Valentine’s Day is a memorable holiday of passion and love. Thus, every woman would want to keep her nails pretty for such a special occasion. While we have found the most creative ideas possible, you may want to choose a nail design for Happy Valentine’s Day that resonates with your mood and feelings. Surely, hearts, glitter, red, or pink colors are the main attributes of the holiday, yet every color carries a well-defined meaning and symbolism to consider.


For instance, while red is the color of passion, pink would be a more innocent and sweeter take on the feeling. At the same time, purples are the indicators of royalty and luxury, and blues project understanding and compassion. If you prefer brighter tones, yellow stands for happiness at all times, and white remains the shade of purity. There’s room for darker tones when it comes to Valentine’s Day, so a brown manicure would reflect your inner comfort, while black will introduce a sense of mystery into your look. No matter what color palette you are inclined to, we have the best collection of Valentines Day nails, so you don’t need to surf the net all Day to find something flattering!

Graffiti Hearts

Graffiti Hearts Nails
by @sohotrightnail

Graffiti is one of the best ways of expressing your vibrant personality, even when it comes to manicures. Thus, we suggest you take the edginess of street art and implement it into your holiday nail art. Don’t shy away from bold colors and daring nail shapes. Let this heart nails design redefine your personality and sprinkle your rebellious nature with a touch of holiday romance!


Love Story

Love Story Valentines Day Nails
by @sohotrightnail

Red heart nails are the ultimate classics of the season. However, instead of using these festive elements separately, use them to tell a love story. Every fingertip can be a new page of your fairy tale, and it can be as encrypted as you wish. No one else but you and your significant other should be able to decode the message. If you need more inspiration, you can consult @sohotrightnail, a nail artist from LA, since she’s the absolute pro in the area.

Basic Valentines Nails

Basic Valentines Nails
by @thehangedit

Don’t try to understate the simplicity and elegance of basic valentines nails. The classy allure of love and passion projected through red nail polish. China Glaze has quite a collection of those to inspire from. At the same time, a heart-shaped accent will ensure you keep up with the holiday romance and spread the love vibe everywhere you go. We suggest using Hang Nguyen’s artwork as your perfect inspiration for Valentine’s Day. The nail artist is known for her unique taste and impressive artistic skills.


Rainbow Hearts

Rainbow Heart Nail Design
by @thehangedit

Festive heart designs aren’t limited to classy shades and nail art. You can unleash the kaleidoscope of joy through your rainbow heart tips. The pure explosion of fun and creativity will spread a flair of positivity around you, and it won’t go unnoticed. Anything on the scale, from electric blues to sunny yellows and universal reds, are for you to play around with. The noted nail artist, Hang Nguyen, is fond of minimalistic nail art, and she claims that the trend will be a new hit when the season comes.

Peace Hearts

Peace Heart Nail Design
by @thehangedit

Your heart nails are the reflection of your mood and identity. Thus, you can try and capture the tranquility and harmony with peace nails. Lady Gaga would wear such a mani loud and proud. The same goes for Hang Nguyen. But the latter would add some extra dare into the design and play around with black instead of classy red tones. Do you feel rebellious enough to sport such a self-contained manicure?


Negative Space Nails with Hearts

Negative Space Nails with Hearts
by @thehangedit

Negative space nails are the epitome of elegance and style, but it takes the right art to inspire from. The black and white nail design reflects the allure of modern art to the full extent. Combining a bare base with a strategically placed heart-shaped accent is all it takes. Care to learn how to create such magnificent nails with hearts in a matter of seconds? Our experts have a practical tutorial for you to follow:

  • File, buff, and shape your tips well.
  • Coat the nail bed with a base coat.
  • Paint your nails with a clear base coat.
  • Dip a dotting tool into white nail polish.
  • Place two small dots parallel to one another with a slight overlap.
  • Use the same tool to unite the dots into a heart shape.
  • Seal the design with a glossy top coat.

Nude French with Hearts

Nude French Heart Nail Design
by @mariapro.nails

French tip with hearts is yet another sweet way to boost the romantic mood. This design is perfect if you want to redefine the classy nail art without stepping away from the standards of a sophisticated manicure. Just a few heart accents added to your middle and ring finger will tell your love story without exaggeration but with close attention to details.

Expert tip: You can use a dotting tool or a thin brush to succeed with a perfect heart shape. However, if you don’t have these tools at hand, you can use your everyday items and succeed with the same flawless result. Our nail professionals suggest using a bobby pin or a toothpick for the purpose.

Baby Pink

Baby Pink Valentines Day Nails
by @abbydoesnails

In case you want to step into the aura of delicate grace and timeless allure, the pink heart nail designs can become the embodiment of your mood. Baby pink hues have that subtle touch of femininity and charm that rarely any other hue can boast of. Besides, there are so many unusual pink shades to experiment with.

Glaminati professionals claim that these colors will be all the rage when the season hits:

  • Watermelon
  • Flamingo
  • Coral
  • Cherry blossom
  • Salmon
  • Bubblegum
  • Tulip pink
  • Tea rose


Heart Lollipop

Hearts on Valentines Day Nails
by @abbydoesnails

You can create a heart nail art that looks as sweet and playful as you wish. Should you decide to project a pure ode of joy through your fingertips, a heart lollipop manicure is an option worth considering. These bright nails are tuned to radiate fun and happiness so that you can capture any heart. In case you seek more inspiration like this, a skillful nail artist, Abby Johnson, has a collection to check out.

Yin Yang Love

Yin Yang Valentines Day Nails
by @abbydoesnails

Ying and yang are Chinese signs symbolizing balance and harmony. Each part of the sign contains a piece of the other. Thus, the odds are always even. Opting for such a nail art with hearts will signify your love for harmony and harmony of your love life. No matter how opposite people are, they tend to attract and complete one another. That is the message to keep in mind at all times. Love is the equilibrium of opposites, after all.

Pink White Hearts

Pink White Hearts Nails
by @charsgelnails_

Pink heart nails is an absolute favorite of Charlotte, the devout nail expert. The palpable mixture of pure affection and timeless charm is the most concise definition of this romantic manicure. The combination of shades of pink topped with white makes a harmonious blend that will suit any style and look. Celebrate the beauty of love with such an intricate mani and watch the life take a turn for better in no time!


Grey Hearts

Grey Hearts Valentines Day Nails
by @charsgelnails_

Care to redefine the romantic beauty of the holiday? Charlotte, the nail expert has your back! She suggests that you tell your tale of romance through a perfect mixture of deep emotion and neutrality. Thus, grey hearts scattered all over your nail canvas will signify that beauty comes from simplicity, and to stand out from the crowd, you must radiate from the inside rather than from the outside.

Gothic French with Hearts

Gothic French Valentines Day Nails
by @charsgelnails_

There’s nothing wrong with you if you lean toward a classy French mani spiced with an unusual flavor. In this case, Gothic nails with heart design tuned to elegant French is precisely the variant you seek. The enchanting fusion of edgy style and universal sophistication will result in a mysterious masterpiece of a nail art that indicates deep passion hidden in the depths of the darkness.

Wild Heart Nail Design With Leopard Pattern

Wild Heart Nail Design With Leopard Pattern #shortnails #leopardnails
by @charsgelnails_

Show him your savage side of personality by embellishing your manicure with leopard hearts nail design. You can also accentuate some of your nails with this patter to make the style more balanced and bold.


Stunning Heart Nail Design With Rhinestones

If you are not afraid to stand out in the crowd, then you will most likely fancy this Valentines Day nails idea. It is very eye-catching and absolutely stunning thanks to the combination of the shiny heart nail design with rhinestones and a red nail polish.

Cut Out Nail Art Design

This cut out nail design requires the most fashion bravery, so not everyone will be able to pull it off. If you consider yourself daring enough to go for it, then you can rest assured that this nail style will keep you in the spotlight wherever you go.

Pink Valentines Day With Cute Hearts

At times when you wish to bring all the sweetness in you out – we suggest you think about suitable manicure in the first place. There is rarely anything lovelier than the mixture of pink colors and trendy nail art techniques. Let’s not forget about that bling that cute hearts will bring!


Red Colored Nail Designs with Hearts

The color red is still regarded by the nail care industry as a classic that never goes out of style. With red polish, almost all beautiful manicure ideas and patterns are possible, and valentine's day designs are no exception here. Nail salons now offer a wide range of unique components to brighten and spice up your nails. Feel free to include stickers with hearts, foil elements, sequins, and rhinestones.

Black Nails With Heart Art

If you think that red is the only hue to apply to your nails when Valentine’s day is on its way, you are mistaken. We say that even black nail art can be perfectly themed and fitting if you want it to. Black hearts are as cute as red ones but with a hint or dare to them. Any femme fatale would merely love it!

Red And Nude Valentines Nails Art

There is barely any more elegant and timeless look than French ombre and classy red manicure. To add some more festive touch, you can sprinkle little hearts all over the ombre fade base.


Pink And Red Nail Designs For Valentines

Undoubtedly, red and pink are traditional Valentine’s Day colors. So why not take advantage of them and paint your nails in such sweet shades? You can combine them in one mani, creating a smooth ombre nail design. Besides, you can use them as accents paired with other colors, such as white or beige.

Heart Design Nails with Glossy Lacquer

There are plenty of pretty nail designs that are worth trying for Valentine’s Day. They will be a perfect accompaniment for your date night outfit, complementing it with a lovely and dreamy feel. Choose the style that speaks for itself and your date will certainly understand your feelings without any words.

Cardiogram Hearts Nail Designs

Cardiogram patterns are one of the hottest trends in romantic nail design and beauty world. As long as this design includes all the colors of rainbow, it will suit all your "lovey-dovey" looks perfectly. It may also be a nice option for Valentine’s Day.


Ombre Valentines Day Nails With Hearts

Ombre Valentines Day Nails With Hearts Art #ombrenails
Credit: Instagram/onyxfiles

There are no boundaries as to how creative you can get before Valentine’s. If usual pink and red tones are not your cup of tea – it is time to go full pastel. This extraordinary ombre with outstanding hearts all over is precisely what we have in mind!

Dark Red Nails With Nude Ombre

Dark Red Nails With Nude Ombre #blackheartart #darkrednails
Credit: Instagram/puro.nails

Some ladies can’t decide whether vibrant or nude they are willing to go when the holiday is approaching. If you belong to the category, then the balance of milky-white and wine-red is the one to pay attention to.

FAQ: Valentines Day Nails

How do you do heart art nails?

Soak the toothpick in silver lacquer and use the toothpick to outline the heart of each nail. When each nail is dry, apply a top coat to each nail and let it dry completely for another hour.

Is purple a Valentine color?

There are many legends in the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Purple and lavender colors could still be used to make a meaningful Valentine’s gift. They communicate the idea that the giver seemingly fell in love with the recipient. They also symbolize enchantment and originality.

  • What pairs best with chocolates, a teddy bear, or a bottle of wine? Valentine’s day nails, of course—how else are you supposed to properly ‘Gram your gifts? We present 35 nail art designs that are perfect to hold your loved one’s presents or properly celebrate your singlehood, festively. Source
  • Valentine's Day is a holiday that happens on February 14. It is the day of the year when lovers show their love to each other. This can be done by giving flowers, chocolates, Valentine's cards or just a nice gift. Love notes can be given to one another. Source