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Stunning Shades of Brown Hair You Will Love

Brown hair is often understated and unappreciated. While some say that blondes have more fun, we think that brunettes are just as outgoing and carefree!

There are a ton of gorgeous shades of dark brown hair to choose. From deep dark chocolate to dark brown auburn hair tones, there are some absolutely stunning shades of darker brown.

And if you prefer light brown hair, there are just as many options. From sun kissed brown highlights to honey brown, the possibilities are endless! We have put together a list of our favorite shades of brown for your hair, but first here are some tips for dyeing your hair brown!

● If you are going from dark brown to light brown, we highly recommend seeing a hair stylist as they understand which chemicals will work best to achieve your desired shade of brown without damaging your hair. If you don’t wish to dye your hair, you can always opt for warm brown high or lowlights or a pretty brown balayage effect.

● If you are going from blonde to brown, you should definitely consult your stylist. While you think it might simply be a matter of going darker, you will be surprised at the results. If you have recently colored your hair a lighter shade, you might need to replace the warmer tones before going dark so that your hair doesn’t end up looking flat and dull.

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