Irresistible Thanksgiving Nails Ideas For Every Taste

Exquisite Thanksgiving Nails To Complete The Holiday Look

When you think about fall, you think about the holidays it brings, and Thanksgiving is undoubtedly on the top of the list. Many people share various traditions when it comes to this particular holiday. However, all will agree that no matter the tradition you are bound to look flawless when the time comes. That is why we decided to gather up all the freshest thanksgiving nails ideas to share with you so that your holiday image will be complete. Enjoy!


Turkey Feathers Nail Art

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There are many Thanksgiving nail art ideas available out there, but we decided to concentrate our attention on the turkey nails. You do not need to paint the whole turkey on your nails; just a few different-colored feathers are enough to achieve the goal.


Thanksgiving French Mani

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Those of you who do not wish to step away from the classics but still wish to grant your nails some thanksgiving nail art vibe will surely appreciate this idea. It is like your regular French but with the addition of holiday-shaded French tip.


Pumpkin Pie Nails

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Pumpkin pie is another traditional dish on your Thanksgiving holiday table. That is why you can celebrate it as well with your thematic manicure. It is safe to admit that such a nail art looks both elegant and fancy!


Traditional Turkey Nail Design

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Red orange base combined with cute turkey accent nail is that type of a manicure which can be easily named a traditional one. What is more, the matte finish grants this traditional look a hint of modernism.


Cartoon Turkey For More Fun

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In case you are willing to go all in with your holiday thanksgiving nails then you will surely appreciate this gorgeous design. The thing is that apart from a lot of fabulous details there are cartoon turkeys depicted on the nails and that is what makes this idea look even more intricate.

Thanksgiving Turkey With Glitter

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Sometimes all you need to succeed with appropriate manicure is a properly chosen nail polish and a bit of creativity. This hand-painted turkey combined with glittery ombre make a perfect holiday design, don’t you agree?

Cute Mouse Nail Art

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You may be surprised, but fall nails are extremely fun and versatile. For example, if you are not a fan of turkeys you can easily create a holiday nail art with the help of fallen leaves and a cute mouse depicted on.


Fall Fox Nails

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Fall leaves go well with foxes, did you know that? One look at this exquisite manicure and you will get what we have in mind. Besides, you do not have too bright with the base; just mere matte brown one will deal with the task easily.

Cartoon Mice Pilgrims

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Do not be afraid to be creative when it comes to the manicure creation. You are not bound to look like everyone else that is why when everyone else is opting for turkeys – you can add some mice images to your holiday design.

Sparkly Glitter Ombre With Leaves

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Fall nail art designs 2018 are all unique and versatile, and if you are looking for an idea to fit the holiday as well as ordinary outlook, then we have an idea in mind. The thing is that regular fallen leaves manicure can be easily pulled off on an everyday basis as well as on holiday.


Fall Foliage Nail Design

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With the invention of stamping the world of nail art fashion changed. With the help of just a bright base and properly chosen stamping plate, you can easily create such a masterpiece as shown here!

Sparkly Leaf On Accented Finger

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If you are a fan of dark nail polish shades, then this idea won’t pass your attention unnoticed. Dark red base combined with nude accent finger go well with each other. However there is one detail that makes this design look even more special – the sparkly leaves!

Frame Nail With Pumpkins

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No thanksgiving nails compilation can be complete without pumpkin nail art. That is why we suggest to your attention this cure brown-shaded manicure with pumpkin accents.


Pumpkin Accent On Sparkly Base

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Those of you who are all about glitter will simply fall in love with this nail art. There is nothing out of place in this design – the combo of gold sparkly base and pumpkin accent is truly a killer one.

Pumpkin Nail Art In Glitter Ombre Nails

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Very often pumpkin images are combined with either brown of yellowish base colors. This time we suggest you something different for a change. The thing is that wine red base with sparkly ombre emphasizes pumpkin accent not worse than all the others.

Fall Chevron Nail Art

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When fall attributes do no fit your taste you can still pull off the holiday mood with the help of seasonal colors. The blood red base in combination with chevron accent finger in fall hues look just gorgeous.


Festive Plaid Nail Design

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If you wish your thanksgiving nails to be quite neutral as for the details, then a nice plaid accent combined with the classy matte red base is your perfect option.

Bling Rhinestone Accent

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Bold and bright orange base looks quite festive on its own but if you need some extra bling then rhinestone accent is exactly what you need. The outcome will be breath-taking and elegant no o mention holiday-fit!

Easy Fall Nail Designs

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Fall nail designs are exactly what you need for the upcoming holiday. There is no need to come up with something fancy or too intricate – just introduce those fall shades into your mani!


Cute Fall Nails Designs with Pumpkins

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When it comes to fall nails, we should not forget about the pumpkins. Pumpkin-themed designs will suit the family holiday best, there is no doubt about that! Do not forget about glitter!

Thanksgiving Nails Ideas to Inspire You

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There would be no Thanksgiving without a turkey, right? So, why not celebrate the main guest with the nice, turkey nail art? Quite unusual but, nevertheless, fun, don’t you think?

Creative Nail Art Designs For Thanksgiving Mani

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