Useful Tips to Organize Your Home Office Desk Space

Ideas How to Revamp Your Home Office Desk

Organize your home office desk in a creative, stylish, and beautiful way, and any work you do there will be much more fun. See our pieces of advice on how to revamp the desk at home.


Also, consider how to arrange the things not only on your desk but also in front of it, for example, opt for a gallery wall. A set of pictures that you prefer can easily enhance your mood.

When picking a wall color, pick something trendy, like chevron pattern. But mind that cold shades keep you focused while warm shades make you relax. Now let us revamp the desk.

Hang Your Calendar

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It might seem obvious, but having a calendar in front of you is really convenient. Place your schedule and calendar on your table to be constantly reminded about important things and events.


Stick with a Color Scheme

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When organizing your desk, pick colors that are pleasant for you to look at and that are also well-combined. Two to three colors will suffice as more colors can distract you all the time.

Watercolor Calendar

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If you want a calendar to serve for more than one year, you can easily create it at home. There are so many techniques how to do it, just pick the one that works best for you.


Hanging Wall File

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Besides being embellishing, file holders are really functional. By hanging them on the wall in front of your desk, you will get much free space. And all your papers will stay in the exact place where you can easily find them.

Pencil Holder

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We all know that a pencil holder is quite a useful thing to put on our desk. And the good news is that a pencil holder can be made by yourself, using materials that can be found in your apartment.


Label Your Inner Desk Storage

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Labels are the true masters in the world of organization. Sort your things, label them, and you will be able to reach any necessary thing in the blink of an eye.

Shoebox Shelving

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Shoeboxes have recently become rather popular arrangement utilities. And this trend is not surprising as every woman has many shoeboxes but has no idea where to place them. So, turning shoeboxes into shelves or just storing your things in them is a smart decorative solution.

Mouse Pad

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Oftentimes, we search for a particular mouse pad design or color and cannot find it anywhere. Well, if you happen to know what we are talking about, don’t get upset as there is a simple way out. Just create a mouse pad by yourself and decorate it the way you wish to.


Jazzy Letter Holders

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Place a letter holder on your table, and all your documents, letters and notes will be at hand all the time. It’s better to choose a letter holder with multiple sections. Thus, you will be able to sort your documents more easily.

Desk Caddy

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A desk caddy is such a functional upcycle! Reuse some colorful boxes in a creative way to store your things on your table.

Picture Desk

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Decorate your table with some pictures that can easily improve your mood. While working or studying, you can temporarily shift your focus on these pictures to allow your mind to rest.


Tape Frames


Instead of deciding between costly frames and damaging nails, hang the decorative elements with the help of electrical or washi tape. Thus, your walls will really stand out and you won't have any problems when it's time to replace your custom frames.

Fabric Buckets

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Who says that all things on your desk should be made of wood, metal, and glass? It is your desk, and you can organize it in a less formal way, for example, by placing there some decorative items made of fabric.

Spray Paint Your Accessories

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Spray painting your decorative items allows you to renew the look of your desk without spending much time and effort. Moreover, all items will match each other if you spray paint them.


Revamp a Cheap Desk with Fake Marble Vinyl

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And if your desk is not very expensive but you wish it to seem like that, it is possible to achieve the desirable look by applying fake marble vinyl. This little trick will make your working space look really cool.