Breathtaking Rose Gold Hair Ideas You Will Fall in Love With Instantly

Rose Gold Hair: Spiced Up, Yet, Not Screaming

A rose gold hair shade, in its essence, is metallic pinky that combines glowing blonde and coppery red. As a result, this hair shade looks more natural, comparing to pink hair.


Such hair colors would work great for blondes who wish to spice things up without committing to some darker shades. And brunettes can rock these hues, as well though they might need some patience to get the right hue.

You can sport rose gold on its own, or you can pair it with some other hair shades, for example, dark brown, ash, or auburn hair. Let’s see how to pull off this hair shade to look gorgeous.

Peachy Shades Of Rose Gold Hair

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These rose gold shades lean a bit closer towards warmer peaches. These shades will best compliment women who have some warm undertones in their complexion.


Beautiful Pastel Rose Gold Hair Ideas

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Would you like to add some life to that boring blonde you have? These shades will work great for you! It’s an advantage that your tresses are already light. Now we just need a pop of color.

Saturated Rose Gold Hair Color

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In case you would like to try something more daring, rose gold has something in store for you, too. Saturated rose golds will appear dazzling and add some dimension to locks.


Dark Shades Of Rose Gold Hair

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Here you can observe how deep rose gold can turn out. We think that darker rose golds can definitely bring your hairstyle to the next level. You will turn heads wherever you go.

Peach Shade Rose Gold Hair

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Peach shade is very soft and delicate color. If you want to express your femininity, this beautiful hair color is sure for you!


Stylish Ombre Rose Gold Hair

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So much talk has been here about pink hair recently, and we understand the hype it gets. Just look at that light raspberry color that looks so bomb on the highlighted hair. It is fresh, soft and super stylish. We believe it is a great way to bring some creativity into the appearance in a stylish way.

Rose Gold Balayage For Brunettes

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Very often, when you think about balayage for brown hair, you can think of many hues but not rose gold ones. However, when you look at these impressive combos you will come to the conclusion that rose gold balayage is indeed worth giving a try to!

Light Rose Gold

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The beauty of rose gold hues lies it their extreme versatility. If you wish to try out something new when it comes to your hair color but you do not want to go over the edge – light gold may be your perfect choice.