Summer is the time of parties and holidays, and luau party couldn’t fit the season more. In case you do not know, the other name for luau party is Hawaiian one. You can suit it to any occasion that takes place in your backyard and not only. Be it a birthday or a pool party, a wedding or a cookout – luaus are what you should at least consider. That is why we have gathered here all the best themes, decorations, food, and drinks for you to give a thought to. Let your summer or winter be exotic, bright, and entertaining!


Luau Party Themes


Luau Kids Party Theme

Luau Kids Party Theme #kidsparty #candytable
Credit photo: joannscreativecreations via Instagram

Among all the luau party ideas you can choose those that fit in kids party best. Make sure that you involve all the bright elements and do not forget about the matching banners and garlands. Besides, a traditional Aloha sign is a must too. Pineapples and other tropical fruit will make the best food for the kids to enjoy.


Pink Luau Party Theme

Pink Luau Party Theme #balloons #palmsleaves
Credit photo: onestylishparty via Instagram

When over the edge Hawaiian luau party is not your cup of tea, you can get a little experimental. Use the balloons and palm tree leaves to decorate the area. However, it is best if the balloons match the other interior. So, if your chairs are pink, it is best if the balloons are of the same shade. You can also play around with the shape of the balloons to succeed with one of a kind décor ideas for your tropical party.



Tiki Theme Decorations

Tiki Theme Decorations #tikitheme #tikibar
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No luau party can go without a Tiki bar. That is why it is so important that your luau party decorations involve some tiki vibe. You can easily succeed with the vibe by adding exotic-looking drinks and decorations to your Tiki Bar. Corresponding signs, old-fashioned masks, and drinks served in a coconut shell may be exactly what you need.


Table Decor Ideas


Table Setting Décor With Aloha Accent

Table Setting Décor With Aloha Accent #luautabledecor
Credit photo: 100_layercake via Instagram

When it comes to most Hawaiian luau party ideas, the primary accent is always left to the table serving. That is why if you host luau party you can’t leave the fact out. Add lots of pineapples to the table, smaller and bigger ones. Also, napkins with the Aloha sign would fit in the party perfectly.


Tropical Flowers Table Decor

Tropical Flowers Table Decor #flowerscenterpiece
Credit photo: joannscreativecreations via Instagram

There are times when you come up with your Hawaiian party out of nowhere, and there is not that much time to devote to proper decoration. This is when you can improvise. Set the regular table, use your favorite plates and glasses but fill in the table with vases full of tropical or related flowers. We are sure that such a table decoration will be not only fitting but also gorgeous-looking.


Drinks Holder Design For Luau Party

Drinks Holder Design For Luau Party #tikiman #drinksholder
Credit photo: hoosierhomemade via Instagram

Let’s not forget about the fact that all the drinks at your luau party should be cool if not cold. That is why you need suitable drink holders filled out with ice. If you do not have a proper holder, you can easily create one. All you need are two flower pots decorated according to the party theme. As simple as that.



Hawaiian Jars Design

Hawaiian Jars Design #hawaiianjars
Credit photo: officina_creativa_25 via Instagram

Another appropriate drink holder can be created with the help of a mere mason jar dressed into hula skirt. It is not going to take you long to dress the jars up, but the effect will surely be worth it. What feels as good as a trip to Hawaii? The trip to your backyard decorated like the exotic island with a chilling drink in your hand.


Tropical Centerpiece Idea

Tropical Centerpiece Idea #papercenterpiece
Credit photo: tuttipartyrivieramaya via Instagram

When you plan any party, you need to consider all the details, and the luau party is not the exception. That is why when you are thinking about the table décor, you need to consider a centerpiece in the first place. Even though the centerpiece is extremely important, you can easily create one on your own. If you do not trust us, just have a closer look at the ideas presented here!


Luau Party Food Ideas


Luau Cookies Ideas

Luau Cookies Ideas #tropicalcookies #luaufood
Credit photo: letisconfectionerydreams via Instagram

There are no limits when it comes to luau party supplies. Anything you consider fitting – fits. However, if you want everything to be perfect and according to the rules, you need to spend some extra on the food. Surely, such thematic cookies will cost you a little extra, but your guests will be in complete awe. Some may even say that it is a blasphemy to eat something as flawless and beautiful as these cookies.


Pineapple Donuts Idea

Pineapple Donuts Idea #donutsidea #pineapple
Credit photo: caroalberts via Instagram

Whether you like it or not but in most cases all the luau party food is about pineapples. You may not need to involve real pineapples, but you can clearly introduce some pineapple doughnuts in. Or you can combine fresh pineapples with doughnuts and make your friends drool!


Luau Cake Idea

Luau Cake Idea #luaucake #luauparty
Credit photo: exclusivecakeshop via Instagram

There are times when you throw a party, and you want everything to be super perfect. In times like this, you may need a cake idea to help you succeed with the intention. Nothing speaks louder than a hand-made cake. If you like the idea and you are sure that your cooking skills are that fancy, use this cake idea to your advantage.



Tropical Party Decorations

Balloon Frame Decoration For Luau Party

Balloon Frame Decoration For Luau Party #balloonframe
Credit photo: balloonzandtunes via Instagram

Among all the party decorations that fit the luau party, balloons are in the first place. It does not take a genius to create such a colorful and thematic frame. The frame can serve both as a general decorative element as well as a photo area. Win-win option!


Luau Piñata Idea For Hawaiian Party

Luau Piñata Idea For Hawaiian Party #luaupinata
Credit photo: valleysweetspinataco via Instagram

If you are seeking for some fun and entertaining luau party ideas decorations – we have a perfect one in mind. The thing is that not only kids are in love with piñatas, but adults also. Add one to your party and the holiday mood will surely increase.



Tropical Photo Booth

Tropical Photo Booth #tropicalphotobooth
Credit photo: greta_smartie via Instagram

In case you plan to combine the birthday party and a luau party in one, then you need a photo booth that is for sure. Birthdays are the occasions to remember no matter whether you are a kid or a grown up. Add a colorful and tropical photo frame to the list because you are going to need it as the party moves on, you can trust us on that!


What To Wear For Hawaiian Party

Tropical Shirt For Luau Party

Tropical Shirt For Luau Party #tropicalshirt #partyoutfit
Credit photo: stylegrimoires via Instagram

Very often, the question arises - what to wear to a luau party? We have it covered for you too! Of course, a tropical shirt is number one on the list. You can sport it on other occasions as well, besides you can easily add it to almost any outfit. A pair of jeans or shorts, a skirt or over a summer dress, all possible. Think about it!



Hula Skirt With Flower Leis

Hula Skirt With Flower Leis #flowerleis
Credit photo: younique_makeup_by_kathy via Instagram

If you are looking for a more traditional luau party outfit, then you need a hula skirt. It is super easy to make on your own as well as to find it at the store. Pair the skirt with flower leis and the outfit is ready. As simple as that!


Coconut Bra For Luau Party Look

Coconut Bra For Luau Party Look #flowercrown #hulaskirt
Credit photo: chloe_penderie via Instagram

There are many luau party ideas for adults as well. However, when it is super-hot outside, and you are planning your party to take place near a lake, ocean or pool, then we have an idea to suggest. Instead of wearing your usual bikini bra, opt for a coconut one. Surely, such an outfit will be both fitting and authentic, and it will be hard to take the eyes off you!


FAQ: Luau Party Ideas

What do you serve at a luau party?

Hawaiian salsa, poke, acai bowl, grilled pineapple meatball skewers, aloha burgers, strawberry mochi, pickled mango, spam musubi, fruit kabobs, pineapple upside down cupcakes, hawaiian hot dogs, chocolate macadamia nuts, hurricane popcorn, grilled ham and pineapple kabobs, poi, kālua pig, lomi salmon.

How to keep your guests entertained at a luau party?

Music will help you set the mood and add authenticity to your party. Make up a playlists or just stream a Hawaiian radio station and have fun accompanied by a slack key guitar or ukulele. You can also invite hula dancers. Games are fun at any age, some traditional Hawaiian games include: pass the coconut, hawaiian limbo, ʻulu maika, pineapple bowling, hula skirt relay and many others.