Although a bookcase might not seem to be the most crucial part of your apartment at first sight, with the right approach, such detail can tie everything up in your place. In fact, besides the main storage purpose, modern bookshelf arrangements can add more character to the interior design of your home, making it authentically complete and showing off your personal style.


Based on the style, decorations, and finishes of your place, you can find a creative way to organize your books in a modern and stylish manner. And today we will lend you a hand with tons of inspiration. Here, we’ve collected lots of unique and exquisite designer rooms to fit all tastes and preferences. Dive in, and, who knows, maybe you will come up with a classy bookshelf arrangement yourself.

Boat Bookcase Idea

Boat Wooden Bookcase #boatbookcase
Credit: Instagram/linda_cunningham_smith

Let’s start by changing the common image of a wooden bookcase. This idea is here to show that decorations in Nautical style can be not only creatively customized but also budget friendly. If you live near the coast or simply have a canoe that is out of use for a long time, you can turn it into a creative furniture detail of your place. Paint the scratches with color that matches the main shade of the interior or leave it as it is: fake-old furniture never loses its charm.


Wooden Ladder Design

Ladder Bookcase #ladder #shelves
Credit: Instagram/fest2shop

Ladder bookcases always come as pretty convenient options to organize the space in a minimalist-inspired apartment. Since it’s no secret that every home has its oddly empty spaces, a wood ladder bookcase with metallic shelving units would be a nice way to sort things out. To add a visual rhythm, alternate your books with small plants and simple decorations.

Modern Wood Bookcase

Modern Wooden Bookcase #cubbies #woodenfurniture
Credit: Instagram/gautier_toronto

Simplicity meets practicality. In urban modern designs that take lofts as a basis, keeping the room visually big and functional are the very first aims. And a massive, firm, yet minimalist modern bookcase is the detail that can do the trick. The point is to let an eye rest with a minimum of objects, instead of not piling it up with all the books you have.


Bookсase With Glass Door

Bookсase With Glass Door #bookcasewithdoor
Credit: Instagram/our_life_in_the_countryside

A bookcase with glass doors is probably the most versatile option. It comes in different colors and finishes to fit all designs while the glass door stands as a classic element that goes universally well with anything from rustic to rococo. Needless to say, it’s a nice idea to showcase your aesthetic, music, and art taste: apart from books, you can store paintings and CDs in there. In other words, such a bookshelf design can be a reflection of who you are.

Asymmetrical Bookcase Design

Asymmetrical Bookcase Design #whitebookcase
Credit: Instagram/dekoroman_mebel

Nothing adds more interest to an apartment than a touch of imbalance. Of course, it won’t come out right with such styles as traditional and mid-century. But, if it’s about a clean-lined Scandinavian or industrial design, it would be a classy way of keeping your favorite things in sight.


Vintage Metal Bookcase

Vintage Metal Bookcase #vintagebookcase
Credit: Instagram/goldleaf_interiordesign

If your home is designed in the style of Shabby Chic that embraces sophisticated vintage elements with simple, neutral home interior, then a metal bookcase like this is a must. Not only is it very spacious but also extremely elegant and restrained. And it goes without saying that pastel candles, framed pictures, and cute figurines will be the best items to store in such a masterpiece.

Simple Metal Bookcase

Simple Metal Bookcase #metalbookcase
Credit: Instagram/lisagalanodesign

One of the reasons why people go for industrial and urban modern styles for their apartment is how the simplicity of their elements reveals its beauty. The truth is, a simple small bookcase made of metal pipes of tubes and a flight of creativity is enough to organize your books perfectly. Make sure to create both horizontal and vertical piles and try putting them in a color-matching order to make it big.

Triangle Wood Bookcase

Triangle Wood Bookcase #trianglebookcase
Credit: Instagram/anny_dom_kultury

Geometric bookshelves, as well as bookcases, are universally suitable for all modern styles. Since most of them are focused on simplicity, you won’t go wrong if you opt for a simple triangle ‘case as it will not only fit in authentically but also let you show off plenty of books. Plus, you can also play around with the book arrangement: it’s one of the most spacious shelving ideas.


Bookcase Headboard Design

Bookcase Headboard Design #headboardbookcase
Credit: Instagram/hashtag_this_girl_can

Many people associate their bedroom with a place where they can not just spend a night sleeping but to have some rest writing a diary or reading a favorite book. If you’re one of such folks, you will love the idea of a bookcase headboard that keeps all your books and magazines right at hand. Besides, it’s really easy to choose a design for it: it just should match the finish of your bed.

Under Stairs Bookcase Design

Under Stairs Bookcase Design #builtinbookcase
Credit: Instagram/athomewithkaraallen

Nowadays, there’s no better idea of filling the space under stairs than transforming it into a reader’s corner. In this way, you can spruce up your place with a sense of coziness while providing yourself with a lovely place for a rest. The best way to making the idea of under stairs storage complete is to equip it with a built-in couch. Looks like a whole new room, huh?

Barrister Idea

Barrister Bookcase Idea #vintagebookcase
Credit: Instagram/popularwoodworking

Those who are into traditional wooden interior styles can’t imagine their place without a barrister bookcase. While being a piece of furniture, it actually sets the tone for the whole design when it comes to styles inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries. Its precise structure is pretty simple and predictable, which is a win for practical people. In general, it comes as a wood bookcase with doors, where shelf units sit horizontally. Also, it’s better to go beyond just one storage case: instead of going for a big one, complement your place with a couple of medium sized ‘cases.


Tall Bookcase In Classic Style

Tall Bookcase In Classic Style #library #tallbookcase
Credit: Instagram/thisoldhouse

Another timeless classic that will never go out of style. As a number-one choice of people who respect traditions in every way, this type of bookcase combines pragmatism and fashionability at once. There’s no need to mention that such a style is rather for old-fashioned people (in a good way), as more and more modern folks are switching to e-books. If you’re classic to the bone and have a lot of books to store, putting it in such an exquisite ‘case would be a fantastic choice.

Cubic Roller Bookcase Design

Cover In Cubic Bookcase #woodbookcase
Credit: Instagram/c.b._designs

Shabby Chic interior designs will never stop impressing us. Here, you can see how dynamically and harmonically vintage elements are combined with modern items. As for the cube bookcase, it’s made in an ordinary design which looks unbelievably hip when combined with the rest of the decorations in this room. This white bookcase made of several storage blocks of the same size is an amazing option to store some important documents as well as books, notebooks and small devices you don’t want to keep in plain sight. Neat, comfy, and functional.

Hidden Door Design

Hidden Door Bookcase Design #hiddenbookcase
Credit: Instagram/rena.feldman

According to contemporary designs, every single inch in space of your house is priceless, and optimizing it is nothing but a must. Such styles involve clean lines, minimal decor, and ever-evolving technologies used. And when bookcases may occupy a lot of the invaluable space, hidden door storage comes in. Even though the idea itself has been popular for hundreds of years, the contemporary takes at it do look different. Let’s be honest, this idea has brought some metaphoric mood: just like a book that opens up a whole new world to a reader, a hidden door bookcase leads to another room.


Wood Corner Mandala Bookcase

Wood Corner Mandala Bookcase #mandalabookcase
Credit: Instagram/odin_geniy

For boho-inspired home designs, there’s no better corner bookcase than a wood mandala. Bohemian style is usually light, patterned, and pretty spacious, which is a great canvas to creative imagination. Colorful geometric patterns and distinctive tile become even more authentic and balanced when a flower-shaped bookshelf complements the room. In contrast to traditional styles, you can put plants, books, sketches, small decorative statues, figurines, and whatever your soul desires!

Cover In Cubic Bookcase

Cover In Cubic Bookcase #woodbookcase
Credit: Instagram/odin_geniy

Functional geometry is the latest thing in modern styles of home design. While in classic and traditional styles bookcases don’t grab much attention, modern urban and contemporary styles strive for making details big. As you can see, everything in this room is harmonic and alive, but the most eye-catching element is still a hanging set of bookshelves, isn’t it?

Industrial Bookcase Design

Industrial Bookcase Design #metalandwoodbookcase
Credit: Instagram/louiseluxurydesign

Industrial style is all about ravishing, surprising combinations of wood, metal, and plants. A couple of centuries ago, such a style would be called primitive or outrageous. Today, it’s one of the most desirable patterns for home decor of all time. Well, not for no reason: all elements form an absolutely harmonic composition. When choosing a bookcase, don’t forget about two simple rules: metal finish, wooden units.


Chair Bookcase Design

Chair Bookcase Design #bookchair
Credit: Instagram/leonardswoodworking

Another mind-blowing idea of optimizing the space in your apartment. All in all, when you’re about to lay on the couch, relax, and read a fascinating book, it’s so amazing when it’s literally at your fingertips. Home is the place where your heart is. Well, we bet that if this place has a chair where you keep your favorite books, it will definitely become the heard of your home.

Wall Mounted Colorful Modern Bookcase

Wall Mounted Colorful Modern Bookcase #modernbookcase
Credit: Instagram/odin_geniy

Not all people equally appreciate rustic décor when it comes to their interior. If you are looking for something fresh and modern to use as a bookcase inspiration – use the image we offer. We assure you that such a design will become the main attraction in any room.

Arched White Bookcase Design

Arched White Bookcase Design #archedbookcase
Credit: Instagram/caroti_and_co

The main advantage of an arched bookcase is the fact that it does not take up additional space. You can easily suit in on any wall that you see fit. Besides, such an arch is not only practical but also great to look at too!


Vintage Design With Secretary Desk

Vintage Bookcase With Secretary Desk #secretarydesk #vintagebookcase
Credit: Instagram/houseandgardenuk

If it happens so that you choose to grant your home some vintage touch, a gorgeous bookcase with a secretary desk like that may be your best bet!

Cubbies Design

Cubbies Bookcase Design #cubbiesstirage
Credit: Instagram/lillastudios

If you do not have toddles crawling on the floor and your pets do not try to occasionally grab a bite of any book they find, then this bookcase is the one to consider. It is simple and elegant at the same time. Besides, no matter how extensive your library gets, you can always add some more cubes!

Wall Mounted Tree Design

Wall Mounted Tree Bookcase Design #treebookcase
Credit: Instagram/odin_geniy

Sometimes it is the unique design that people look for rather than the practicality of their bookcase. In times like this, a tree-shaped bookcase is merely irreplaceable.


Build In Wall Bookcase With Cabinets

Build In Wall Bookcase With Cabinets #cabinets #buildinwall
Credit: Instagram/peabodysinteriors

Those of you who have a lot of room, as well as books, at their disposal – we have something in store for you too. Such a built-in bookcase with useful cabinets may another great purchase you invest in!

A bookcase is an irreplaceable detail of home design not only for its main function of storing stuff but also for its role in the design ensemble. And today’s ideas are living proof for the importance of choosing the right bookcase arrangement. Also, they’re a real source of inspiration, as every single pic is an example of the latest home decor choice. Now, have a look around: it’s it time to freshen things up in your place?

Drum Bookcase Luxe Furniture

Drum Bookcase Luxe Furniture #drumbookcase
Source: Instagram/timothyoulton

Do you want to give the interior of your home a dose of the 19th-century vibes? Then this drum bookcase is made for you. As it is infused with the spirit of Victorian Britain, it will bring a vintage royal touch to any room. Not only will it look unique and sophisticated but it can also accommodate quite a lot of books, which adds to its practical side.

Creative Bicycle Bookcase Design

Creative Bicycle Bookcase Design #colorfulbookcase
Source: Instagram/thewoodartist

A bookshelf is one or several shelves that are used to store books so that one could easily refer to them visually. In its turn, a bookcase is an item of furniture that both displays and stores books.


Modern Metallic Geometric Bookcase

Modern Meatallic Geometric Bookcase #geometricbookcase
Source: Instagram/segaldeco

The geometric design of this metallic bookcase makes the profile look modern, thus effortlessly matching the contemporary design of your home. As the storage unit is so multifaceted, its every piece becomes a perfect platform for display of books, artwork and collectibles. Even if you are limited in space, this separate item of furniture will complement any room without overwhelming it.

Vintage Metallic Bookcase Design

Vintage Metallic Bookcase Design #vintagebookcase
Source: Instagram/197designstore

Add a vintage flair to any room in your home with this retro-style metallic bookcase. Thanks to its airy design, the room appears more spacious and open, while the black finish allows you to easily blend it with any interior color. Because the metal construction is durable and robust, it will last for years.

Creative Head Wooden Bookcase Design

Creative Head Wooden Bookcase Design #headbookcase
Source: Instagram/thewoodartist

What is a bookcase? - A bookcase is an article of furniture that features a number of shelves placed horizontally inside a cabinet. Its main purpose is storage and display of books, magazines, documents, printed publications and the like.


Modern Tall Geometric Bookcase Design

Modern Tall Geometric Bookcase Design #geometricbookcase
Source: Instagram/jeanfrancoisd

This intricate tall geometric bookcase will spruce up any interior design, giving it a contemporary and stylish feel. It is a perfect storage space for just anything, allowing you to organize your favorite books and DVDs in the most convenient order.


  • A bookcase, or bookshelf, is a piece of furniture with horizontal shelves, often in a cabinet, used to store books or other printed materials. Source
  • Get inspired to organize your books and decorative accessories with these swoon-worthy floor-to-ceiling shelving units from Dering Hall. Source

FAQ: Bookcase

How do you make a cheap bookcase look nice?

  1. Paint either all of it or an inside a different color. You can also add some details to the back of this bookcase like gluing a bead board with liquid nails to create some texture. White wash it or add stripes.
  2. Add a lip to the end of your shelf, a thick shelf looks more expensive.
  3. Fill in any of the holes that you have on your shelf, visible screws.
  4. Caulk and paint your bookcase.

How do you stage a bookcase like a pro?

Start by placing your biggest items in a triangular pattern, step away to evaluate the situation. Secondly add smaller pieces. You can place books both vertically and horizontally, add boxes and family photos. Lastly, add some plants to liven up the whole composition. Add the smallest items you have, better to set them in a group of three.