Latest Shimmer Nails Designs

Taking Shimmer Nails to the Next Level Has Never Been Easier

Opt for shimmer nails in case you wish your manicure to really pop. Such manicure is popular for good reasons: it can work wonders and it's super pleasing to look at. Why wonders? Because sparkling accents instantly turn any nail design into something glammed up and festive. And the great news is that there are subtle, more elegant accents for every day, and eye-catching designs to stand out. So, such mani will be appropriate for any occasion. Ready to explore some fresh sparkling mani ideas?

Glitter Nails Designs for Long Nails

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Glitter nails are not the only suggestion out there for those of you with long nails. We think that letting a nice pink metallic shade into your perfectly nude mani would be nice for a change.


Sparkly Fall Nail Designs for a Stiletto Shape

Source: nail_sunny via Instagram, solinsnaglar via Instagram, sabrina_ils via Instagram Source: margaritasnailz via Instagram, sabrina_ils via Instagram, uglyducklingnails via Instagram Fall nail designs are super trendy these days, there is no wonder why. With all these holidays approaching, why not give in to that bright orange sparkling design? Oh, nice dream-catcher!


Awesome Sparkly Designs for Natural Nails

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It is falsely considered that only those with longer nails can rock sparkly designs. One look at this silver, sparkling ombre in a combination with a nice glossy nude base will make reconsider it.


Cute Shimmer Nails for Any Occasion

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What should you opt for if you would like your nail art to suit any occasion? We think nice sparkly, gold French tips may be what you are looking for. Do not leave out a set of rhinestones!