It is an unspoken rule to change our styles a little as the seasons change. Thus, every season has its color palette that we try to stick to. Winter is often associated with deep, rich colors, cold tones, and lots of glitter. However, according to a yearly Pantone's pick, a "Peach Fuzz" is the official hue of 2024. The color is an intricate and soft combo of pink and orange. You can find it by using "Pantone 13-1023 Peach Fuzz "credentials.


It is undoubtedly a great idea to start the season with this shade, but winter nail colors go further than just one celebrated shade. To ensure that you have a lot of options right under your fingertips, our experts have compiled a trendy collection to inspire from. Besides, we always leave room for experimentation, so you will find handy color-mixing tips in this article, too.

What nail polish colors are bright winter?

For winter, you may use bright colors too, such as cool mint, mustard yellow, lime green, magenta, hot pink, cobalt blue, fiery red, peacock blue, metallic taupe, etc.


What nail polish color is good for all year round?

Brown and all its shades, from nude to deep brown, are always a good idea for a winter manicure.

Zoya "Magical Collection"

Zoya Magical Collection
by @___luucie___

Zoya is surely a devout expert and innovator when it comes to winter colors. This magnificent and magical fusion of light lilac and holographic glitter serves as a gorgeous representation of frosty elegance and merriment of the season. Coat your fingertips in the essence of winter and enjoy the result. We are sure Katy Perry would say 'yes' to such a girly hue, wouldn't you agree?


Zoya "Amaris" Color

Zoya Amaris Color
by @___luucie___

If you stare at this ideal wintry nail color shade, you may be sucked into the winter fairytale. This deep blue color with specks of glitter is as perfect as Christmas Eve's night sky. It is rich, powerful, captivating, and spiced with confidence and allure. If you keep quiet and listen while staring at your nails, you will hear the serenity of snowfall. We're not kidding. The shade is that magical!

“Mega(S)” by ILNP

Mega(S) by ILNP
by @herblknails

When you think about it – the holographic nail trend has been on the market for a while now. However, the ILNP seems to have taken things a little further and come up with a clear winter color palette that represents a frosty morning with the snow sparkling in the sun. We would say that the hue is quite daring, but on second guess, it represents the eternal charm of the season. You can wear it with any length and nail shape. Moreover, it is customizable enough to suit any look and fit in with every festive outfit.


'The Woman in Black' by Bees Knees Lacquer

The Woman in Black by Bees Knees Lacquer
by @herblknails

This hue has certainly revolutionized the nails Pinterest and for a good reason. While the name of the nail polish tint can be pretty misleading, the effect is surely one of a kind. The smooth transition between aquatic shades of green and blue still contains the velvety appeal of a quiet winter night, echoing the beauty of Aurora Borealis.

'Makeout-side' by OPI

Makeout-side by OPI
by @herblknails

Pink OPI nail polish may seem like something out of place on this list – but hear us out. This vibrant and rich pink reflects the warmth of a crackling fire at dusk. Being vibrant as the color is, it does not overwhelm the cheerful aura of winter holidays. On the contrary – it embraces everything cozy and joyful.

Fun fact: You can make any rich shade lighter and subtler by mixing it with white nail polish.

'Wicked Webutante' by The Don Deeva

Wicked Webutante by The Don Deeva
by @herblknails

Deep winter colors deserve all the attention and rep they get. The vibrant and juicy berry hue that Don Deeva presents is elegant and magnetic, with a touch of enigma to it. The shimmering undertones introduce that festive note that most of us seek when the holidays are around the corner.

Fun Fact: You can succeed with a gorgeous magenta hue by mixing 2 parts of red nail polish and 1 part of blue nail polish.


'Persian Princess' by Navya

Persian Princess by Navya
by @herblknails

Did you know that winter charm has many sides to it? Persian Princess by Navya proves the point perfectly. The boldness of deep purple and the mystical appeal of iridescent blue shades project the richness of winter twilight.

Pro tip: You can succeed with a deep teal hue by mixing 2-3 parts of blue and 1 part of yellow.

Expert advice: Rich teal hues like Persian Princess match well with darker skin tones.

'Sniffy Tiffy' by The Don Deeva

Sniffy Tiffy by The Don Deeva
by @herblknails

Looking for an ideal winter wedding nail color? You've come to the right place! The magical allure of Sniffy Tiffy by Don Deeva is a skillful mixture of soft pastel and a touch of soft shimmer. It almost looks like delicate snowflakes have coated your tips instead of the nail polish. While such a shade looks seasonal and festive, it is perfect for such important events as your Big Day.

'Fade into Me' by Bubble

Fade into Me by Bubble
by @herblknails

Those interested in a neutral winter nail color with a fun touch to it will surely appreciate the tranquil appeal of Fade into Me by Bubble. While the shade looks quite opaque, it projects enough vibrancy to make your tips stand out. Besides, it looks absolutely ravishing when paired with darker skin tones.


Deep Red

Deep Red Winter Nail Colors
by @nails.ksjolund

Red is a traditional color for the winter, especially during the holidays. Yet, if a bright red color does not resonate with you, no worries. We have a great idea in mind. Switch it to a deeper shade and we guarantee that it will become your signature manicure color. You can find the best deep red nail polishes in Chanel, Dior and Essie.

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue Winter Nail Colors
by @nails.ksjolund

The winter night sky is really magical. So, no wonder you may want to replicate its color on your mani. JLo, Selena Gomez, Lea Michele, Jessica Simpson and other celebrities love this shade on their nails. Such nail polish brands as Chanel, Hermes and Lights Lacquer Hermes offer one of the best midnight blue shades on the market.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue Winter Nail Colors
by @crush_on_polish

Cobalt blue is another beautiful nail color option for the cold winter days. Look for your perfect polish in Jinsoon, Madam Glam and Gucci. Any of them can be paired nicely with a cozy white jumper and dark leggings or a neutral color dress. Yet, you can also go with a bright yellow or orange outfit.



Black Winter Nail Colors
by @beautyaddictedd

A black manicure is a failsafe option for winter. It gives your manicure a daring feel and allows you to make a strong fashion statement. Besides, it matches any outfit, from pink overalls to a little black dress. Zoya, Jinsoon and Dior bring your manicure experience to the next level with the best winter nail colors.

Midnight Green

Midnight Green Winter Nail Colors
by @beautyaddictedd

As nature turns white and gray in the winter, you may feel like you are lacking color. The perfect solution would be to take a look around you and get inspired by what you see. Evergreen trees still please the eye with their deep midnight green color. So, why not copy it for your nails? Check Zoya, Manicurist Paris and Paintbox for the best selection of color.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Winter Nail Colors
by @nails.ksjolund

Is brown a winter nail color? Nail artist Kristina, as nails.ksjolund will tell you that brown is a great color for winter, especially if you opt for chocolate brown. What can be better than warming nail colors for winter? We do not know either. So, you can never go wrong with a chocolate brown manicure. You can find the desired color in Orly, Zoya and Hermes. Combine it with a casual jeans and sweater outfit or go for something more sophisticated, such as a glamorous gown.


Shiny Gold

Shiny Gold Winter Nail Colors
by @nails.ksjolund

Gold metallic colors add warmth to your winter outfit, be it an everyday look or dressy attire. Plus, the variety of gold shades allows you to choose a nail look that matches your taste, mood and the occasion. Pay attention to gold winter nail polish colors offered by Essie, Nars and OPI.

Shimmery Deep Navy Blue

Shimmery Deep Navy Blue Winter Nail Colors
by @nargisjonik

While a deep navy color looks stunning, you may want to add a sparkle to it with the help of a shimmering finish. This can be achieved with the help of a nail polish that already has sparkling particles in it or by applying a top coat. ILNP Nail Lacquer and Cirque Colors can come in really handy to you.

Shimmery Deep Plum

Shimmery Deep Plum Winter Nail Colors
by @ludochka_t

Plum nails look chic and captivating and even more so when they have a shimmering finish. No wonder this is one of the most popular dark winter nail colors among such celebrities as Jennifer Hudson, Lauren Conrad and Lizzo. They combine it with their regular outfits as well as the ones they rock on the Red Carpet.



White Winter Nail Colors
by @nails.ksjolund

A pure white color for winter is a match made in heaven. Sometimes, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Just use what nature presents you. You are sure to find your perfect white winter nail polish in OPI, Olive & June and Jinsoon. Apart from looking fantastic, its huge advantage is that it may be worn with any clothing.

Cherry-Red Nails

Cherry-Red Winter Nails
by @nargisjonik

Cherry red nails are unbelievably alluring. This may be exactly what you are missing during winter. What is more, you can hardly think of a better idea for Valentines Day nails than this one. Get your ideal cherry red nail polish from Chanel, Zoya and Mischo Beauty.

Holographic Nail Polish

Holographic Winter Nail Polish
by @lackliebhaber

It is a common fact that holo nails look better in the sunlight. Yet, it does not mean that they will not work for winter. Instead, Christmas lights ignite your iridescent winter nails like no other. Born Pretty and ILNP are known for their jaw dropping holographic nail polishes, which you are bound to have in your collection.


Emerald Green

Emerald Green Winter Nail Colors
by @nails.ksjolund

Emerald green is a perfect color for Christmas nails. It instantly tunes you into the festive mood. With Manucurist Paris or Zoya, you can get the most enchanting emerald green manicure. It goes well with everything, including your Christmas party dress or comfy pajama with a plaid pattern.

Color Changing Nail Polish

Color Changing Winter Nail Polish
by @galanea_marta

The winter is the best time to wear color changing nails. As their color usually depends on the temperature of your body, your manicure will change the color multiple times during the day. The number of options is striking, see Whats Up Nails and Cirque Colors for the widest variety of color changing winter nail colors.

Pink Nude

Pink Nude Winter Nail Colors
by @nails.ksjolund

If you do not feel like going for dark nail colors winter is the time when your manicure can feature almost any shade, especially such universal as pink nude. Just match it to your skin tone and your mani will definitely look its absolute best. OPI, Essie and Sephora nail polishes will help you to choose the right shade.


Metallic Blue

Metallic Blue Winter Nail Colors
by @basecoatstories

Profeccional nail artist Jasmin showes you that French manicure is always in style, so it looks appropriate any season of the year, including the winter. Metallic blue nail polish looks unusual and unique. So, if you decide to include it in your winter nail colors palette, you can expect to have all eyes on your mani. The shade you are looking for may be found in Vegan Gitti Beauty. You could have seen it on Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox.

Red Wine

Red Wine Winter Nail Colors
by @basecoatstories

Isn’t red wine the best nail color for winter? Something tells us it is. It comes as no surprise that it is so popular among celebrities, including Lana Del Rey, Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera and others. If you need the perfect red wine nail color, you can get it from Picture Polish.

Glitter Purple Nails

Glitter Nails for Bright Look on Christmas Picture 3
by @nails.xmxnx_

Those of you who are in love with purple hues – rejoice your time has come! Purple colors are trendy these days, and when it comes to wintertime, there are so many ideas to play around with. Take your pick!


Candy Red Shades

Red Holidays Nails #winternails #rednails
by @nailsbyjema

Red hues are always on the edge of popularity no matter the season. However, when winter comes, there is something special you can add to your nails. A little bit of bling is precisely what we have in mind, be it a simple striping tape or glittery ombre even sparkly nail polish will do!

Royal Burgudy Nails

Silver Glitter Ombre Nails #glotternails #ombrenails #burgundynails
by @nailsbyjema

First of all, it should be mentioned that burgundy hues are indeed of royal origin, that is why if you want to look like a real queen these majestic manicure ideas are something you are merely bound to try out!

Indigo Blue Winter Nail Colors

Beautiful Blue Winter Colors for Nails Picture 1
by @nails.xmxnx_

Blue is one of the colors that fit the winter best. Besides, the hue is so deep and versatile that you can always find something special for yourself. Not to mention that when you mix blue and silver, a flawless festive manicure will be the result.


Shimmery Mauve Nails

Glitter Nails for Bright Look on Christmas Picture 4
by @nails.xmxnx_

Your winter color nails should look bright when the Christmas season hits. Nude-shaded winter nail designs combined with gold glitter is a perfect suggestion for the occasion. Do not trust us? See for yourself!

Gold Holiday Nails

Gold Holiday Nails #goldnails #chromenails
Credit photo:

When the holidays are right around the corner it is time to add that festive bling to your manicure. Gold stilettos with beautiful reindeer on, look merely incredible.

Milky White Nails

Milky White Nails #shirtnails #whitenails #rhinestonesnails
Credit photo:

Can you wear white nail polish in winter? What kind of question is it? Of course you can! These milky white nails with a gorgeous rhinestone pattern to them will reflect the fantastic snow like nothing else!


Cold Grey Winter Nail Color

Cold Grey Winter Nail Color #greynails #christmasnails #longnails
Credit photo:

When you are a fan of the dark-shaded color palette, we have something special in store for you. The truth is that cold grey ombre spiced up with outstanding sparkly Christmas tree decorations looks other-worldly!

The palette of Winter Nail Colors is exceptionally versatile and captivating. It is time to give in to the frosty blues, glitters, and vibrant shades to capture the spirit of the festive season!

FAQ: Winter Nail Colors

Is white a good winter nail color?

White is a great trend of the winter season. Some shades of white have light silver iridescent finish that adds a cool and euphoric atmosphere to your nail polish. For example, OPI’s Alpine Snow is a white nail color that is perfect for winter.

What is the classiest nail color?

Nude has always been the most elegant nail color, the main of which is a timeless French manicure. A well-made and elegant French manicure is made with a thin white line with an arch that visually lifts and thins your fingers. Pastel colors that start with a pale pink hue always look sophisticated.

What color is best for toenails?

When choosing pedicure colors, bright shades such as red and coral have a touch of summer. However, this year, ice blue, neon yellow and pastel lilac are also great trends.