Photo 7-12: Chevron Pattern at Home

Pick house plants in similar shades as your chevron pattern for a more spectacular effect. Chevron stripe can have a strong effect on your room. It is wavy, and its edges are hardened. This design is considered to be tough and bold. However, you can choose it even if your home is serene. The feeling of relaxation is the foundation of this design. You just need to evoke it by choosing the right shades and colors.

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Note: do not incorporate this pattern to the design completely. You can test it out by using such temporary items as towels, blankets, pillows, and rugs.

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Photo 13-18: Chevron Pattern at Home

It is quite popular to use this pattern for floor rugs. It will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen, living-room, or bathroom. In case you have no experience in creating home design and you are afraid to overdo the elements, you can get started by placing a giant zig-zag rug in the living room.

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Zig-zag rags look awesome in brown and creamy; blue, white, brown, and grey; red, white, orange, brown, and black; white and blue; violet and blue; and in the classy white and black.

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Photo 19-24: Chevron Pattern at Home

Choose zig-zag curtains, and your room will become more interesting. Or, you can be rather daring and buy zig-zag wallpapers. However, if you decide to do so, the rest of your room should not contain anything chevron.

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Mind that a subtle pattern can make a really bold statement. You can work it into your design in a less obvious way. It will still look unique and make a curious visual impact. Do not transform your fashionable room into something tacky.

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Photo 25-30: Chevron Pattern at Home

You can use chevron home decor in your bedroom in a variety of ways. For example, you can buy a king size bed that is upholstered in a linen and cotton blend in grey and white. This bed will instantly add modern style to your bedroom.

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You will give your bed a chic touch if you buy chunky comforters and pinstripe sheets in grey and white. This print can be repeated in pillows. Add some pink to white and grey if you prefer brighter colors.

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Photo 31-36: Chevron Pattern at Home

If you are good at doing crafts, you can create gold chevron paintings. They will look stylish in your living room. Go to the shop and buy chevron pattern stencil; three stretched canvases; a large brash; acrylic paint of the color of your choice, for example, bronze gold; and one roll of painters tape of any color.

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Chevron paintings also look chic in white and blue, brown and white, yellow and white, red and grey, and yellow and grey. Choose the colors that will match your walls.

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