Black glitter nails designs resemble galaxy – this look is truly mesmerizing. Every moment you see such manicure you start wondering if we, humans, are alone in this universe. This question is eternal, and so is the beauty and style of nail designs in black.


Simple Glitter Nails Designs

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Glitter nails designs in black should not necessarily be extra complex. You can just opt for glittery nail lacquer and get a super elegant design without much effort spent.


Cute Black and Silver Nails Designs

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Black and silver acrylic nails designs never lose their popularity because silver is one of several colors that perfectly complements black. Silver accents will truly stand out.

Sparkly Black Glitter Nails

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Black nail lacquer that has a sugary texture is glam on its own, but add golden sparkles, glittery patterns, or rhinestones, and this manicure will become one of a kind.


Newest Black Glitter Nails Ideas

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These nail designs in black with accents are ideal for longer, either stiletto or coffin shape nails. Go for one of these chic nail art ideas and tell us, who is the sexiest cougar now?

Pretty Black Nail Designs For Any Occasion

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What if to combine matte and glitter or nude and black? Such contrast will work for babes who want it all and want it now! And gems will spice up your manicure even more!


Glitter Designs For Short And Middle Nails

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There's something special about short and mid-length black glitter nails. They still have enough space to be embellished with trendy nail design, like an ombre or a constellation depiction, while the moderate length makes them perfectly fitting in today's hectic lifestyle.

FAQ: Black Glitter Nails

How to do glitter gradient nails?

  1. Apply your base color and let dry.
  2. Pick your glitter nail polish.
  3. Drag your brush across the tip of the nail and you don’t go too far down because you just want to create gradient effect.
    Take your brush and drag the nail posh down to the middle of your nail. Make sure there isn’t too much product on your brush.
  4. Take toothpicks and place some glitter pieces individually down your nail. Let dry.
  5. Reapply glitter polish only to the tip of the nail.
  6. Finish off with a top coat.

How to apply loose glitter?

  1. Apply your base color and cure.
    Apply gel polish top coat.
    Sprinkle loose glitter on top. Shake off excess glitter. Cure.
  2. Apply your base color and cure.
    Apply gel polish base coat. Cure.
    Rub the glitter into the surface of the nail. Start by first dabbing, then rubbing the glitter in.
    Apply top coat.