Winter nails designs feature various themes and sparkle with all possible colors. And manicure in reds, greens, blues, whites, and golds rocks this season. Every woman wants to look remarkable disregarding the weather conditions. And the pretty nails give us this chance even when the clothes we wear to go out hide all the beauty. Our collection of wintry nail art guarantees you inspiration. So, go have fun embellishing your nails!


Cute Winter Nails In Pink Shades

If you are a fan of pastel shades, then when winter hits, you should opt for pink. Different shades of pastel pink look very elegant. And to add that festive mood, you can always opt for sparkles.


Pastel Winter Nails Designs

So many hues are all-in at the moment. This makes your next manicure choice even tougher. However, if you are searching for something subtle and feminine, this nude nails winter collection may be something that you are looking for.

Galaxy Nails Ideas For Winter

Night sky is perfectly beautiful during the wintertime. In case you would like those unknown galaxies to be closer, just depict them on your nails!


Matte Nails In Dark Shades

Those of you who prefer staying strictly business even for holidays – matte black and gold is your perfect option.

Christmas Style Nails For Holidays

When holidays are at your door, there is no need to go for the most intricate design out there. Just the combination of matte green, red, and gold will do perfectly well.


Holographic Nail Art Designs

There is something incredibly attractive and inexplicable about holographic acrylic nails. If you think the same, then this collection will come to your taste.

Glitter Winter Nail Ideas

Unlike clothes, nail art can supplement the everyday look with accent and color. Try out these pretty winter nail designs if you opt for something trendy that can last for the whole week or even more.

Winter Nail Ideas For Short Nails

They say that all the cute winter nail designs are reserved for long nails. We beg to differ. One look at these gorgeous and cute ideas for short nails, and you will get the point.


Snowflakes Nail Art Designs

Snowflakes and stars deserve particular attention during winter. If there is a time when the mixture of those wouldn’t look out of place, that would be winter for sure!

Textured Winter Nail Design

Textured Winter Nail Design #mattenails #knittednails #texturednails
by @agnesnails.stylizacjapaznokci

A little texture to resemble knitted patterns and a cute reindeer over dark grey nail base is that one design that suits the holidays seamlessly.

Cute Pink Snowflakes Nail Art

Cute Pink Snowflakes Nail Art #pinknails #ombrenails
by @nailsby_jukus

There is nothing better than fluffy snow covering the city when the winter hits. Make sure you do not miss the occasion and suit your gentle manicure to the season with pink ombre and unbelievable snowflakes.


Matte Transparent Nails

Matte Transparent Nail Design #clearnails #transparentnails
by @ome_of_deva

Some nail art looks like it deserves an award for being other-worldly perfect. These matte transparent nails are surely on the list.

Frozen Blue French Nail Design

Frozen Blue French Nail Art #blienails #frenchnails
by @merlin_nails

You may not be the Frozen fan, but you can’t but agree that this frozen French manicure looks outstanding! Everything is so harmonious about this nail art that it is hard to take the eyes off.

Christmas Tree Toys Nail Art

Easy Christmas Tree Toys Nail Art #shortnails #rhinestonesnails #christmasnails
by @millefleur_kobe

For your nails to look elegant and festive, you do not need to be a professional nail artist, all you need is a little bit of creativity. Even the simple nude base will look extraordinary with such Christmas tree decorations on it!


Nude Knitted Nails

Elegant Nude Knitted Nails #nudenails #knittednails #goldnails

If you do not want your nails to scream either winter or holidays, you can go the subtle way. Neutral base with knitted patterns and just a tiny bit of glitter is what we have in mind.

Red Poinsettia Nail Art For Winter Holidays

Red Poinsettia Nail Art For Winter Holidays #rednails #holidaysnails
by @matuszewsk.a

Some ladies prefer to keep it classy, no matter the season of the occasion. If you are on the list, then red nails are usually your manicure of choice. However, we want to suggest a little upgrade in the shape of Poinsettia flower over the red base!

FAQ: Winter Nails

How can I take care of my nails in winter?

  • Keep your nails shorter in the winter.
  • Keep your nails and the skin around them hydrated.
  • Dry nails are less flexible and prone to breakage.
  • Apply cuticle oil to cuticles and behind your nails. Rub it in with your fingers. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Reapply throughout the day.
  • Apply hand lotion several times a day.

How to do a simple winter nail art?

  1. Apply accent color to one of your nail.
  2. Apply a base color to the rest of them.
  3. Put a dot on your nail. Create five lines surrounding at that dot, from the lines make two arrows that are pointing into the center. Add two more branches on top of each line.
  4. Apply topcoat.