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Celebrities With Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Celebrities With Inverted Bob Hairstyles #krystarodriguez #shorthair #brunettehair

A celebrity that wears one of the today’s inverted hairstyles is the most effective proof for their popularity! So here comes Krysta Rodriguez, a famous actress that knows the value of stylishness and comfort. Krysta loves to keep her hair short and edgy because such ideas can nicely frame her face and help her feel comfy with her hair. Here she pairs the bob with side-swept bangs to work on her forehead.

Source: DFree/Shuttershock

Feminine & Curly Inverted Bob

Feminine And Curly Inverted Bob #ellenpompeo #curlyhair #shorthair

Ellen Pompeo always slays cameras with effortless and super girly looks, proving that simplicity never fails. This look is definitely worth attention, mainly because of the way her curls reveal the beauty of inverted bob. One side slightly outweighs the other, adding even more charm to the bouncy texture.

Source: s_bukley/Shuttershock

Sleek Inverted Bob

Sleek Inverted Bob #rihanna #brunettehair #sleekhair

The truth is, many modern hairstylists call sleek inverted bob the Rihanna’s bob among themselves. Well, this amazing lady has personalized the edgy silhouette of this sharp haircut. To slightly hide her big forehead, she opts for a very sleek option that frames her face with the chic front tresses.

Source: Everett Collection/Shuttershock

Short & Flirty Curly Bob

Short & Flirty Curly Bob #catherinebell #shorthair #curlyhair

Call it magic, call it true. This look of Catherine Bell just takes years off! Yes, the magic of short haircuts and natural textures knows how to impress. Everything about this inverted bob is simple, yet, the short little curls can really steal the show.

Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shuttershock

Medium Length Graduated Bob

Medium Length Graduated Bob #victoriabeckham #brownhair #straighthair

Everything that Victoria Beckham touches turns into trends. Not for nothing! She is the one who knows all her flaws and all her best features which helps her to customize a truly perfect, beautifying cut. Here, she goes classic: a graduated bob with slightly choppy ends – the harmony in its purest.

Source: Everett Collection/Shuttershock

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