When you are planning on getting a place of your own, you may be browsing countless options. One of the most popular apartment ideas is a studio. In case you do not know what is a studio apartment, we will cover the basics and not only for you in this article.


To begin with, there are many different studio apartment ideas that you can choose from, depending upon your personal preferences. However, firstly we would like to try to define why is it called a studio apartment? The truth is that it does not depend upon the size of the flat since they can be very large or quite small, all the living areas are combined in one. There are usually no walls that separate the living room from the kitchen or bedroom, only drapes, glass walls, or just the furniture. Only the bathroom is separated from the rest of the flat.

All in all, a studio is a large room separated into different areas without the addition of walls. It may sound quite strange at first, however when you have a closer look at the compilation that we gathered for you all would be set in its place! So, read on!

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How Do You Maximize Space In A Studio Apartment?

Very often, you may hear that it is easy to overstuff a studio, and there will be no room left for anything else. That is particularly true. However, if you have a closer look at all the studio apartment layout ideas that we have prepared for you, you will understand that it is not always the case. The fact is that you need to use every centimeter of your space with use. There are countless ways that you can maximize the space in your studio flat. We are going to have a closer look at those that are the most popular ones as well as the most practical.


Expand Your Storage Space Upwards


When you start browsing studio apartment ideas, the natural question enters your mind – how can I expand the storage space? The answer to that is very simple, in fact. If you do not want to overcrowd the floor, you need to use the upward space instead. You can introduce as many shelves as you need into your apartment. In case you worry that the shelves will ruin the general vibe, here is how you should do it:

  • Add a shelf to your bathroom to have a place to store your towels and toilet paper at. The door trim area is perfect.
  • Add one more pole or shelf to your closet.
  • If your ceiling is high, you can use it as a lofted storage space.
  • Chain a ladder to the ceiling in the kitchen to have a place to hand your pots and pans on.

These are just a few ideas that you can inspire from!

Studio Apartment Ideas In Minimalist Colors

Among all the apartment living room ideas, the ones that are the lighter always seem the bigger. However, there is a little trick hidden here as well. It is best if you use some contrasting elements in the décor, too, so that they reflect the lightness of the hues you use and create the impression of increased room.


Apartment In Light Colors With Bedroom And Living Zones


You already know that almost no studio apartment design comes with walls. If you think that it is close to impossible to separate your living area from the sleeping one, you are deeply mistaken. You can use your furniture to separate the zones. For instance, the angled sofa in the living area will add some more privacy to your sleeping one.

Small Studio Apartment Ideas With High Ceiling


When it comes to the apartment design, you can set your imagination free and introduce all the elements that you consider suitable. If you have a high ceiling, though, we would advise that you use it correspondingly. You can create a great sleeping area right under the ceiling to save up some space downstairs. Besides, as you remember – white and light hues add up to the spaciousness!


Use Small-scale, Double Duty Furniture With Concealed Storage Space

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ms_a_art_and_design

Those of you who are interested in small room ideas may benefit greatly from this tip. The truth is that no matter how nice you want your furniture to look, you need to remember that it is a studio flat that we are talking about. This means that you need multifunctional furniture in the first place. Anything that can be used for two or more purposes is perfect. Anything that is too large and bulky should be crossed off your to-purchase list. As simple as that!

Have Organizational Systems In Place To Control Clutter

Credit photo: Instagram.com/giselerampazzo

When browsing small apartment ideas, you can’t but notice how neat and organized they are. We are going to reveal a secret – the organization is what makes even the tiniest studio look spacious. The more clutter builds up in your apartment, the less room there is. Here is a set of useful tips that may help you keep your area organized:

  • Sort your mail, throw out anything that you do not need straight away.
  • Keep your desk clean, sort all the paperwork out daily, and get rid of anything that is no longer used or useful.
  • Take the recycling bin out daily.
  • Do your laundry often so that it does not pile up.

Now, when we know what a studio is and how you can save up some space even in the tiniest studio, it is time we talk about some decoration. So, how do you decorate a studio flat properly? Read on to learn more!

Studio Apartment With Vintage Furniture

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ms_a_art_and_design

It goes without saying that the apartment décor matters greatly upon your personal style and preferences. However, the key point is that you fit all in properly. Vintage furniture is on the edge of popularity these days, and it is clearly a benefit for all the studio owner. Vintage furniture is often smaller than the modern one so that it takes up less space and frees more room for tiny but meaningful details.


Retro Apartment Interior In Black Color

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ms_a_art_and_design

If modern apartment designs are not your cup of tea, you can always refer to some retro themes. You need to be ready to play around with darker hues and proper zoning. We know that we said you shouldn’t overstuff your place, but in this case, it seems like every part of the room is a separate room itself: the kitchen, the living room, and, of course, the office. Besides, the amount of light that comes from the windows adds up to the spaciousness too.

Industrial Apartment With Bar Counter

Credit photo: Instagram.com/interior_by_mariarasmussen

It is a new trend to introduce a bar counter into all modern apartments, and a studio one is not an exception. However, in this case, the bar counter serves two purposes, it grants the flat that ultra-modern touch, and it separates your kitchen from a living room.

Curtains To Divide Zones For Studio Apartment Ideas

Credit photo: Instagram.com/little.apartments

There are times when neither a bar counter, nor a glass wall is possible, but you want some zoning involved. There is a simple way out! All you need is to hang a curtain somewhere you need it. However, it is best if the curtain matches the general interior.


How Separate Zones In The Room With Glass Wall

Credit photo: Instagram.com/carrot_haus

It is easy to underestimate the beauty of small spaces. It is cozy, comfortable, easy to clean, and so on. However, when it comes to the point of storing all of your belonging, that is where things can get a little taught, especially if it is a studio that we are talking about. Yet, you shouldn’t fall into despair since if you have good guidance at hand, you will figure it where to keep all the stuff that you would rather not lay around. What is more, we are going to help you with that too! Keep reading!

How Can I Save Space In A Small Apartment?

Credit photo: Instagram.com/alexey_volkov_ab

It is easy to underestimate the beauty of small spaces. It is cozy, comfortable, easy to clean, and so on. However, when it comes to the point of storing all of your belonging, that is where things can get a little taught, especially if it is a studio that we are talking about. Yet, you shouldn’t fall into despair since if you have good guidance at hand, you will figure it where to keep all the stuff that you would rather not lay around. What is more, we are going to help you with that too! Keep reading!

Space Organization With Mounted Cubbies For Studio Apartment Ideas

Credit photo: Instagram.com/hunkerhome

You will be surprised how spacious and organized a one room apartment can look if you know where to hide most of the tiny components that make you feel comfortable. One of the first things that we are going to advise is that you add more cubbies to the area. All that takes up space on the floor can be easily stored away in a mounted cabinet. See, you keel two birds with one stone here!


Industrial Apartment With Under Bed Space Organizers

Credit photo: Instagram.com/kvartirastudio

Some people prefer a studio room in an industrial style, so cute and spacious cubbies may not be a fitting option. Worry not, there is still a way out. All you need is a proper bed with a bunch of under-bed organizers included. You can easily access anything you need while it is going to be stored away, not to overcrowd the interior.

Bookcase To Divide Your Space For Small Apartments Ideas

Credit photo: Instagram.com/kvartirastudio

We have discussed some apartment ideas that can help you zone the place. However, it needs to be mentioned that some zoning attributes can serve two purposes. For instance, you can use a lovely bookcase to keep all of your favorite books in place. At the very same time, you can place the bookcase in such a way that it divides the flat too.

Apartment With High Celling In Retro Style

Credit photo: Instagram.com/dudasennaarquitetura

It is not a rule that your flat is supposed to be modern and all in light tones. Those in love with retro styles will surely appreciate this small apartment furniture with a rustic touch to it. Not to mention, the fantastic amount of storage room under the stairs!

There are so many beautiful studio apartment ideas, but there is so little info on how to make it work in there. We are going to reveal all the secrets so that the next time you think about the place of your own – a studio is the first on your mind!


FAQ: Studio Apartment Ideas

How do you layout a studio?

Maximize space by putting up vertical shelving, that also include hanging a room divider from the wall or creating vertical storage. Set up a loft bed and use space underneath it.
Paint walls light colors. Use book shelves as a room divider.

Do studio apartments have closets?

Studio apartments sometimes have closets in the living area. Studio apartments have an open kitchen area, living space, bathroom. Studio apartments floor plan does not provide walls that separate sleeping and living areas. Kitchen may not be separated by a wall as well.

Where do you put a TV in a studio apartment?

You can use your TV as a room divider as studio apartments do not have walls that separate sleeping and living areas. You can also mount your TV into a wall or place it in the center of a bookcase. Hide your TV under a big art piece or using a TV lift that with a touch of a button slides out from under the bed.