By: | Updated: 04/10/2018

Make Your Black Nails Trendy With Our Ideas

The black nails trend is here again, which makes us so happy. Really, what can be edgier and more elegant than a manicure in blacks?

But what do you know about this trend except for its common association with the rebellious nature of a person wearing it? In fact, this association we all know is only a small part of the history of this trend. Thus, in ancient China, only royals could paint their nails black. Then this trend was out for quite a while right until the 1970-s when Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and the whole rock culture along with them revived the trend of painting nails black. And in the 1990-s the trend became more common for the gothic culture.

With such a rich history, the black mani trend is here with us again. Let’s explore the hottest nail designs in black.

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