These creative wall decor ideas will totally make up your home! Do you have a blank and large space in one of your rooms? Paintings are not the only solution to fill in this space. However, a big wall without windows is a great space to fulfill your decor ideas. Explore our pictures for inspiration. Spice up your wall with one of these ideas.


Ideas for Decorating With Clocks

Vintage Clocks Wall Decor Idea
Wooden Clocks Decor
Wall Clocks with Flowers Decor Idea
Ideas of Decorating with Clocks picture 1
Ideas of Decorating with Clocks picture 3


Decorative Mirrors In Interior

Decorative Mirrors in Interior picture 3

Rustic Shelves as Wall Decorating

Triangle Rustic Shelves Decor
Rustic Shelves as Wall Decorating picture 1
Rustic Shelves as Wall Decorating picture 2
Rustic Shelves as Wall Decorating picture 3

You may also use decorative mirrors, which are very popular. They may become the center of your decoration. Add some artworks on the sides to make it impressive, placing them on some minimalist floating shelves.


Pictures And Photo Galleries

Minimalist Wall Decoration with Picture
Lots of Pictures as Wall Decorations
Beautiful Way to Decorate Your Wall with Pictures
Abstract Picture Wall Decoration
Wall Decoration with Photo Board
Landscape Picture Wall Decor
How to Decorate Wall with Lots of Pictures
Blue Theme Wall Decor
Minimalist Silhouette Pictures Decor
Wall Decor with Paintings and Quotes
Wall Decoration Idea
Wall Decorating with Pictures
Pictures and Photo Galleries picture 3

If you are searching for something bolder to make an emphasis, then you should try a colorful wall hanging. A contrasting tapestry, plaster paneling, split photos, or even a ladder will fit the purpose too.

Wall Decor Ideas With Plants

Floating Shelves with Plants Decor
Wall Decor With Greenery In Jars #greenery
Geometric Plants Holders For Wall Decor #plantsholder

Adding plants to your décor is not only a nice way to upgrade your interior. In addition, the plants will provide that necessary oxygen so that there is always fresh air in your room, not to mention the modern and stylish feel that wall planter pots give to contemporary interiors.


Boho Wall Decor Ideas

Ouside Wall Decor
Macrame Wall Decoration
Boho Wall Decoration Idea
Wall Decoration with Hats
Patterned Small Rug Wall Decorations #smallrug #bohowall
Painted Plates For Wall Decor #plates #bohodecor
Hats For Wall Decorations #bohodecor #bohowall
Different Baskets For Wall Decor #baskets #bohostyle
Ombre Macrame Wall Decorations #macramedecor
Macrame Leaves Wall Decorations #macrame #diydecorations

Before you jump to the conclusion that boho decorations are not your cup of it, let’s have a look at this compilation. We are sure that you can find something fitting in here. All the elements are so beautiful and stylish that it is difficult to resist them!


Wall Decoration for Kids' Room

Kids Room Wall Decoration with Clouds
Wall Painting for Kids Room
Falling Stars Kids' Room Decoration Idea
Polka Dots Wall with Shelves Wall Decor
Wall Paintings for Kids Room

Create your own stylish and cozy interior with these wall decor ideas!

FAQ: Wall Decor Ideas

How should I decorate my blank wall?

You can hang oversized pictures or print out favorite photos. Hanging shelves is another great idea, where you can display dear to your heart things. Place oversized plants or a big mirror against the wall. Add coziness by hanging a rug.

What is boho design style?

Boho design style is characterized by mixing different patterns, textures and colors. It displays a carefree aesthetic by incorporating free-spirited furniture styles and asymmetrical layouts. Boho design is all about eclectic bold colors that contrast and yet perfectly complement each other.