Dining Room Sets

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FAQ: Dining Room Sets

What comes in a dining room set?

Dining room sets typically consist of a dining table, arm chairs and side chairs, although some may include a buffet, curio cabinet or china cabinet. When deciding which dining room set is right for you, the dining table is the most important factor to consider.

How much should you pay for a dining table?

The cost of a dining room table is determined by a number of criteria, including size, material, form and design. Depending on the material, model, location of purchase and number of chairs it comes with, prices may vary from $150 (if purchased used) to over $2000.

Can you put a round table in a rectangular room?

The thing is, in a rectangular shaped room, spherical dining tables will look out of place. This is especially noticeable if the space is elongated and the table is unusually wide, as the room’s sides would appear uncomfortably narrower than the space on the opposite ends.