Every occasion is special no matter how many times you get ready for it. Every time you think about everything in advance, and you wish all to be perfect and seamless. You choose a tablecloth, a centerpiece, we are not talking about the menu even. However, for some reason napkin rings are usually left out. That is the wrong approach if you ask us. The fact is that these rings are simple to get or to make, but the touch they are going to introduce is indescribable. It is best if you see it with your own eyes. We have all the festivities covered, by the way!


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What Is A Napkin Ring Called?

What Is A Napkin Ring Called? #shellsring
Credit photo: instagram.com/oksana_i_eva

Just before we proceed with the lovely examples that we have gathered for you, we would like to define what a napkin ring is. You may falsely consider that it is something entirely new, but the oldest ring dates as far back as to the beginning of the 19th century. The fact is that napkin holders were sometimes even the family heirloom that passed through generations. They were monogrammed, and at times made of precious metals, even encrusted with precious stones. A napkin ring set was considered a valuable present when it came to various occasions, weddings including. So, having your own set of those is a good way to keep up with a centuries-old tradition as well as to introduce something new to your table décor! Besides, another words for napkin rings is – Christening bangle!


Christmas Napkin Rings

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Christmas Tree Branch Accent Napkins


Gold Reindeer Ring

There are many holidays which are unique and special on their own. Christmas is on the list, and there is no doubt about it. That is why we suggest you pay attention to such fantastic reindeer Christmas napkin rings. There is no way any guest of yours will leave such deer-shaped gold napkin rings out.

Napkin Ring with Christmas Berries


Traditional Christmas Colors Napkin Rings

You will be surprised at the fact that these days you can find all sorts of traditional holiday napkin rings, if you know where to look. These fabulous traditional rings will fit in both the Christmas as well as the New Year. To say more, you can use them during the whole winter season!

Thanksgiving Day Napkin Ring Ideas

Thanksgiving Napkin Ring with Pumpkin
Napkin Idea with Fall Leaves
Napkin Ring Decoration Idea for Thanksgiving
Napkin with Fall Leaves and Red Ribbon
Napkin Ring with Acorns
Napkin Ring Idea for Thanksgiving Day
Beautiful Thanksgiving Day Napkin Ring
Minimalistic Thanksgiving Napkin Ring
Napkin Ring with Fall Berries

Simple Ring With Pumpkin Art

Simple Ring With Pumpkin Art #pumpkinart #fallring
Credit photo: instagram.com/made_by_alexandra

There may be a misleading thought popping up in your head that such a ring is fir for thanksgiving only. However, that is far from the truth. Of course, the pumpkin is the symbol of the holiday, but it is also a cute vegetable that you may be fond of. Opting for such a napkin ring will surely turn out to be multi-occasional.


Wooden Turkey Ring Design

Wooden Turkey Ring Design #thanksgiving #turkeyring
Credit photo: instagram.com/alightcustom

Well, turkey napkin rings speak for themselves. They are purely symbolic and will add that particular vibe to your holiday table. A word of advice would be to match them with juice orange napkin. You can easily choose between paper ones and fabric-made, the effect will be the as mesmerizing.

Paper Thanksgiving Ring Design

Paper Thanksgiving Ring Design #paperring
Credit photo: instagram.com/inspiredstar

If you are running out of tome and you haven’t got your thanksgiving napkin rings set yet – do not worry! The truth is, as a last resort, you can print the rings out. They may be not that pretentions, but they will surely spice up the general look. Besides, you can print out some thankful words referring to every guest, or leave some space for them to write their thanks down on. Thankgiving napkin is a great Thanksgiving decoration idea for dinner table!

Easter Napkin Ring Decor

Napkin with Yellow Ribbon
Metallic Napkin Ring with Rabbit
Napkin with Egg
Pastel Pink Palette Napkin Ring for Easter
Natural Napkin Ring Idea for Easter
Easter Napkin Ring Idea with Tulip
Cute Napkin Ring with Rabbit
Easter Napkin Ring with Branch
Easter Napkin with Egg
Green Napkin Ring with Flowers
Easter Napkin with Daisy
Easter Napkin with Rabbit Cookie


Wooden Rings With Lettering

Wooden Rings With Lettering #woodenring
Credit photo: instagram.com/littlesecrets.leb

Some may say that wooden napkin rings are too boring. We beg to differ. First of all, if you know how to customize the simplest object, you can easily transform it into a piece of art. First of all, we suggest you add some meaningful lettering to the design. Secondly, upgrade the plain look with bright and juice no tot mention aromatic rosemary!

Bunny Easter Napkin Ring

Bunny Easter Napkin Ring #easterring
Credit photo: instagram.com/made_by_alexandra

We all know what the symbol of Easter is. Of course, it is the Easter bunny that we are talking about. Easter napkin rings may be a little simpler than the rest, but they are not any less cute. To take the look to the whole new level, we would advise you to match the colors of the napkins and the bunny on the ring.

Rustic Easter Wreath Ring Design

Rustic Easter Wreath Ring Design #wreath #easterring
Credit photo: instagram.com/13tables

If Easter bunny ideas are not your cup of tea, you can refer to something less modern and more vintage. What we have in mind are the Easter wreath napkin rings ideas. They are so lovely that it is hard to take the eyes off, left alone to take the napkin out, don’t you think?


Bunny Ears Napkin Ring

Bunny Ears Napkin Ring #bunnyears
Credit photo: instagram.com/pomponsevents

Sticking to the Easter theme, there is another napkin ring idea that we couldn’t but bring to your attention. We know that some of you will fall in love with the idea of the moment you see it. Can you imagine cure beaded bunny ears holding your napkin? Aren’t they just adorable!

Simple Gold Ring Design

Simple Gold Ring Design #goldring
Credit photo: instagram.com/kailochic

It is true that some people are quite reserved and anything too pompous may scare them away. If you think about gold it may seem a little too much, but when you see this gold napkin rings bulk, you will know that you are misled. The ring is so simple and elegant at the same time that it is hard to say what is catchier about it. If that is your perfect choice, we would say that the same-colored cutlery would be a wise addition to the table décor.

Hexagon Colorful Napkins Rings

Hexagon Colorful Napkins Rings #hexagonring #colorrings
Credit photo: instagram.com/sunshinesaltuk

If it is a friendly dinner party you are getting ready for, there is no need to get the table setting over the edge. In times like this simple rings will come in more than useful. These plastic hexagon ones combined with colorful napkins, will add particular brightness to any dinner décor!


Valentines Day Napkin Rings

Valentines Day Napkin Decoration for Table
Pastel Pink Napkin Ribbon for Valentine's Day
Silver Colored Napkin Ring for Valentine's Day Evening Table
Heart-Shaped Decoration for Valentine's Day Napkin Ring
Valentine's Day Napkin Ring Idea with Rose
Valentine's Day Decoration Idea for Evening Table
Red Accent Decoration for Valentine's Day Evening Table
Silver Colored Napkin Ring with Red Rose Accent
Valentines Day Napkin Ring with Heart
Napkin Ring Decor with Red Ribbon
Romantic Napkin Decor for Valentines Day
Romantic Napkin Ring with Ribbon
Napkin Ring with Crystal Heart
Napkin Ring with Valentines Day Theme Ribbon
Minimalist Napkin Ring Idea for Valentines Day
Valentines Day Napkin Ring with Branch
Napkin Ring with White Ribbon and Hearts

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to add a touch of romance to your table setting. One way to do this is by incorporating unique and creative napkin rings. Here are a few ideas to inspire your Valentine's Day table decor:

  • Use a simple ribbon and tie it around a fresh red rose for a romantic touch.
  • Create a DIY napkin ring by wrapping a thin wire around a heart shaped bead or charm.
  • Personalize your napkin rings by writing each guest's name on a small tag and tying it to the napkin with a ribbon.
  • Use a small piece of natural twine to tie around the napkin, and add a sprig of rosemary or a small branch of cherry blossoms for a rustic yet elegant feel.
  • Another way to show your love is by making napkin rings out of a love letter or poetry, write or print it and roll it and tie it with a ribbon or twine.
  • Another idea is to use a small bouquet of flowers, like baby's breath or lavender as napkin rings, it will add a lovely fragrance and color to your table setting.

Napkin Ring Ideas for Wedding

Flower Napkin Ring

Flower Napkin Ring #flowerring
Credit photo: instagram.com/amesaatelie

There is no such thing as too many flowers. If we are talking special occasions here, let’s say a wedding - flower napkin rings will only complete the whole set. You do not need to make the rings stand out too much. A tiny floral bouquet will be more than enough.


Heart Napkin Ring Design

Heart Napkin Ring Design #heartring #holidayring
Credit photo: instagram.com/amesaatelie

It has been mentioned that napkin rings are great for special events and your guests will love any mentioned above design. However, you may not always invite lots of guests to set the table. There are dinner-for-two occasions as well. That does not mean that they should go any less served. Through your loved ones, a fancy dinner, and spice the napkins with such a lovely heart. However, make sure that the heart sands out when added to the napkin, the combo of black and red colors would be the best one.

White Porcelain Napkin Rings

White Porcelain Napkin Rings #porcelainring
Credit photo: instagram.com/anri.irene_porcelain.art

Sometimes, fresh flowers are not a possibility to be added to your rings. You shouldn’t get disappointed in no way. The fact is that porcelain rings with flowers on them are not any less pretty or gentle. Besides they will serve you longer since fresh flowers will wither away with time. What is more, they are so universal that they will fit in both birthdays, holidays and even weddings!

Universal Napkin Ring Ideas for Your Holidays


Silver Crystal Design

Silver Crystal Design #crystalnapkinring
Credit photo: instagram.com/padua.interiors

If being too pompous does not bother you then these silver napkin rings will make you fall in love with them. Any tea party of fancy dinner will glow in another light with the rings like that. However, you need to be careful with the napkin choice, though. You shouldn’t make both elements stand out. Pale shades will go well with the silver and crystal, while bolder hues may be too much.

Agate Stone Ring Design

Agate Stone Ring Design #agatering #stonering
Credit photo: instagram.com/aksfurniture_india

We have mentioned it in the beginning that a long time ago, napkin rings were a lot more than just the table décor element. These agate stone rings prove the idea. Surely, they look luxurious and rich. Besides, the uniqueness and the taste they are made with would steal anyone’s attention so that there may be no additional décor needed.

Metallic Figured Rings

Metallic Figured Rings #mettallicrings
Credit photo: instagram.com/cargabali

If you think that all of your rings are supposed to the same-look – we are going to prove you wrong. The thing is that be it pineapple napkin rings or butterfly napkin rings, they will look great as long as they form the same set. Can you imagine how fun it will be for your guests to see that everyone has a special napkin ring entitled? Besides, they are so fantastic that no one will be disappointed, we can assure you!


Twine Personalized Ring Design

Twine Personalized Ring Design #rusticring
Credit photo: instagram.com/leonor.com.amor

Do you have the full list of the invited guests? Perfect! You can come up with monogrammed napkin rings to surprise them all. In fact, you can make any set of rings turn into a personalized one. All you need to do is to cut out the required letters and stick them onto the ring. Simple and beautiful!

We are sure that you are one of those ladies who forgets about the napkin rings every time she sets the table. Besides, you may not be aware of what to opt for when a certain holiday comes. Well, you have come to the right place, we will guide you in the right direction in no time!

FAQ: Napkin Rings

What is the purpose of napkin rings?

Napkin rings are decorative round elements that are designed to hold a table napkin or serviette neatly on a dining table. First appeared in France in the beginning of 19th century, and quickly spread among the bourgeoisie. Originally, it used to be a hygienic way to assign a separate napkin to each guest.

How do you put a napkin in a ring?

  1. Lay the napkin flat on the table with a good side facing down: the shiny side or the side with the pattern.
  2. Fold the napkin in half into a triangle shape.
  3. Pinch the middle of the napkin with one hand and with your other hand slide it down the napkin.
  4. Hold the napkin tight then with your right hand pick up the napkin ring and place the napkin ring about halfway down the napkin and open up and spread out the layers of the napkin.