Perfect Hairstyles To Make Your Big Forehead Look Flawless

With The Right Style, Big Forehead Is Not A Problem!

Do you think that your big forehead is ruining your look? What a shame! The thing every lady should always keep in mind is that there’s no need to be ashamed of her facial features: there’s a strong need for knowing how to get the most out of them. And when it comes to working on flaws, there’s nothing more powerful than the right hairstyle.


So today we’d like to share with you perfect hairstyles that will accentuate your best features and conceal the ones that let your look down. Having seen today’s ideas, you will fall in love with your forehead. Check them out!

How To Find The Right Styles To Flatter Your Big Forehead?

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Since hairstyles know how to hide a big forehead, you should know how to find the right one for you. And these little facts will help you out!

  • Fringe is the password that will open the world of beautiful looks to everyone, especially if you want to draw attention from your broad forehead. Such a pleasant finish will not only give you a youthful and attractive look but also will balance out the body of your style and minimize the appearance of the broad feature.
  • Parting is another key to concealing your forehead. Center-parted hairstyles will work awesomely as all of your hair will be brought to the front, giving you a lot of room for framing. Also, waves will be a good match for the parting!
  • The more you play with texture, the less attention your forehead grabs. Experiment with waves and curls, go for haircuts that involve a lot of movement and volume, and people’s eyes will be moved away from your forehead.
  • It’s better to avoid flat and straight looks and opt for something more alive so as not to put the prominent feature in the spotlight.


Haircuts For Big Forehead

The right haircut is something that can make your face show up in a new light. To get what we mean, see the hottest compilation of haircuts for broad foreheads we’ve prepared for you.

Bob With Full Fringe

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Full bangs are the most effective weapon when dealing with big foreheads because they fully cover the area you’d like to hide up. And a slightly wavy mid-length bob would go well with such a fringe.

Side-Swept Bangs

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Whatever hairstyle for big forehead you are going to rock will be even more advantageous if you pair it with side-swept bangs. Not only does this cut visually change the appearance of broad foreheads but also give a pleasant silhouette.

Lob With A Fringe

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Lob haircut that is famous for its simplicity will come in handy for ladies who want to beautify their foreheads. Though it’s a straight, one-length cut, it will nicely work on your flaw if you finish it with straight bangs.

Short Side Bangs

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A soft framing effect that takes place at the side is a good and sightless way to make your face look more attractive. Make sure that your gradual bangs partly fall on your forehead and perfectly blend with the rest of your hair.

Very Long Layers

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If you spice up your hair with a lot of natural movement and effortless volume, no one will ever notice how big your forehead is. Just ask your stylist for long layers, and even side part hairstyles will fit your face shape!

Voluminous Side Bang

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You don’t need to overlap your forehead fully to make it look smaller. A heavy side fringe that brings volume to the front is enough to make your look perfect.

Thin Fringe With Beachy Vibes

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While thin hair is a disaster, thin bangs are salvation! You can give your broad forehead a balanced silhouette without hiding up your brows: just get a slight fringe. The liveliness of beachy waves won’t hurt!

Layered Side Fringe For Messy Waves

Source: kristin_ess via Instagram

Once you get layers throughout the length, including your bangs, you will see your face shape look as perfect as never before. Call it magic, call it true, but layered fringe hairstyles know how to make everything better!

Long Layered Center-Parted Bob

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This transformation pic speaks for itself! The way the center-parted bangs change her appearance is to die for. Layers, curtain bangs, and the right parting are the three features that can make your look amazing.


Hairstyles For Big Forehead

The way you style your hair directly affects your appearance, so your big forehead needs a special approach. Check out some styling ideas!

Bob Half-Up With Bang

Source: kristin_ess via Instagram

Believe it or not, this simple half-up is a hairstyle for big forehead and thin hair at once. The soft, side-swept fringe smooths out the forehead, while the clipped top gives unbelievable volume to the crown.

Faux Bang Updo

Source: natalieannehair via Instagram

Aren’t ready for the fringe commitment, but your forehead needs framing asap? Here comes one of the most creative hairstyles for big forehead, where the front portion pretends to be bangs that mask the forehead.

Side Braid With A Headband

Source: brittsully via Instagram

Yes, hairstyles for big forehead without bangs do exist. And even though the forehead is absolutely open this time, the volume kept by the headband draws attention from the flaw and puts it to the crown.

Low Wavy Pony With Long Side Bang

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Waves and long bangs, who could ask for more? The best thing about this fabulous hairstyle is that it’s super easy to get it done. Just wave your pony and sweep your bangs to the side!

Low Knot With Framing Locks

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Girls who rock short hair can get the so much needed face-framing effect without cutting bangs. A couple of front locks that gently fall on your face from both sides are a quick yet effective way to frame your forehead.

Messy Half-Up Pony With Layered Center Parted Bang

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This hairstyle is the combination of all big-forehead weapons: center parted bangs, layers, and messy look. Simple but gorgeous, isn’t that the way we all want to look?

Ballerina Bun With Long Bang

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Many ladies love to wear ballerina bun as a casual style, except for those with prominent foreheads. As you can see, long center-parted bangs will help you to make this hairstyle a part of your look.

Side Parted Low Updo

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A deep side part that gets incorporated into a low updo is another no-bangs idea. Your task is to make the front voluminous enough while keeping it well-secured.

Now that you know what haircuts and hairstyles work best for big foreheads, there’s no way you will ever feel disappointed by yours! Experiment with textures and try different types of bangs to upgrade your look instead of being ashamed of your facial features!