Colorful ombre hair is so versatile and adaptive that it simply does not want to get out of the fashion. To tell you the truth, this trend is so popular because it can suit everyone, and that is not an exaggeration. It does not matter what length you have, what style or hair type – colorful hair will suit you for sure!


Photo 1-3: Colorful Ombre Hair

Source:, Guy Tang via Instagram, Ashley Peters via Instagram

Bright purple hair is for those who are looking for a dramatic change in their lives. Rainbow ombre is the perfect combination of vibrant colors mixed together to look bold and daring.


Photo 4-9: Brigt and Neon Colorful Ombre Hair

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The fans of lighter hair color can go straight for pastel ombre. The mixture of subtle hues will add that mermaid look to your everyday life.

Photo 10-15: Neon & Brigt Colorful Ombre Hair

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When sticking to one color becomes boring, you should go further. For example, the range of red hair shades is vast and stunning, so why not try it out?


Photo 16-21: Colorful Ombre Hair - Neon and Brigt

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Fashion is full of purple, blue, and red hues. But there are those who think that it is not enough, no matter how well you mix them. That’s where the unusual mix of pink and yellow comes in!

Photo 22-27: Pastel Colorful Ombre Hair

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Some pastel hair styles look good enough to eat. Seriously, cotton candy hair is simply breathtaking! Just look at this tasty combination of blues and purples and greens!


Photo 28-33: Colorful Ombre Hair Locks

Source: Victoria BC via Instagram, Kopnina Natalia via Instagram, Lisa's Hair Studio via Instagram Source: LO•RE•AN via Instagram, Kasey O'Hara Skrobe via Instagram, Guy Tang via Instagram

It is a well-known fact that simple ideas always turn out to be great inventions. Just look at this combination of natural dark hair and vertical waterfalls of bright colors!

FAQ: Colorful Ombre Hair

What Colour should I ombre my hair?

Coppers, deep reds and bronze ombre will look great on you if you have a darker skin tone. Opt for deep browns, copper or toffee tones for a medium skin tone. Choose ash tones, golden caramel hues or muted blonde colors if your skin tone is fair.

Can hair be naturally ombre?

Typically, the canopy (top hair) is more exposed to sun and might lighten more than the hair beneath it. Furthermore, there are natural streaks to be found, which are NOT highlights. So, yes, your hair can be naturally ombre.

Does ombre make hair look thicker?

Consider an ombre or balayage, which produces the illusion of fuller hair by combining dark roots with a graduated color depth.