A dream catcher originated from the American Indians culture. Today these accessories can be of various shapes and styles, and we can see it everywhere, starting with home decor and ending with nail art.


Nail art designs with dream catchers are associated with the culture of Native Americans, namely the tribe called Ojibwa Chippewa. The Ojibwa then spread this element through trade and intermarriage to other tribes.

When seeing cute nail designs with dream catchers, we start to wonder what this word means. If to translate it literally from the Ojibwa dialect, we will get the word ‘spider.’

Let’s explore pretty nail designs with this accessory and learn more interesting facts about it.

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White Base Dream Catcher Nail Designs

Speaking of spiders that are behind the meaning of dreamcatchers, many cultures see these creatures as some creepy crawlers, but not the Ojibwa. In this tribe, a spider was considered to be a protector, something that brought comfort. The Ojibwa had a legend about a maternal and mystical Spider-Woman. This Spider was believed to protect the whole tribe spiritually, but especially those who needed it most – babies, kids, and young people.


Floral Dream Catcher Nail Designs

But the population of the tribe was growing fast, so the territory it occupied spread farther. That meant that the Spider-Woman could no longer reach all members to watch over and protect them. That is how the first dream catcher was created – to reach all members of the tribe no matter how far they migrated. Then grandmothers and mothers began to follow the Spider’s example and recreated dreamcatchers to protect their families and children mystically. Now look at these amazing nail designs – it seems so exciting how much meaning there is behind this decorative element!

Dream Catcher Nail Designs With Ombre

Don't be afraid to use your imagination. You can use ombre technique to make your acrylic nails unique or add some glitter to make it brighter. Everything will look perfect with dream catcher art.


Matte Base Dream Catcher Nail Designs

When you pick a dream catcher as an element for your nude nails art, think if it fits your overall image. Authentically, this object has the meaning that is tied to nature. It has a circular shape because a circle is reminiscent of a life circle and also the moon and sun with their constant movement in our galaxy.

Dream Catcher Nail Designs With Glitter

And as you might notice, there are beads that embellish a dream catcher. These beads have their own meaning. Some American Indians believe that they symbolize a spider – the creature that weaves the web. But there is also a belief that beads are good dreams, but they did not manage to pass through and remained, in other words, immortalized as sacred charms.


Marble Dream Catcher Nail Designs

Marble Dream Catcher Nail Designs
Credit photo: puro.nails/Instagram.com

Usually, nail art ideas with dream catchers are colorful, with the additions of feathers, jewelry shapes, and some cute and tiny webbing patterns. So, besides honoring the tradition, you can sport these nail designs to showcase your creativity and romantic nature.

Summer Style Dream Catcher Nail Designs

So, what do these mystical objects do, besides looking so interesting and adorable? According to the Ojibwa legend, these objects protected people, mostly children, while they were asleep, from various nightmares or just bad dreams. There is a belief that the air we breathe in at night is saturated with bad and good dreams. When hung over a person’s bed where the sunlight can reach it in the morning, the dream catcher lures and holds various thoughts and dreams into the webs. If the dream is good, it will pass through it and slide gently down its feathers in order to comfort a person while he or she is sleeping. And bad dreams get caught in the net and then destroyed – the daylight burns them.

Dream Catcher Nail Designs With Rhinestones


Bird-Inspired Dream Catcher Nail Designs

Overall, dream catchers are unique and very beautiful creations, so you might wish to look closer to these objects even if you are not a Native American. We notice that many fashion icons use this eye-catching and meaningful folklore to sport amazing nail designs. And many babes who choose dream catcher designs for their nails tend to be rather spiritual. Plus, they think that these nail designs will also help them lure happy dreams and scare away evil spirits.

French-Styled Dream Catcher Nail Designs

Thank you very much for looking through our post! We hope you get much inspiration. See you soon!

FAQ: Dream Catcher Nail Art

Is it disrespectful to have a dreamcatcher?

Benjamin, a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, stated that having a dreamcatcher is a betrayal of his people, as it signifies something to them, it’s a tradition. Dream catchers should resemble a spider web and be set above a baby’s cradle, as American Indian culture tells.

What is a typical dream catcher design?

Traditional dream catchers resemble eye candies. The design of a traditional dream catcher also catches the attention of artists, who frequently use this mysterious artifact in their work.