Looking for new and creative toe nail designs? Let your pedi always look perfect. We have a collection of wonderful designs for your toe nails that will be appropriate for any occasion. Be ready to explore the beauty and endless creativity of nail art!


Simple Toe Nail Art Designs


Easy One Color Nail Desing For Your Toes

Credit photo: instagram.com/mashapatrakova05, instagram.com/kristina_nozdrina, instagram.com/romanova_nails Credit photo: instagram.com/serebryak.off, instagram.com/serebryak.off, instagram.com/nail.lika, instagram.com/serebryak.off

It is easier than easy to underestimate the magic of solid nail polish coating. However, if you choose the right tone, your pedi will transform into a true masterpiece in a blink of an eye!

Toe Nail Designs With Glitter


Glitter Nail Art Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/frozen.nail, instagram.com/kristina_nozdrina, instagram.com/nails_area Credit photo: instagram.com/kristina_nozdrina, instagram.com/mashapatrakova05, instagram.com/zhannanails Credit photo: instagram.com/nurmukhametova_anastassiya_

Many women claim that glitter is just too girly and impractical. However, we say that there are fitting designs for all tastes and styles. All you need is a proper inspiration source, and we happen to have one!

Easy Gold Glitter Nail Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/yasmine_fakhardji_nails

If you doubt your nail art skill, but you are dying for a fantastic pedicure – we have something special for you. This gold glitter nail art is so simple but so stylish that it is hard to take the eyes off!


Foil Nail Art For Toes

Credit photo: instagram.com/mashapatrakova05

Precise and even patterns are great, but sometimes it seems that some abstractness is missing from your life. In times like this, a perfectly abstract foil nail art comes in more than handy. Introduce the stylish hues into the design to keep up with the trends, and you are golden!

Confetti Glitter Nail Art

Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova

It is incredible how simple and versatile summer nail art is. What is more peculiar is that it is also quite basic so that anyone can recreate it. All you need is a set of stylish glittery colors like this rose gold one and a bunch of matching confetti. Combine the two, and the masterpiece is ready!

Chevron Nails With Sparkly Accents

Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova

Summertime does not mean that you should forget about your fav glittery hues, on the contrary. There are so many vibrant glitter ideas to take yourself up with that it is hard to imagine, and this chevron pedicure proves the point seamlessly.


Gentle Pink Nail Art With Glitter

Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova

Floral Toe Nail Designs

White Floral Nail Art

Credit photo: instagram.com/make_up_princess1993

If you love floral toe nail designs, this look is for you! The matte gray and pink polish is very subtle. The pretty flower on the big toe dresses it up for a look that's girly and chic!


White-Burgundy Floral Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova

Here is another pretty floral look for a fun and feminine style! The stunning combo of burgundy and white polish with flowers is dainty and demure!

Totally Pink with a Girly Flower

Credit photo: instagram.com/evgeniya_pugina

Pink is such a pretty shade. The 3-D flower and gemstones on the big toe add a demure and dainty look that's perfect for a romantic walk!

Black and Pink Rose Petals

Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova

If you prefer a more edgy look for your toes, this pretty black and pink combo is a bit more dark and daring. The black polish is bold, but the pretty black and gold leaf design on a pink base on the big toe gives it a feminine and flirty vibe. This is another look that’s great for a formal affair!


White and Blue Leaves

Credit photo: instagram.com/nail.lika

Cerulean blue is such a pretty shade. Paint your nails with this pretty blue polish and then paint your big toe white and paint some cerulean blue swirly leaves for a look that's totally girly and cute! This style will appear adorable against some pretty white sandals!

Amazing Toe Nail Designs

Credit photo: instagram.com/gallechka_ch, instagram.com/manikurka

Before starting, make sure that you have these things: cotton, clean towels, nail polish, and brushes. Maybe your first try will not be very successful. Just be patient, and your design will look awesome!

Summer Flowers Nail Art Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/cicis_nail, instagram.com/cicis_nail, instagram.com/panibratova Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova, instagram.com/pedicuretver, instagram.com/nurmukhametova_anastassiya_, instagram.com/panibratova

Flowers are so gentle and beautiful that at times it is hard to choose which one is your favorite, the very same rule applies to this floral pedicure compilation. There is a special design for every taste, you can trust us!


Silver Floral Nail Art Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/yagala

There are times when the base coat and the accent turn out to be created for one another. This is precisely the case! Bright pink adorned with sparkly silver is a match made in heaven.

Black And Yellow Floral Nails

Credit photo: instagram.com/crazy.nailzz 

Cute little flowers are always a worthy addition to your bright summer pedicure. The combination of back and yellow is not only breathtakingly stylish but also impressively matching and elegant at the same time. Such a pedi would be a nice addition to any casual outfit, we can tell you that much.

Watercolor Flowers Toe Nails

Credit photo: instagram.com/pedicuretver

We all know that watercolors are on the edge of glory these days, and there is no wonder why. One look at this fantastic nail design, and you are going to fall into its bright depths and lose your will to resist it.


Matte Flowers Nail Design For Summer Time

Credit photo: instagram.com/cicis_nail

Summer is one of the most vibrant seasons there are, and you are bound to meet and greet it in full armor. Such a juicy, floral nail design with a trendy matte top coat may be the idea that you have been looking for.

Gold Foil Nail Design With Floral Art

Credit photo: instagram.com/mashapatrakova05 Credit photo: instagram.com/nail_marina_disign Credit photo: instagram.com/nail_marina_disign Credit photo: instagram.com/nail_marina_disign Credit photo: instagram.com/nail_marina_disign

Toe Nail Designs With Rhinestones


French Mani with Rhinestones

Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova

If you want a glamorous look, try this pretty maroon polish and add some shiny rhinestones to your big toe. Nothing says a night out on the town like sparkly gemstones!

Cool Blue Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/julia_r_love_nails

Ombre nail art is so pretty. This blue fade is just stunning. Add some gemstones or tiny sea shells to your nails to dress them up a bit!

Nude Vintage

Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova

If you want a more simplistic style, this nude base is elegant and chic. We love the black lace tribal design on the big toe to give it a bit of class. This look is perfect for a wedding or formal event.


Classy Nude

Credit photo: instagram.com/elena_romanova_nails_kzn

Another classy look is this shiny nude polish with some tiny gemstones on the big toe for a bit of bling. This is another style that is perfect for a party or wedding! Nude polish is great because you can wear any style or color of sandals, flip-flops, or other open toed shoes!

Rhinestones Bow Design For Toes Nails

Credit photo: instagram.com/pedicuretver

We all have that one moment of clarity when a little bling is all that we want for a pedicure. In times like this, think about this magnificent bow created with the help of glittering rhinestones. Perfection does exist!

Lilac Rhinestones Nail Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/ivnaessence


Patterned Toe Nail Designs

Credit photo: instagram.com/nurmukhametova_anastassiya_ Credit photo: instagram.com/nurmukhametova_anastassiya_

Striped Nail Designs

Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova

This look is elegant and classy. The pretty blue polish is dressy, and the white tip and sparkly bow design on the big toe give this design a sophisticated look!

Butterfly Colorful Nail Art

Credit photo: instagram.com/sasha686rus, instagram.com/nastini_nogti

Butterflies are so pretty! This cute pink to orange ombre fade is bright and cheery, and the matching butterfly on the big toe is super girly!


Fresh Watermelon Art

Credit photo: instagram.com/julia_r_love_nails

Watermelons are really tasty. This look with its vibrant red and green and a cute watermelon design on the big toe is super fun.

White-Purple Lace Design with Glitter

Credit photo: instagram.com/jamsbybrittany

Is purple your go-to color for nail art? Why not try this delicate lace design with a mixture of white, dark purple, and lavender for a look that’s classy and chic?

Classy French Mani with a Touch of Gold

Credit photo: instagram.com/nurmukhametova_anastassiya_

A classic French pedi for your toes is always stylish. We love this twist on the traditional pedicure with a nude base and white tips. However, the gold design on the big toe gives it a look of class and sophistication that’s perfect for a wedding or another formal event! This design can be worn day or night for a look that's feminine and fun!


Fun Connected Dots

Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova

If you’re looking for a nail design for your toes that’s fun and youthful, paint alternating toes white and pale blue. And then paint some colored dots on varying toes and connect the dots for a cute geometric look that's super trendy!

Kiss Patterned Nail Art

Credit photo:  instagram.com/manikur_pedikur_kursy_minsk

You should not be misled by the popular assumption that your toe nail designs are supposed to be less complex and creative than your manicure. We beg to differ. This kiss-accent pedi is the best proof to the point.

Striped Nail Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/crazy.nailzz

Who said that your feet should match when it comes to your summer pedicure? We say that there are no limits to your imagination as long as you enjoy the outcome. This striped design is the proper idea to guide you in the right direction.


Marbled Nail Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/cicis_nail

Some nail art is doomed to remain elegant, no matter the season or hues involved. There is nothing wrong with it since there are countless formal and fancy occasions to attend when it is summer outside. So, spice your toes with such gorgeous marble nails, and your fav sandal heels will look twice as fabulous on your feet!

Chevrone Nail Art For Toes

Credit photo: instagram.com/nailbeauty23

On the one hand, geometric patterns are simple and strict, but on the other, there is that inexplicable vibe that they produce. We are more than sure that just a glance at this gorgeous design will help you feel the vibration!

Tropic Toe Nails Designs

Credit photo:  instagram.com/ajl.nails, instagram.com/julia_r_love_nails

Add rhinestones to the design, and your toenails will look spectacular. If you are going to do it at home, mind that tweezers can help you to work with rhinestones. You can use them to pick them and put in the right place. When the design is ready, do not forget to seal it with a top coat.


Abstracted Toe Nails Designs

Credit photo: instagram.com/nail_the_nails, instagram.com/nastini_nogti

Toe nail art is not difficult because it is much easier to paint your toenails than your nails. The first step is to clean out polish. Women are often lazy when it concerns their pedicure. It happens because it is difficult to notice that the colors on their toenails are uneven. So, instead of cleaning out polish, they start painting over it. However, this laziness is unlikely to make your pedicure look clean.

Credit photo: instagram.com/rakitina_y Credit photo: instagram.com/nastini_nogti, instagram.com/panibratova, instagram.com/nastini_nogti

As for toe nail designs, rainbow nails can look nice, but the length of your toenails should be right. Moreover, long toenails can lead to discomfort and even infections.

Are you a fan of abstract patterns? Then these nail art ideas might become your go-to this season. Abstract elements can spice things up and bring some style to your mani.

Tribal Toe Nails To Complete Your Wild Look

Credit photo: instagram.com/nail.lika, instagram.com/999kristiii

Tribal nail art has been in fashion for a while already. It is cute and interesting and it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Are you ready to rock it?

Bright Colored Toe Nail Art

Credit photo: instagram.com/yagala, instagram.com/nastini_nogti

Not all of you are equally fond of reserved and timeless looks when it comes to your nail art. If that sounds like something that you can relate to, then these bright colored toe nail designs will capture your attention for sure.


Pet Footprint Nail Art For Pedi

Credit photo: instagram.com/panibratova

Do you love your pet so much as to show your affection to it in your pedicure? This is the perfect idea to experiment with if you ask our humble opinion.

Leopard Toe Nail Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/mananails

In case some of you still do not know – animalistic patterns are all the rage in fashion. That is why this leopard toe nail design is the one that many of you will fall for!

Tile Nail Art For Toes Nails

Credit photo: instagram.com/mananails

Surely, there are some designs that you expect anywhere but on your toenails. However, it is time you change the trends and spice up your pedicure with some creative and colorful tile design!


Shell Toe Nail Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/mananails

When you are planning your next vacation, everything should be perfect about it, right? Your pedicure is clearly not an exception, and we have a great idea to consider. There is nothing better to fit the ocean and beach theme than some shell toe nail art!

Marble Stones Nail Art

Credit photo: instagram.com/mananails

There are many reasons why marble stone patterns are so popular at the moment, but we are not going to list them today. We are just going to leave you one-on-one with this mesmerizing nail art!

Zebra Pattern Nail Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/pedicuretver


Matching Mani And Toe Nail Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/manikurka, instagram.com/evgeniya_pugina, instagram.com/kristina_nozdrina

Toe Nails with Different Arts

Credit photo: instagram.com/nail_marina_disign Credit photo: instagram.com/nail_marina_disign Credit photo: instagram.com/nail_marina_disign Credit photo: instagram.com/nurmukhametova_anastassiya_ Credit photo: instagram.com/nail_marina_disign  

When you wish to look extra fab, there is one thing that you can do – match your fingernails and toes with a fantastic design. Luckily, we have the best ideas on offer!

FAQ: Toe Nail Designs

What shape of nails is best for toenails?

The best nail shape for toenails has to be a flat across shape. It is not recommended to cut of buff the toe nails round or at an angle because that will most likely result in ingrown nails.

Should your toes match your nails?

Nowadays your pedicure should not match your manicure. You can be creative in choosing color and design as much as you want. Earlier there was a rule to match the color on your fingernails to your toes but over the years people got bored of this trend.

  • A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails, analogous to a manicure. Source
  • These days fingernails and toenails are seen by some as important points of beauty. Source