The truth is that when the spring is about to end, it is time you think about graduation. It is not a secret to anyone that graduation is surely one of the most important life events for many. That is why you are bound to make one of a kind so that the graduate will never forget it. Those of you who are looking for some fresh graduation party ideas – we have a readymade compilation to share. And don't forget about the graduation cake! With ideas like the ones gathered here, your party will surely be unforgettable and fun. Let’s have a closer look at what we have got here! Graduation party decoration is one of the most important parts of the graduation party.


Graduation Candy Table Decorations


Candy Table Decorations In Red Color

Candy Table Decorations In Red Color #redcolors

It needs to be mentioned that your graduation party decoration ideas should definitely involve some bold colors. That is why red is one of the best options to consider. What is more, you should in no case forget about the delicious candy. Make sure, that there are different kind to choose from. Besides, do not underestimate the power of the year of graduation. Place the suitable year somewhere for everyone to see it.

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Gold And Black Colors For Candy Table Decor

Gold And Black Colors For Candy Table Decor #candytable

When it comes to high school graduation party ideas, many people are at a loss for a suitable color palette. We tell you what – you should always seek for the trendiest hues there are and then mix them together. Gold, black, and burgundy go hand in hand so why not to give them a try? As you can see, the outcome can be pretty impressive. Stars and flowers will also add up to the atmosphere, so you can introduce them too.

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Candy Table Décor In School Colors

Candy Table Décor In School Colors #schoolcolors #candytable

The fact is that very often graduation party theme ideas depend greatly upon the school colors themselves. If your colors are green, white and silver – mix them all together to create an unforgettable table décor for your grad. To intensify the graduation vibe, you can add a globe and lots of books to décor to inspire the grads to discover the unknown.

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Grad Centerpieces


Sport Graduation Centerpiece

Sport Graduation Centerpiece #sportcenterpiece

When it comes to graduation party ideas for guys, you need to keep their main preferences in mind. In case, you are looking for a perfect sport-related centerpiece – this one may be the perfect one you have been looking for!

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Centerpiece Design For Girl Graduation Party

Centerpiece Design For Girl Graduation Party #centerpiece

Needless to say that centerpieces ideas for graduation party for a girl should be totally different no to mention trendy and glam. A lady silhouette with a graduation cap and graduation year combined in one decorative element will take your festive centerpiece to the next level.


Flowers And Sticks Centerpiece Idea

Flowers And Sticks Centerpiece Idea #flowerscenterpiece

There are times when you do not feel over the edge creative, and there is nothing wrong with it. The fact is that you can use flowers as decorative elements no matter the occasion. To accent the event, you can use themed decoration stick to the bouquet, and the centerpiece is ready.

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Graduation Sweets

Candy Apple Sweets Ideas

Candy Apple Sweets Ideas #applesweets

No graduation party can go without food. That is why, when you are thinking about graduation party food ideas we suggest you center your attention on sweets. However, regular candy is not acceptable. While candy apples can fit in the occasion flawlessly!

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Graduation Cookies Idea

Graduation Cookies Idea #cookies

When candy is not your cup of tea – there is always another way out. The thing is that when it comes to sweet food ideas, whether you like it or not, but there are barely any limitations. If you rule the candy out – add the cookies in! Yet, make sure, that they are properly designed, in case you lack ideas – use this one to inspire from!

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Confetti Graduation Cupcakes

Confetti Graduation Cupcakes #cupcake #confetti

Even though there is no champagne – champagne glasses are surely not forbidden, and they can serve as perfect decoration. Fill the half with candy and place a themed cupcake on the top and a marvelous graduation desert is ready. As simple as that!

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Grad Favors

Customized Graduation Koozies

Customized Graduation Koozies #koozies #favors

The truth is that there are many various graduation party favor ideas to choose from. However, while most people choose something edible – you can go a little further. What we have in mind is the set of customized graduation koozies. Unusual isn’t it? Yet, such favor is surely to be highly appreciated by your grads.

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Sweet Graduation Favors Idea

Sweet Graduation Favors Idea #sweetfavors

As it has been already mentioned, very often favors involve something edible. In most cases – these are candy. Nevertheless, we offer you a unique way of presenting those sweet candy favors. A personalized pack of tick-tac will make many grads happy!

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Personalized Graduation Cups Gifts

Personalized Graduation Cups Gifts #personalizedcup #gifts

When neither edible or wearable favors do not fit in your taste, there is always a third option. What we have in mind are personalized cups. Such cups are not only unique but also very convenient so that your grads will appreciate your effort; there is no doubt about it!

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Graduation Card Boxes


Vintage Graduation Card Box

Vintage Graduation Card Box #vintagecardbox

Surely there are many ideas for graduation party but what about graduation card boxes? Of course, you can’t skip the step with warm wishes for the grad. That is why you need to organize a suitable card box. In case you are positive that vintage style is what your grads likes above all – use this idea to your inspiration.

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Cap Graduation Card Box Design

Cap Graduation Card Box Design #capgraduationbox

We are talking about graduation here that is why a card box should be appropriate-looking. What can be more suitable for the event than a graduation cap? Use the school colors to make it fit in the occasion seamlessly.

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Black And Silver Glitter Card Box

Black And Silver Glitter Card Box #cardbox

Those of you who are searching for graduation party ideas for daughter – we have it covered for you! Black and silver glitter are created for each other and the themed decoration added to the box will make your little grad scream with adoration!

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Graduation Canvas And Banners

Fabric And Burlap Graduation Banner

Fabric And Burlap Graduation Banner #graduationbanner

Graduation banners are a must when it comes to any graduation party; that is why you should in no case leave canvas graduation party ideas out! Use the appropriate colors together with the graduation year to decorate your fabric and burlap graduation banner, hang it where everyone can see it.

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Custom Graduation Canvas Design

Custom Graduation Canvas Design #canvas

If you do not have a suitable spot to hang your banner – place it at the entrance. Make sure that all the necessary information is depicted on the canvas. It does not need to be over the edge intricate and complex, informative and simple is what you need.

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Photo Graduation Banner Design

Photo Graduation Banner Design #graduationphotobanner

Some people like to get truly creative when it comes to the graduation party organization. If you have lots of time and means not to mention inspiration at your disposal, then you can create a masterpiece of a graduation party banner. Add photos to the banner, each depicting a certain period in the life of the young grad, do not forget to sign the photos.

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Graduation season is slowly approaching; that is why you need to have a full arsenal of graduation party ideas at your disposal. Use this article to help you succeed with an unforgettable and unique party that your grad will remember through the years!

Fun And Fresh Graduation Party Ideas To Impress Your Favorite Grad

FAQ: Graduation Party Ideas

How do you throw an inexpensive graduation party?

  1. Split the party costs with a co-host.
  2. Invite close friends and relatives only.
  3. Throw a potluck party.
  4. If you don’t want to rent or buy the stuff like folding camping chairs, pop-up shade structures and other things, ask parents to bring them.

How much should a graduation party cost?

A graduation celebration costs an average of $19.81 per attendee, according to our research. A small, 10-person gathering would cost the average host roughly $190 at that rate.

How many tables should you have at a graduation party?

One table per 50 people is a simple rule to follow to ensure you have adequate amount food and drink for all of your guests. You will most likely need one set of tables if you think you will be able to restock food or drinks while the party is in progress.