Nail art keeps evolving all the time, and the appearance of bracelet nails trend proves it. Get this manicure done, and you’ll be the trendiest girl at school. We have found 18 photos of amazing bracelet nail designs to rock this season.


Photo 1-3: Nail Art - Bracelet Nails

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Photo 4-9: Nail Art - Bracelet Nails

Do you know which nail design is as trendy as rainbow nails? Right, bracelet nails. This new trend appeared when one of the nail experts just looked at her arm and envisioned it as her nail. And this look is quite simple, so you don’t need to be a professional manicurist to recreate it.

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Photo 10-15: Nail Art - Bracelet Nails

Just buy some things before starting. Go to a craft store and find some thread and cuticle scissors. Also, buy a topcoat, little nail jewelry, and nail glue. Colorful threads can act like bracelets.

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Photo 16-18: Nail Art - Bracelet Nails

Not to waste any thread, cut little pieces. You can also tie jewelry to the thread. Then apply some nail glue and lay these threads on the nails. Snip any extra threads and apply topcoat. Perfect!

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Awesome bracelet nail desing in action! Full gallery is on Design by @minelliart Repost from @cosmopolitansa

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