Herringbone pattern is extremely popular these days when it comes to house decoration. The reason for the popularity is pretty simple, since it is the perfect combination of something modern and vintage. Besides, it can take up all the spaces you always wanted to cover but didn’t know what with.


Photo 1-6: Herringbone Pattern

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Some may confuse it with chevron pattern that is in fact slightly different. Choose the emerald green pattern to cover your bathroom. The brightness and texture won’t go unnoticed.


Photo 7-12: Herringbone Pattern

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Beautiful women use herringbone decor since the beauty must be surrounded with beauty. And what is more feminine and sweet looking than blue and white herringbone bedroom walls?

Photo 13-18: Herringbone Pattern

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There is no such a thing as too much when it comes to herringbone styles. You can use it on your walls, floor, and even on your chair. Slight interaction of color is enough.


Photo 19-24: Herringbone Pattern

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If you combine the modern diy projects with herringbone decor, your home will become exceptional. Since such elements of decor can make any wall look fashionable.

Photo 25-30: Herringbone Pattern

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Herringbone tile will make your bathroom look cozy and modern. Besides, the marble royal hues will add elegance to any place.


Photo 31-36: Herringbone Pattern

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For those who consider classic to be boring, there is also a way out. Combine different shades of one color, let’s say blue, with some sparkles and fill in the patterns.

FAQ: Herringbone Pattern

What’s the difference between Chevron and herringbone patterns?

The fundamental distinction between the Herringbone and Chevron patterns is that the Herringbone planks’ ends are cut at a 90-degree angle, but the Chevron planks’ ends are cut at an oblique angle.

Is herringbone pattern more expensive?

Herringbone flooring isn’t for the faint of heart. To begin with, herringbone floors are pricey. Wood flooring is already pricey, but adding herringbone complicates the installation process and necessitates more material due to the pattern, making it much more costly.

What is special about the herringbone pattern?

Herringbone is distinguished by the precision with which one rectangle is carved so that the end of one plank or tile touches the side of the other. This method produces a stunning “broken” zig-zag pattern that is ideal for home flooring, stonework, and tiling.