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Your Guide With Innovative Wine Coolers

Avid wine lovers will understand the need of having a wine cooler that is the right size and type for their collection. Let us begin with discussing the types of wine coolers that are available for you to choose from.

6 Tips on Picking the Right Wine Coolers

  1. Single Zone Cooling
    You don’t have to be an expert to have your favorite wine cooler drink stored at home. Perfect for beginners, wine refrigerators with single zone cooling have one cooling area and only one temperature control. Those who prefer only reds or only whites will find this type of wine refrigerator to be useful.
  2. Dual Zone Cooling
    Dual zone coolers are for wine collectors who have a growing collection of both reds and whites. They are slightly more expensive than the single zone cooling refrigerators but not very much.
  3. Built-in wine coolers
    If you are eyeing aesthetics then built-in wine coolers will be a great choice for you. They can be perfectly integrated in your kitchen cabinets or your bar area so that you can add a touch of class to your wine collection.

6 Tips on Picking the Right Wine Coolers

To begin with, you can start with a small wine cooler which is a single zone unit. They are affordable and you can then decide whether you really want to pursue wine cooling or not. Once you have a better idea of which kind of cooler you would like, you can then go on to choose a wine cooler for yourself. We have reviewed some wine coolers which are the best in the industry.

Haier dual zone 12 bottle wine cooler

The Haier dual zone 12 bottle wine cooler is perfect for those who are serious about wine cooling. The model which is black in color and has an understated light which illuminates the bottles within is great when it comes to looks. So you do not have to worry about the wine going bad because they were too warm. Neither will your wines lose flavour because it was too cool. The wine cooler is very quiet so you will not have difficulty placing it in your bar and worry about the noise. It is affordable as well for those who may be on a budget.

Newair 28 bottle wine cooler

It is one of the best wine coolers that we have come across. The model is great when it comes to looks. It has the looks that are worthy for the wine cooler to be displayed in some swanky bar. The gun-metal grey finishing is just perfect and the clear glass door makes it look even better.

The 6 chrome finished racks are awesome and you can remove the racks for more space if you have larger bottles. The Newair 28 bottle wine cooler is not very noisy and it won’t cost you too much.

Innovative Wine Coolers and Your Guide on Picking the Right Wine Cooler

Haier HVTM08ABS 8 bottle wine cellar

AT an entry-level, this is one of the best wine coolers that we have come across. The dark metal cabinet along with the frosted glass door gives it the perfect finish. The beautiful blue light that illuminates the inside of the wine cooler gives it a classy touch. You can easily check which wines are stored and which one you wish to choose. The cooling system is such that it does not make a lot of noise and the price makes it look even better.

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