A relatively new galaxy nails trend brings the whole universe to your fingertips. Your manicure will look eminently miraculous with these Milky Way, planetary haze, stellar gases, and cosmic dust designs.


Incredible Galaxy Nails

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Whichever mesmerizing galaxy manicure you choose, consider matching it with your makeup, therefore, it is better to opt for galaxy makeup. Let the stars shine on the eyes, too.


Fantasy Galaxy Nail Art

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A stardust nails design is achieved with the help of a mixing colors technique. For example, if you combine frosted navy, silver, and teal, the result will turn out to be really turbulent.

Ideas for Galaxy Nail Designs

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And if you want your acrylic nails to show off interstellar gases that can be usually observed in the sky when it’s dark, you’ll need the whole spectrum of light. Mix lime, bronze, and burgundy.