The world of nail art does not stand in place, and new colors come rocking the scene like a hurricane. The same can be said about stylish and ultimately versatile lavender nails. The hue is so universal and timeless that barely anyone can resist the appeal. Anyone interested in grace and sophistication projected through their mani chooses lavender shades.


Today, we'll take on an exciting journey into the mesmerizingly rich galaxy of lavender nails. We'll show you how pastel shades and bold hues can intertwine with your everyday style and boost your mood. Does that sound like a good plan? Let's get this party started!

Lavender Palette

Lavender Nails Shades and Polish Brands

Before proceeding with trendy lavender nail designs, you should be fully aware that lavender color is a sort of chameleon among other shades. The fact is that it can possess both warm and cool undertones. The warmer shades usually look gentle, resemble spring blossoms, and project a sense of comfort and tranquility.

At the same time, cooler lavender shades possess a more refreshing appearance. They convey a sense of calmness, sophistication, and ultimate elegance. You can play around with different lavender tones to go well with your mood, personality, and emotions.


Top Lavender Nail Polishes Brands

In case you are still wondering which lavender nail polish you should invest in, we've compiled our top 5 nail polish brands you should consider:

  • Butter London, English Lavender
  • JINsoon, Birdie
  • Smith&Cult, Fauntleroy
  • Essie, Go Ginza
  • China Glaze, Lavenduh

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Short Nails

Short Lavender Nails

Lavender manicure on short nails glows with understated beauty and elegance. If you are all up for minimalism but don't want to sacrifice style in the process, the design will help you succeed with the goal effortlessly. Soft lavender hues introduce a touch of serenity into your look so that you can easily rock any occasion. Kester Black has a range of eco-friendly lavender shades to choose from.


Lavender White Mix

Lavender and White Nails

When it comes to outstanding lavender nail ideas, the synchronization of colors is vital. The combo of white and lavender is timeless. The harmonious blend projects purity and style. Besides, you can always spice things up with a fair share of bling in the shape of lavender-toned glitter accent nails.

Chrome Effect

Chrome Lavender Nails

Lavender chrome nails have been a part of Katy Perry's image more than once. The enchanting look captivates with its simplicity and luxurious vibe. However, stricter dress codes may frown upon such lavish fingertips, so you should pay attention to the situation and environment before requesting the manicure.


Lavender Ombre

Lavender Ombre Nails

Lavender ombre nails are truly a work of art. The gentle hue transition can elevate your nail game to the point you haven't even imagined. When searching for a suitable shade to seal this elegant and creative deal, you may want to pay attention to the CND nail polish collection. Their lavender palette is quite extensive.

Glitter Accent

Glitter Lavender Nails

If you want your nails to sparkle and shine, lavender nails with glitter will help you unleash the magic. The dazzling possibilities are so extensive that even Taylor Swift won't dare to resist the pull. Just a subtle glimmer as a gentle gradient will be a game changer, which is the beauty of a lavender manicure.

Cheetah Print

Cheetah Print Lavender Nails

Are you interested in a slightly wild and immensely stylish lavender nail inspo? Cheetah print is precisely the pattern to achieve the desired outcome. All it takes is a single accent nail to pay homage to your soul animal. Aside from that, animalist prints are all the rage now and surely deserve the rep they are getting.


Lavender Green Combo

Green and Lavender Nails

We've already mentioned that lavender nail color is highly versatile and pairs well with various colors. It is time you visualize the statement. The intricate balance between freshness and serenity calls for soothing tranquility and nature's vibrant beauty. A word of advice – ILNP features the most unique collection of lavender shades to choose from.

French Tips

Lavender French Tip Nails

As you may have already guessed, lavender French tip nails are all about class and sass that a manicure can offer. This classic nail art embraces the natural charm of nude hues and spikes the effect with crisp lavender tips. Some of you may argue that the design is features a more contemporary flair, but that does not affect the overall charming result, does it?

Lavender Purple Hearts

Lavender Purple Hearts Manicure

Heading for a romantic night out? You can elevate your nail game significantly with cute purple hearts scattered all over your tips. Choosing a neutral nail base is advised to reflect the magical appeal of lavender hearts to the fullest. The fact is that even such icons as Zendaya wouldn't say 'no' to such a sweet and love-inspired Valentines nail art.


Mermaid Effect

Mermaid Lavender Nails

Lavender purple nails will help you explore the mythical allure of mermaids. Let the iridescent shades blend and create an enchanting and ocean-inspired design. While you can achieve the look through a skillful combination of different nail polishes, Orly may have a unique holographic shade in store so that you can cut your summer manicure session in two.

Lavender Black Mix

Black and Lavender Nails

Lavender acrylic nails, and not only, look great paired with such a contrasting shade as black. The elegant contrast draws a thin line between softness and intensity without taking either over the edge. You can use black accent nails or go as far as to place intricate black designs over a lavender base to succeed with the perfect result. In either case, the duo offers a wide variety of possibilities to explore. Keep in mind Billie Eilish is known for playing around with lavender shades to add a pop of color to her edgy style.

Pastel Clouds Art

Pastel Clouds Lavender Nails Art

Lavender shades are all about dreams and serenity, and this cloud art proves the point well. You can use different pastel shades to create a sunrise-sky gradient effect and top them with a cloud-shaped stamping. Those fluffy motifs will put a smile on every grumpy face you want to cheer up.


Glitter Base For Winter

Glitter Lavender Nails

Cooler lavender tones can perfectly represent the sparkling frost that the winter is all about. A properly-chosen glitter base for winter nails will help you embrace a wintry wonderland to the fullest. There's little use of additional elements since the outcome is complete in its solid appeal.

Floral Designs

Floral Lavender Nail Designs

The artistry of floral designs is often underestimated. However, this impressive lavender nail art may inspire you to take a journey into the world of exquisite spring nail art. A single look at these delicate petals and vibrant blooms captured in your fingertips will send chills of adoration down your spine. Keep in mind that Selena Gomez knows the power of floral nail art and uses it on numerous occasions to add a soft and chic touch to her iconic appearance.

Lavender for Halloween

Lavender Nails for Halloween

Care to add a whimsical and bewitching twist of Halloween nails to your Halloween look? Spice your lavender almond nails with cute ghostly figures and iconic characters. Lavender nails are spooky enough to rock the festive atmosphere and stylish enough to wear them with pride days after the holiday.


Lavender Nails for Mother's Day

Lavender Nails for Mother's Day

Lavender nails will help you celebrate Mother's Day with style. All it takes is to find a bright shade that makes you feel honored and beautiful and combine it with a nude accent nail to balance the overall appeal of the manicure.

Textured Art

Textured Lavender Nails Art

Lavender coffin nails aren't the only canvas with extensive room for nail art experimentations. Stilettos are on the table as well. Textured nails aren't only a masterpiece of visual delight but also a work of art when it comes to tactile creativity. Show your individuality through vibrant gradients and gold accessories with this nail art idea! Use the China Glaze collection to find the best seasonal shades to work with.

Monochrome Stiletto

Monochrome Stiletto Lavender Nails

Would you dare to become a queen of avant-garde like Lady Gaga? We have an interesting idea in mind. Monochrome stilettos will help you unleash your inner trendsetter and make a daring statement without ruining the timeless appeal that both the shape and the color feature.


Spring Coffin Nails

Spring Coffin Lavender Nails

Coffin lavender nails are yet another way to showcase your inner rebel. Welcome the beauty of the spring with vibrant charm. Since flowers are the season's essence, a few accent nails spiced with floral patterns are a must. While Rihanna is known for her bold manicure choices, the chances are that she would instantly approve of the design.

Marble Lilac

Lavender Marble Coffin Nails

Lavender nails with design indeed look breathtaking. However, marble nails stand out from the rest due to their undeniable stone-inspired elegance and eternal allure. You can use the whole Zoya lavender palette to create a unique marble manicure. The mesmerizing transition from vibrant to pastel tone will draw attention anywhere you go.

Lavender Autumn

Lavender Autumn Nails

Lavender and silver nails are the ultimate representation of autumn. Don't believe us? Look at these rich and captivating coffin lavender nails. There's enough room for pearly white accents, leafy patterns, two-toned French, and even glittery details. What's most peculiar about this fall nail design is that no element seems to be out of place. The beauty and magic of lavender shades are impossible to deny.


Swirls Manicure

Swirls Lavender Nails

Are you ready to dive into the world of abstract nail art? Whimsical lavender swirls create a pattern that can't be replicated twice. Thus, it is always a one-of-a-kind manicure that you succeed with. Consider Sally Hansen's lavender collection to find your perfect hues for the design.

Glitter With Butterflies

Glitter Lavender Nails With Butterflies

Do you know what the girliest nail art combo is? We say that the mixture of glitter, butterflies, and purple base coat suits the description. What do you think? Moreover, even a pop sensation – Arina Grande – could have worn this mani with pride.

Smiley Art

Smiley Lavender Nails Art

Care to spread happiness through your nail art? You have come to the right place. Smiley nail designs will bring positivity and joy into your look so that you infect anyone who tags along with happiness. You can combine smiley faces with delicate floral accents and the most pastel lavender or lilac shades– the effect won't be diminished.


Disney Nails

Disney Lavender Nails

Disney's nails go beyond classy depictions of Mickey Mouse and other famous characters. Even a mere outline of your favorite hero can pair well with a classy French tip enhanced with glitter accents and fantastic lavender details. See for yourself!

Pretty Matte

Pretty Matte Lavender Nails

When paired with a matte top coat, lavender color nails can reach a whole new perspective. The suede texture makes the color so tasty and desirable that it is hard to take the eyes off. You can intensify the mouth-watering effect with tiny cherry elements sealed in your manicure. Do you think the beauty mogul – Kylie Jenner – would give in to this matte temptation of lavender nail art? We think she would.

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Lavender Nails

OPI lavender nail polish is known for its immense variety of colors and shades, lasting effect, and reputation. Thus, before embarking on a cosmic journey, you may want to choose the ideal hue that reminds you of the undiscovered depths of the universe. Even the palest lavender tone will help you capture timeless constellations and zodiac signs at your fingertips if you have a proper inspiration in mind.

The world of modern nail art presents unlimited opportunities to showcase your uniqueness and individuality. Lavender nails are a perfect example of how a single color can attune to various moods, occasions, and personal tastes. Explore the trendy lavender manicure ideas and adjust your tips to perfection together with this expert collection!