EXPERTISE: Cosmetologist, barber, author
LOCATION: Chicago, United States
About expert:
Known as "The Clipperguy," Ivan Zoot is a licensed cosmetologist, barber, author, and influential YouTube personality. Leveraging his extensive experience, Ivan collaborates with salons, individuals, and brands to enhance business growth, increase profits, boost productivity, and prioritize overall health and well-being. Renowned for his impactful online presence, Ivan is a sought-after figure in the professional beauty and barbering community. In addition to his digital influence, Ivan works as a freelance educator, speaker, and trainer, delivering engaging sessions in various sectors, including salons and educational institutions like Tricoci University. Blending classic barber training with contemporary cosmetology expertise, Ivan provides the industry with practical skills, innovative ideas, and cutting-edge techniques. Sponsored by esteemed brands like Denman and Barbicide, Ivan continues to shape and elevate the industry as a driving force in its evolution.

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