There is a false assumption that only adults love a good pool party. In fact, you can even find it among modern college party themes. However, that is not entirely true since kids simply adore those fun hours spent at the pool with lots of things to do. In case you are worried that there is no worthy example entering your mind – we have it covered for you. With the ideas, we have gathered here, your pool party will always be the best in the neighborhood. Besides, there is not that much required to make this summer to be the one to remember. Let’s have a closer look at what we have gathered here, shall we?


Pool Party Themes


Mermaid Pool Party Decorations

Mermaid Pool Party Decorations #mermaidparty

Just before you proceed with the pool party decoration, you need to come up with a suitable theme. Think about it – summer, water, sun… we think that mermaids are what is missing. Use these simple but suitable mermaid pool party ideas to make the occasion one of a kind! Besides, this variant of decor is good for Luau party, too!

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Tropical Pool Party Decorations

Tropical Pool Party Decorations #fruitsdecorations

The fact is that there are so many party decoration ideas available that it is difficult to choose one. In times like this, it is best to come up with something exotic and simple to achieve at the same time. As you may have already guessed, we have a tropical party in mind. There is no need for special tropical palms; all you need is a lot of bright balloons and fruit-decorated sweets. Yam!

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Pool Party Banner Decorations

Pool Party Banner Decorations #tropicalbanner

When you are coming up with pool decorations, you need to keep it in mind that your guests should know whose party they are about to attend. That is why a party banner is nearly a must, especially if you are hosting your kid’s pool party. A bright banner with lovely drawings on it, additionally decorated with a colorful balloon will do just perfectly.

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Balloon Pool Party Decorations

Balloon Pool Party Decorations #balloondecorations

Very often, it happens so that you come up with a pool party idea out of nowhere and it seems like there is nothing suitable at hand to use as decoration. The fact is that the right amount of bright-shaded balloons will always save the day. Besides, a nice catering table with all sorts of delicious street food will fit in just perfectly. All that matters is the mood!

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Pool Party Decorations For Boy

Pool Party Decorations For Boy #candytable #themeforboys

The truth is that all kids swimming pools parties are different. When you are setting up a pool party for your little boy, you need to be precise with the decoration. It is important that it is cool and stylish looking. That is why you should keep your boy’s tastes in mind when coming up with the design as well as with food. Besides, you need to make sure that the theme colors are fitting, blue may be the best palette to consider. And, of course, don't forget about a personalized party hat with his name or favorite character!

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Pool Party Décor And Favors Ideas

Flip Flops Garland Décor Idea

Flip Flops Garland Décor Idea #garland

The pool party is not that different from beach party ideas; the main difference lies in your backyard not a beach that it takes place in. That is why all the beachy décor ideas can be easily applied to the pool party. What can define the beach party better than a garland made out of flip-flops? Make it as bright as possible!

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Pool Party Sign Idea

Pool Party Sign Idea #partysign

When you have a large backyard at your disposal, you can come up with over the edge detailed and fun party. In order for your guests not to get lost, a party sign may be more than appropriate. Just a blackboard and chalk will create that unforgettable vibe of parties they show on the TV. We are more than sure that both the kids and the adult will appreciate such a welcoming sign.

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Fish In A Slime Bag Favor Idea

Fish In A Slime Bag Favor Idea #slimebag

No pool party can go without a set of themed favors, right? That is why if you are in search for some appropriate ideas, we have a few in mind. In case you wish the favor to stand out and to be kept to remember, then a slime bag with fish in suits the goal perfectly. Such a favor will add that special charm to any décor it is introduced into, there is no doubt about it.

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Candy Favor Idea

Candy Favor Idea #candyfavor

When it comes to a kid pool party, you can’t plan it without sweets. That is why to kill two birds with one stone, you can easily combine the favors with candy. Nice pink boxes, with your kid’s name on them filled with sweet candy, will make any little guest of yours scream with joy and happiness.

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Tropical Pool Party Favors

Tropical Pool Party Favors #pineapple

Those of you who want the party to be memorable for all the guests may need to spend a little extra on the party favors. However, with such favors as these crystal pineapple vases filled with tasty candy won’t leave anyone indifferent.

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Toys Pool Party Favor

Toys Pool Party Favor #toysfavor

There is nothing better in this life than to see your kids and their friends happy. That is why toy party favors are the best to come up with as well as to treat the kids with. The favor does not need to contain some expensive toys; even the simple ones will make the children drool over with happiness. What matters is the notion of the gift as well as your attention to them.

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Mermaid Party Jellyfish Lanterns

Mermaid Party Jellyfish Lanterns #jellyfishlanterns

There are times when your party continues until the time when the sun goes down. This means that you need proper lighting when the evening comes. Colorful jellyfish lanterns will look cozy during the day and will light up the party area when the night comes. It is a win-win decoration in case you are not sure how good the party may turn out to be if you know what we mean.

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Pool Party Food

Flamingo Pool Float Pudding

Flamingo Pool Float Pudding #flamingopudding

No pool party can go without some tastiness introduced. That is why if you are planning a pool party for both kids and adults, we suggest you treat the guests with flamingo float pudding. While the adults will appreciate the design, the kids will love the taste and vice versa.

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Flip Flops Cookies

Flip Flops Cookies #cookies #treats

There are so many ways to personalize your party food that it is hard to believe. You can opt for regular cookies and then turn them into funny flip-flip cookies in a matter of seconds. What is more, you can involve your kids in the making process. They will surely appreciate the gesture. And if it's a pizza party, your kids will love to decorate the boxes!

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Mermaid Cake Idea

Mermaid Cake Idea #mermaidcake

When your beach party coincides with some important occasion, then a cake is a must. In many cases, it is best if you match the cake with the theme of the party. For instance, if you opt for a mermaid theme, then a mermaid cake will be more than suitable.

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Fish Cupcake Ideas

Fish Cupcake Ideas #fishcupcake

There is barely a person in the whole wide world that does not like cupcakes. However, your task is to come up with such cupcakes that are both tasty and party-appropriate. We think that anything connected with the marine theme will fit in the occasion perfectly. Delicious cupcakes filled with blue cream and decorated with bright fish on top are precisely what we have in mind.

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Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats

Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats #watermelonricecrispie #partytreats

When you are planning your pool party, you should in no case, limit your imagination. That is why when fresh watermelon is not an option – replace it with rice Krispie treats. Surely, all the grownups and well as kids adore rice Krispies. However, you can take the matter to the new level when serving watermelon rice Krispie treats on a stick!

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Sea-Themed Gumdrops

Sea-Themed Gumdrops #gumdrops

Who does not love bright-colored and delicious gumdrops? We can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t like them. That is why, if you are unsure what your guest’ preferences are – treat them with sea-themed gumdrops. There is no way someone would refuse from such a sweet and delicious temptation!

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When summer is right around the corner, it is time to plan your future pool party. If you think that you are already tried all the possible ideas out – we beg to differ. With these pool party options, you will become the host of summer!

FAQ: Pool Party

What do you do at a pool party?

You can divide the pool with a net and play volleyball in the pool; arrange pool race, throw water balloons or attack each other with water guns, organize scavenger hunt where you have to find precious items at the bottom of your pool or you can compete who can dive for those and get them faster.

What food is good for a pool party?

Great snacks for your pool party are sliced fruits and vegetables, chips with various dips, tacos, pretzels, garlic bread, cookies, ice cream, cupcakes. You can also arrange BBQ and surprise your guests with floats filled with drinks and snacks.