel list, no worries. This mani works perfectly for other occasions too, say Halloween.

How to make a star on your nails?

How to make 3d nail art?

How do you do Galaxy nails?


Ombre with Chrome Stars

Ombre with Chrome Star Nails
by @superflynails

Ombre nails look amazing on their own. Yet, if you want to take your manicure to another level of gorgeous, enhance it with a chrome star nails design. Use a gold or silver nail polish with a chrome finish, such as OPI in Marigolden Hour or Essie in Apres-Chic. However, if you are not sure that you can paint stars neatly, you can always get away with star nail stickers.

Short Nails with Stars

Short Nails with Stars
by @superflynails

One of the best things about star nail designs is that they are not limited in terms of nail length. As such, they may be a perfect manicure idea for short nails. To play it up a bit, you can add colorful dots to the center of the stars. In this way, your mani will look unusual and eye catching.

Rainbow Swirls

Rainbow Swirls with Star Design Nails
by @superflynails

A rainbow nail design can easily elevate your mood and paint your day bright colors. In case you feel that it is missing something, you can always complement it with a star nail art. Adorn the tips of your nails with rainbow swirls and grace them with pretty white stars.


Aura Stars

Aura Stars Nails
by @superflynails

Aura nails remain one of the most popular manicure designs all year round. Yet, you may feel like you want to customize it a bit to suit your personal preference. And this is when star design nails come into play. Feel free to embellish your mani with any star style you like. Yet, we recommend painting stars in the middle of the aura design for more impact.

Falling Star for Christmas

Falling Star for Christmas Nails
by @so_nailicious

If you are looking for Christmas nails ideas, your search stops here. Beautify your manicure with a falling Christmas star nail design. It is so charming that you are going to love it for sure. Use different shades of a blue nail polish for the base, such as Chanel in Muse, OPI in Mali-blue Shore, Essie in Bikini So Teeny and Dior in Denim.

Winter Night

Winter Night with Star Design Nails
by @so_nailicious

Winter nights are long and magical and so does winter night nails. Apply a deep blue nail polish to use it as a canvas and add a sprinkle of white and silver stars on top. Dior in Denim and Essie in All You Ever Bead are all you need for this mani. For your convenience and better precision, you may also enlist the help of a dotting tool.


Blue and Gold Match

Blue and Gold Star Design Nails Match
by @so_nailicious

Blue and gold nail colors are a match made in heaven. There are a great number of ways to combine them in your manicure. Imagine a deep blue sky with gold stars scattered all over it. Sounds magical? Why don't you recreate this idea for your mani? Use OPI in Award for Best Nails goes to… as a base color and paint stars on nails with the help of Chanel in Phenix.

Galaxy Art

Galaxy Star Design Nails Art
by @so_nailicious

Although a galaxy art manicure cannot be called particularly effortless, you will not regret the time spent creating it. The result is just jaw dropping. Lizzo and Dua Lipa, who have been spotted with this stunning manicure, can back up our words. And of course, you cannot imagine galaxy nails without multisized stars embellishing the whole universe.

Long Nude

Long Nude Stars Design Nails
by @so_nailicious

Long nude nails offer you plenty of advantages. They make your fingers visually longer and more slender. Plus, they look appropriate in basically any ambiance, including quite formal. In addition, you may adorn them with a pretty nail design, such as stars. This manicure can be even sported to a wedding or a birthday party.


Big Star Nails

Big Star Nails
by @so_nailicious

If you do not have enough patience to draw a myriad of stars, no worries. You can get away with a couple of chunky stars covering almost the whole nail. This mani design is a great idea for the 4th of July. Just get it in blue, white and red colors. OPI in Red, Tile Art to Warm Your Heart and Alpine Snow should help you with that.

Mermaid Sea Stars

Mermaid Sea Stars Nails
by @heygreatnails

Mermaid nails are a fantastic manicure idea for Halloween, especially if you wear a mermaid costume. Essie in Ride The Soundwave will help you to create the base and using Essie in Blanc, you can paint starfish. Halle Bailey, known for playing the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid movie, has pulled off this nail design like no other.

Christmas Colors Chrome Stars

Christmas Colors Chrome Stars Nails
by @lenavitch.nailz

Star design nails are always a good idea for Christmas. They are festive and dressy. So, you can rest assured that your mani will suit the atmosphere of the holiday. What colors to choose depends on you. Yet, we recommend getting it in traditional Christmas colors, namely red, green and white. Stock up on Dior in Rouge, Essie in In-Vest In Style and Zoya in Lucy.


Wicca Nails

Wicca Nails with Stars
by @jinasongnails

Wicca nails are a statement manicure that will not let you go unnoticed. It has a witchy vibe, so it is a failsafe option to accompany your Halloween costume. You cannot imagine Wicca nails without a star design, so do not forget about it. If you need some inspo, you may find it in Billie Eilish's and Victoria Beckham's manis.

Sun and Moon

Sun, Moon and Stars on Nails
by @sohotrightnail

The sun and moon may symbolize a life cycle, as they represent the whole day. So, you can find it quite interesting to paint them on your nails. Yet, if that seems like not enough for you, add random stars to your mani. They somehow manage to pull everything together. As such, going for a sun, moon and star nail design, you will end up with a very solid mani look.

Retro Pink

Retro Pink Star Design Nails
by @sohotrightnail

The Barbie core era has not gone unnoticed in any sphere of the beauty world and the nail industry is no different. Even if you are not a fan of everything pink, this manicure idea may be quite appealing to you. Just use a retro pink nail shade, like Essie in Thow In The Towl, and garnish it with stars.


Witch Design

Witch Star Design Nails
by @sohotrightnail

To rock a witch manicure, you should not necessarily be one, especially during Halloween time. Arm yourself with black and white nail polishes, for example, Licorine from Essie and Jasmine from Dior, and copy this design on your nails. Selena Gomez and Megan Fox know this nail style pretty well, as they have been seen with it a few times.

Galaxy Stars Nail Art Designs

Cat Eye Nail Art With Stars #cateyenails #purplenails

This celestial stars nail art will transport you to the depths of space, igniting your style with an otherworldly charm.

Christmas Nail Art With Glitter Stars

Christmas Stars Nail Art Design #christmas #diystars

Nail art featuring stars can be playful, fun, and bold, depending on your mood and choice. Although it takes some time to master this design, it is not as difficult as it seems. Stickers in the shape of a star might be helpful.

Introduce a celestial touch into your look with perfect and trendy Star Design Nails. Express your individuality through stellar elegance captured in this one-of-a-kind cosmic collection!


FAQ: Stars Nails

What are the 5 different nail shapes?

The five standard nail shapes are:

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Almond
  • Stiletto

What Color nail polish goes with everything?

Sticking to a few basic neutrals that work with everything is a simple way to do this. Beige, blush pink, red, gray, cream, white, and ivory are some fantastic hues that go with almost anything.

What color nail polish makes hands look younger?

Orange or peach-based colors are great for making your hands look younger. Red and coral colors with orange undertones will divert attention away from any symptoms of aging.