Graduation Party Decoration Ideas To Remember This Day

Check out these graduation party decoration ideas! Can you even imagine celebrating graduation without the proper decorations? We can’t. That is why we have created a photo gallery featuring the most creative ideas for your bye-bye school party.



Ideas Of Outdoor Party Decoration

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Creative Memory And Wishes Cards

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There are plenty of graduation, New Year, Halloween, and birthday party ideas available online. However, all those ideas cannot be compared with the ones presented here. How lovely!


Candy Bars For Your Graduation Party

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Of course, this celebration won’t be that fun without gifts, so see also graduation gift ideas. You can prepare a special vase where you will put notes with each other’s names.

DIY Graduation Party Decoration

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And make this vase convey the vibe of the celebration. In turns, take a note out of the vase, read the name and present the gift to that person. Thus, everyone will receive a cute little something.


Memories Ideas Of Decoration For Your Graduation Party

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A graduation is an important event in everyone’s life. Use these ideas to remember your party for a long time.

Best Ideas Of Decoration For Your Graduation Party

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These decorating ideas might come in handy for ladies who like simplicity. However, it is but a tasteful simplicity.

Graduation Table Decoration

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Since graduation is a unique event for many, the tables set for the occasion should be corresponding. So do not be afraid to get creative as you decorate the table. Use these ideas to your advantage!


Grafuation Balloons Decorations

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Truth be told any celebration will look festive and cheerful if you use some balloons for decoration. Keep it in mind that the rule – the more, the better applies to this occasion!

Graduation Sweets Ideas

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No graduation party would be complete without something tasty on the tables. However, in order to kill two birds with one stone, we suggest you combine the two. Sweet cupcakes with a nice saying to them will win the day, that is for sure!

Graduation Sign Designs

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Last but not least, you need everyone to be aware of this happy occasion. That is why interesting and fun graduation signs should be left out in no case!


FAQ: Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

How to DIY centerpieces for a graduation party?

Choose your school colors. For this centerpieces we will use green and gold.You’ll need a few larger glass vases and a few smaller ones, gold glitter card stock, cut the graduation year out of cardboard, some greenery, some ribbon.

  1. Spray paint the graduation year and the vases in gold, use several layers.
  2. Cut out of the glitter card stock little diploma shapes, glue those together and tie a small ribbon around like they do on real diplomas. Glue sticks on those.
  3. Glue sticks on the graduation years.
  4. Assemble the centerpiece by combining all of those items and placing them around the eating tables.

How to DIY a photo booth for a graduation party?

  1. Pick up some ribbons of your school colors. Use ribbons of different textures.
  2. Get some twine cut it according your desired length.
  3. Use your doors as a backdrop for a photo booth.
  4. Cut the ribbons the same length and tie on the twine and hang on a door.
  5. Cut out some grad caps and inscriptions out of glitter card stock and glue them on sticks to make props for the photo booth.