Useful Floating Shelves Designs For Every Taste

Many people think that floating shelves are just another way to decorate your house. Even though that is partially true, but not to the full extent. The fact is that such shelves, while serving the décor purpose can help you with space organization as well. If it seems that the floor is overstuffed, it is time you think about some practical wall decor ideas, and we happen to have a full collection on offer!


Wall-mounted Shelves For Living Room

Wall-mounted Shelves For Living Room #woodshelves #livingroom
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There is much more to floating wall shelves than you can even imagine. The truth is that you can not only store all of your valuable possessions on, but you can create intricate patterns using the shelves themselves. Use this idea to your advantage and come up with your own unique design. Also, you can always make your interior complete with some wall planter pots, which is an amazing idea when you have a lot of plants and little space for them.


Industrial Shelves Designs

Industrial Shelves Designs #metallicshelves #shapesshelves
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Some people consider all the shelves the same-looking and boring. We beg to differ. You can easily play around with various shelf-shapes and sort them in many ways. Besides, what you keep on, adds up to the general mood too. Keep it in mind!

Hexagon Wooden Shelves Design

Hexagon Wooden Shelves Design #hexagonshelves
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It is amazing how easily something as simple as wall shelves can be transformed into a piece of wall art. All you need to do is to come up with a good idea and make a dream come true. Look at these amazing wooden shelves in the shape of the hexagon. It is true that you won’t be able to store much on those shelves, but they will add that unforgettable vibe to the room you place them in.


3-tier Metallic Floating Shelves

3-tier Metallic Floating Shelves #3tiershelves #metallicshelves
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It is hard to believe, but storage shelves can be practical as well as impractical. We are not going to discuss the latter rather center our attention on the former. If you are the lucky owner of lots of interesting books that are scattered around the floor, then these 3-tier metallic shelves will save the day. The shelves may not look as intricate and stylish, but they are certainly practical and will keep all the books in place.

Metallic F Serpentine-shaped Brackets

Metallic F Serpentine-shaped Brackets #modernshelf #serpentineshelf
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Those of you who are interested in modern design more than in the practicality of the wall mounted shelves. We may have a suggestion in mind. To be honest, such shelves won’t offer you much space, but a trendy loft touch will be granted.


6-tier Pink Wooden Floating Shelves

6-tier Pink Wooden Floating Shelves #pinkombre #pinkshelf
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Has it ever occurred to you that something as usual and ordinary as floating shelves can also be glam-looking? In case it hasn’t, this is the time we are going to surprise you. The fact is that these 6-tier shelves are not only useful but also charming and fit the general room décor perfectly. It is hard to spot where the practicality ends, and the glam starts, don’t you think?

Small Rustic Corner Shelves

Small Rustic Corner Shelves #cornershelves
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Some people often complain that shelves take up too much space on the wall, and that is pretty impractical. If you need shelves for a small room, such as the kitchen, the issue may be a major one. However, there is nothing that a proper corner wall shelf set wouldn’t fix. It is easy to figure out that the shelves are not space-consuming but on the contrary.

Fixed Bracket Shelves With Hooks

Fixed Bracket Shelves With Hooks #rusticshelves #kitchenspace
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Even though there are many types of shelves available at the moment, some of them existed even centuries ago. What we have in mind are the fixed bracket shelves. They represent floating shelves in the classy meaning of those. In case you want to add some vintage look to your house, these floating kitchen shelves will serve a couple of purposes at once. They will keep all the kitchen appliances within reach, and they will recreate that vintage vibe of a farmhouse.


Metallic Baskets Floating Shelves

Metallic Baskets Floating Shelves #metallicbaskets
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Not everyone knows, but you can create exquisite shelves on your own too. All you need is a bunch of metallic baskets to come up with such trendy metal floating shelves. Such a design will suit those who are limited on a budget but wish to free up some room in the apartment. What is more, introducing the basket shelves into your kitchen is a worthy idea.

Wall Mounted White Floating Shelves

Wall Mounted White Floating Shelves #whiteshelves #kitchenspace
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We know that there are cases when there is enough room in the house, and there is nothing overstuffed, but it feels like something is missing. We think that the part that is missing from the design are small floating shelves. They may not be that spacious, but the charm and peculiar taste they introduce into the décor is indescribable. See for yourself!

Vintage Wooden Carving Floating Shelves

Vintage Wooden Carving Floating Shelves #rusticshelves #vintageshelves
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Many people find themselves in love with all the vintage tools and furniture these days. We can’t say that we blame them. The fact is that in the vast majority of cases, rustic appliances are far more durable than the modern corresponding items. Besides, such rustic floating shelves create that perfect mood intertwines with the magic and style of past centuries.


Metallic And White Marble Floating Shelves

Metallic And White Marble Floating Shelves #metallicshelves #kitchenspace
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At times, attaching the floating shelf to the wall is merely impossible due to many reasons. That when ceiling comes in more than useful. Not everyone knows that you can attach the shelf to the ceiling too. In such a way you will kill two birds with one stone – you will save the room, and you will add exquisite practical items to the design. Such metal and marble solutions are surely worth your consideration.

Wooden And Metallic Floating Shelves

Wooden And Metallic Floating Shelves #metallicshelves #industrialshelves
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If there is one room that always seems overstuffed, especially if there is a woman in the house is certainly the bathroom. It seems that there is never enough space for all your lotions, soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Wood floating shelves are the real saviors here. They may not be that exquisite and one of a kind looking, but they serve their purpose right.

Metallic Black Geometric Bathroom Shelves

Metallic Black Geometric Bathroom Shelves #bathroomshelves #metallicshelves
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Your beauty items are not the only things that you can keep in your bathroom. You can add some moisture-loving plants to the décor too. If you think that you would love to do that, but there is nowhere to put the pots, we say – wait until you see this beautiful and simple solution. Black geometric shelves made of metal will fit all your beautiful plants effortlessly.


Round Shelves Design

Round Shelves Design #metallicshelves
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To tell you the truth there are a lot more bathroom floating shelves designs than you may have ever expected. For once, there is always something lying on the floor in your bathroom, and secondly there is always something missing from the décor. If you opt for such a round shelf, you will solve the two issues with one shot. You will store lots of necessary items on, and you will freshen the interior up in a stylish way.

Frame Wooden Floating Shelves

Frame Wooden Floating Shelves #frameshelves #woodenshelves
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We bet that up till today you thought that frames exist for pictures only. That is when we are going to prove you wrong. Frames can serve as shelves too. You need to upgrade regular shelves a little, but the end result will be certainly worth it. Add a couple of pots to the design, and you will have a lively picture on the shelf and in the frame. How intricate is that!

Bright Modern Floating Shelves

Bright Modern Floating Shelves #modernshelves #colorfulshelves
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For the most part, shelves are made of metal or wood. That is why usually they look alike despite the differences in design. This is the time we show you something entirely different. These bright shelves will not only create additional room in your house but also will add that beautiful vibrant touch to your décor.


Modern 3d Wall Floating Shelf

Modern 3d Wall Floating Shelf #3dshelves #waveshelf
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We must admit the fact that there are times when modern floating shelves simply outdo themselves. This beautiful creation will attar adoring glances of anyone who enters the room. There is no doubt about it. Even though it does not offer too much space to take up, the intricacy and elegance it radiates with are overwhelming!

Floating shelves are not the freshest invention, we agree upon that. However, the way they are modernized certainly deserves your attention. We are going to provide you with the list of shelf ideas to suit any taste or interior. All you need to do is to take a pick!

FAQ: Floating Shelves

What is the distance between floating shelves?

The rule of thumb for each shelf spacing is 12 inches. However, increasing it to 15 or 18 inches will improve exposure and accessibility.

How thick should floating shelves be?

2 inches is the appropriate thickness for a floating wooden shelf. If you use anything less, your shelf is more likely to snap when laden with stuff. It’s also worth noting that it’s presumed that the wood you’re utilizing is hardwood.

What wood do you use for floating shelves?

Any hardwood, such as solid walnut, pine, maple, mahogany or oak is ok for shelves. Keep in mind that rough cut wood is rawer, and certain impurities will surely show through.