Winter is the season of marvels and joy, so you should treat it as such. When the holidays are just around the corner, and you have planned your festive dinner, party theme, and list of invitees, it is time to focus on yourself. As you pick out the holiday outfit, you mustn’t forget about the finishing touches in the form of appropriate manicure ideas.


New Years nails are often associated with sparkles, countdown clocks, and confetti art. However, there’s much more to the theme than these holiday attributes. You can transform your favorite French tips, aura nails, marble, and metallic designs into a pure essence of festivities corresponding with your individual style. Whether it is a fancy cocktail dress or comfy PJs you want to greet a fresh start in – we’ve got your back!

Glitter French Coffin Nails

Glitter French Coffin Nails
by @nailsbysaradetroit

New Years nails ideas are often closely intertwined with glitter, and there’s more than a single reason for that. Not only does the texture introduce an elegant and festive bling to your look, but it pairs well with all nail shapes and comes in a great variety of shades and styles. You can decorate your coffin tips with magnetic rhinestones and unlock the inner Beyonce in you.

Expert Tip: Glaminati pros state that glitter nail polish is perfect for fixing chipped nails and tends to last longer than other polishes.


Pearly Royal Blue Nails

Pearly Royal Blue New Years Nails
by @thehotblend

Regal charm is what you need to step into the new year like the true queen that you are. Besides, you can preserve the ultimate classy vibe with ideal French tips, while tiny pearl rhinestones will introduce a touch of trendiness and femininity into the play. A famous nail artist, Alexandra Teleki, claims the design to be the perfection of a manicure capable of capturing the minds of the pickiest ladies.

Pro tip: Essie has a suitable shade collection to explore.

Red Snowflakes

Red New Years Nails
by @thehotblend

Most of us associate New Year with winter and snowflakes. However, it is time to deviate from the norm without turning your back on class. A red snowflake access, or two matched with a metallic tint, will result in a seasonal manicure spiced with magical appeal. Alexandra Teleki has done her best to bring this idea to life. You can follow her lead or use it purely for inspiration purposes to create your wintry masterpiece.


Wrapped In Gold

Wrapped In Gold New Years Nails
by @thehotblend

If you want your New Years Eve nails to stand out without stealing the spotlight, Alexandra Teleki may have a worthy idea. Shimmering gold French tips with intricate details in the form of holiday presents and snowflakes will deal with any task effectively. Make your tips your holiday emblem, and wear the opulent KBSshimmer with pride!

Blue Aura

Blue Aura New Years Nails
by @phoebesummernails

Aura nails are all the rage at the moment, but we have a festive intake on the trend. A UK nail artist – Phoebe, has shared her artistic view of how aura nails pair with the holiday season. Use blue shades to represent the vastness and grace of the season while tiny white stars will take on the roles of opening possibilities as the New Year knocks on your doors. Follow the fresh path unwinding in front of you with happiness and joy!


Purple Velvet

Purple Velvet New Years Nails
by @phoebesummernails

Phoebe claims that there’s no limit to festive shades when it comes to the New Year. That is why, if you want to try on something bolder and more vibrant during the holiday season, purple velvet nails are what you should consider. The truth is that purple bears a royal vibe to it, while the shimmering velvety texture will set the stage for the refined grace and style the season is all about. We’re sure that even Katy Perry would agree to such a manicure!

Emerald Marble

Emerald Marble New Years Nails
by @phoebesummernails

Another creative and vibrant take on holiday nails that has come from under the tips of the UK nail specialist is green marble nails. The marble trend has been all the rage for a while now. However, the masterful blending of green and white shades makes an abstract impression of a snow-covered Christmas tree, and what can sound more NewYear-sy than that?

Black French with Gold Stars

Black French New Years Nails with Gold Stars
by @phoebesummernails

If you’ve been told that there’s no room for black hues when it comes to festive manicures, Phoebe here is to prove otherwise. One look at this gorgeous New Years nails black and gold mix, and you will be all up for the design. The elegance of French tips, the daring flair of black nail polish, and the festive shimmer of golden stars scattered all over the canvas make a harmonious, mighty, and quite cheerful triumvirate. Awake the inner Lady G in you!


Silver Stars

Silver Stars New Years Nails
by @heluviee

The power of celestial elegance pairs well with the festive spirit of the holiday. Thus, you may want to follow Sarah Haidar’s lead and capture silver stars in your fingertips. Moreover, you can elaborate on your nails with festive bows and edgy metallic French tips to make a confident entrance into the new year.

Deep Green

Deep Green New Years Nails
by @heluviee

Beauty comes in simplicity. If you have limited time for an intricate nail art session, a single-shade manicure will look no less festive than a detailed New Years design. A deep green nail polish lines up with the majestic coats of evergreens and stands for renewal and fresh starts. While Sarah Haidar agrees that the shade is purely captivating, we suggest you explore OPI’s collection to find a matching hue.

Cute Pink French with Stars

Cute Pink French New Years Nails
by @lenavitch.nailz

Do you know that French tips work well with both longer and shorter tips? Seal the glittering stars in your fingertips without the need to refer to false tips. A word of advice- pink French tips would frame the starry masterpiece better than any other color.

French tip guide from Lolly Koon:

  • Start your French tip from the center.
  • Use a small brush to add a dot to the middle of your tip.
  • Move from the dot first to one side and then to another.
  • Such an approach ensures that you succeed with an even French tip.


Burgundy Nails And A Sweet Bow

Burgundy New Years Nails And A Sweet Bow
by @heygreatnails

Burgundy New Years nail designs look rich and sophisticated. Besides, Aiste Haas, a nail artist from the USA, proves that deep hues match well with such accent elements as French tips and gift-wrapped nails. The combo of burgundy and gold speaks of grace, refinement, and joy.

Colorful Glitter

Colorful Glitter New Years Nails
by @so_nailicious

There’s no such thing as too much glitter when it comes to the New Year’s party. Luckily, OPI has launched a collection of unique and utterly vibrant glitter nail polishes. Maria from @sonailicious_boutique has used those colors to transpire radiance and festivities projected through a skill mix of negative space and abstract art.

Sweater Pattern

Sweater New Years Nails
by @so_nailicious

Can a winter pass by without a cozy sweater nail art? We bet not. That is why we are absolutely in awe of this simple yet heat-warming and stylish sweater nail art in light grey shades and Scandinavian motifs. Maria from @sonailicious_boutique shows that anyone can succeed with the manicure since all it takes is a set of matching nail polish shades and themed stickers. China Glaze may have the shades you are looking for.


Golden Chrome

Golden Chrome New Years Nails
by @superflynails

If you can’t pick a shade from all the versatility of New Years nail colors – opt for the classics, choose gold chrome. Nail artist and prof educator Mia indicates that the mirror-like shine of melted gold paired with the notion of a classy French tip will elevate your style to the height of icons like Mariah Carrie. Who wouldn’t want to step into the new year like her?

Pastel Blue Stars

Pastel Blue Stars New Years Nails
by @superflynails

The serenity of pastel blue and the festive bling of a pearly white coat make a perfect base for a wintry starry sky. While Mia deems this nail art as straightforward, she stresses its charming appeal and captivating energy. Such a celestial manicure will ensure that you rush into the new year full of hopes and dreams programmed to come true!

Holo Garlands

Holo Garlands on New Years Nails
by @superflynails

Mia is a never-ending source of inspiration when it comes to holiday manicures. These holo garlands captured in your fingertips will liven up every time you move your hand. If you are heads-up for unconventional nail art when the holiday season strikes and ready to keep up with Selena Gomez, this masterpiece is precisely what you should replicate!


Happy New Year with Clock

Happy New Years Nails with Clock
by @polishedlooksbymelissa

New Year nails with a countdown clock is the ultimate classic of the season. However, we know how to spice things up a notch and make Dua Lipa envy your manicure. All it takes is to make the most of the winter nails palette. Blue is the main shade in the palette. Thus, you should take your time and figure out which tint of blue is compatible with your skin tone. Once you complete the task, intertwine the hue with glitter, snowflakes, and other winter elements to make a fashionable state when the new year begins.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match New Years Nails
by @omsphoenix

Creativity is all about artistic freedom, and Cassandra, a famous and skilled nail artist, proves the point ideally. This mix-and-match manicure features all the main New Year’s attributes scattered all over your fingertips. Whether it is a beautiful Christmas nails with tree or a thoughtful gift spiced with funny animals and rainbows – you name it, and a skilled artist will make your wish come true!

Gnome and Stars

Gnome and Stars New Years Nails
by @omsphoenix

Lily Allen is known for her peculiar taste, and we can’t help but admire it. If you feel the same, this nail art from Cassandra will surely come to your liking. Lovely gnomes and funky cats are all involved in the design and make the outcome a manicure to remember. Should you want to boost your charisma during the holiday season – you know where to find inspiration!


Short Nails with Stars

Short New Years Nails with Stars
by @omsphoenix

Keeping your New Years nails short is no longer a necessity – it is a choice. Cassandra here shows how to transform your short tips into a festive statement that everyone would adore. All it takes is a bit of holographic effect, a tad of bright shimmer, and a whole lot of colorful stars scattered over your nails like New Year’s confetti!

Pastel Nails

Pastel New Years Nails
by @nailcotics

Pastel nails possess that soft elegance and grace that screams style through minimalism. In case you are interested in delicate yet themed nail art, a pastel base with fir tree accents and a forest-in-snow background is precisely what our experts would advise.

Easy Christmas tree tutorial from the Glaminati team:

  • Cover your nails with a clear base coat.
  • Paint your nails with a festive color of choice.
  • Take a piece of clear tape, cut it in two, and place it diagonally, with one piece overlapping the other, over the tip of your nail so that you see a visible triangle stemming from the nail bed.
  • Use a small piece of makeup sponge, cover it with a glittery nail polish of your choice, and dab the sponge over the uncovered triangle of your nail.
  • Remove the clear tape.
  • Dip a toothpick into a few contrasting nail polishes, and in turn, decorate your Christmas tree with colorful garlands. Don’t forget to add a different-shaded dot to the tip of the tree.
  • Cover the design with a clear top base.
  • Voila!

Rainbow Stars

Rainbow Stars New Years Nails
by @sophrainbownails

A Senior Educator at Magpie, Soph offers a unique take on the starry sky and suggests reflecting it through a multi-colored holo approach. The iridescent kaleidoscope of your nails will look festive and one-oof-a-kind with a manicure like that. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your nail art when the New Year’s is at your doorstep. We know that Rihanna wouldn’t!


Nude Art

Nude New Years Nails Art
by @msannie.nails

We think that nude nail art fits the holiday season well, and it seems that Annie, a trained nail expert, shares our point of view. A nude base spiced with subtle attributes of this festive season spreads the vibe of elegance and style, yet it remains alluring enough to fit in most themes of New Year’s celebrations and parties.

Minimalist Art

Minimalist New Years Nails Art
by @basecoatstories

Do you feel like a devoted minimalist at heart, but you want to meet and greet the season with chic nail art? JASMIN here has something in store for you. A perfectly nude base with cute central elements in the shape of a little snowman, a tiny Christmas tree, and a delicate candy can ensure that your nails are dressed to impress without taking them over the edge.

Sparkles on Nails

Sparkles on New Years Nails
by @basecoatstories

If you want to illuminate the holiday with your New Year nail designs, we’ll refer you to JASMIN once again. This magical nail art that consists of pure shimmer and sparkles will ensure that you step into the new year with great promise, joy, and brilliance!

New Years nails are exceptionally versatile and on-trend. All it takes is to memorize your favorite idea and replicate it when the time comes. Make your nails become those artistic canvas that will bring inspiration and joy, which will last all year round!