Fade Haircut Ideas With Different Hairstyles

Today a fade haircut owes its popularity to YouTube, movies, chat rooms and various social media platforms. And this haircut is especially popular among African American women. Why so? It’s because this super short haircut allows African American women to deal with their unruly, naturally curly locks.


So, oftentimes, wearing a fade cut is not only about being daring, it is also about embracing who you are. As if you get your hair cut that short, you won’t have to straighten it with all possible and impossible means.

Let’s explore those sassy and trendy looks with a fade cut we have prepared for you.

What Is A Fade Haircut?

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When it comes to fades, it is safe to say that they are extremely popular among men and women. In case you still do not know what a fade is, we are going to bring in the notion in detail. A fade usually features balder sides and back of your head, but the top remains longer. To put it simply, the top is where you are allowed to express yourself in the way you see it fit. Faded sides and back only emphasize all the skill and style brought to the top. Very often, a fade starts very shortly and then grows up in length as it moves forward to the top. All in all, a fade cut is the one to accent your individual style with a touch of dare and creativity to it.


Does A Fade Haircut Look Good On Everyone?

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Just like with any other cut, you need to be sure that a fade cut will suit you. The truth is that a skilled hairdresser can find the optimal cut for your particular type of hair. However, you should realize that with thin hair, there are going to be fewer options left to consider. If some hair volume is missing, it is best to consider a scissor fade instead of a clipper cut. Those with thick hair will benefit from high and low fades most.

Different Types Of Fades

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When you are deciding upon whether or not to opt for a fade, you need to be able to differentiate between various fade haircuts:

  • Classic fade – the hair is gradually fading on both the sides and the back.
  • Taper fader – fading starts at the nape of your neck and goes gradually to the parietal bridge.
  • Shadow fade – the fade of the sides and the back does not contrast with the top very much.
  • Skin fade – the hair is closely shaved at the temples and the nape of the neck.
  • High fade – begins at the parietal bridge.
  • Low fade – fading starts as low as above the ears.
  • Mid fade – begins at the middle of your head.
  • Temple fade – temples are the only fading area.
  • Drop fade – there is an arc created above your ears.
  • Scissors fade – scissors are used instead of clippers to create the cut.


Low Fade For Short Pixie Cut

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If you are looking for something ultra-fashionable and super easy to maintain, then a short fade combined with a short pixie is a combo to consider. One of the main peculiarities of the cut lies in its ability to adjust to any hair color, not to mention hair texture. Also, when the cut grows out, it still looks great so that you won’t need to visit your stylist too often. Busy and trendy ladies choose a low fade and short pixie mixture in the vast majority of cases.

Fade Haircut With A Pixie Hairstyle

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There are fade hairstyles for all tastes, and we are not trying to exaggerate here. The truth is that if you are not willing to show the sides too much, you can always opt for a scissor cut version of the haircut. Besides, some layering added to the top will add that necessary volume that may be missing in the case with other cuts. You need to know that you can fit a cut like that to any occasion, be it a dinner out or professional meeting, and it will take just you a couple of minutes to style your hair.


A Bowl Cut

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When you are in search of something new to experiment with, then we advise you pay your attention to the bowl cut. The cut is indeed timeless itself however, the addition of the fade hairstyle to it makes it very modern and fashionable. Add some trendy coloring to the picture, and you will have a daring and outstanding look to sport on a regular basis.

Very Short Hair Fade Haircut

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The popularity of a fade haircut is not a secret to anybody. Some people consider it boring but we are here to disagree and prove that this hairstyle can be so different and creative!

There are so many variations of it, and a very short fade haircut is the one we would like to tell you about. What we enjoy about it the most is how simple but stylish it is at the same time. Super comfortable for those who have the type of hair that tangles easily. You won`t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to make it look good. Super short at the sides, the hair gets a bit thicker and longer toward the top - a gorgeous-looking hairstyle.

If you want to add something interesting to it, then we have an idea for you. Why don`t you have figures or lines cut with a razor to get a design on your fade haircut? A great idea to try out with such a hairstyle. Be creative and stylish every month.

Medium Hair Fade Haircut

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Do you like a short fade haircut but want your hair to be a bit longer at the top? Then this medium hair fade haircut is perfect for you. We get it that some people enjoy having a bit more volume with the long hair and there`s nothing strange about it. With such a haircut you still won`t have to spend hours on taking care of it. It will look perfect, especially if you have structured hair. It always looks freshly done and will give you even more charm and style at any time.

Different designs can be added, too. Besides the lines cut with a razor, there is another interesting variant - dying your hair another color. It will stand out on such a hairstyle, making it look even more beautiful. Give this medium hair fade haircut a try and you won`t be disappointed with the results.


Mohawk Fade Haircut Ideas

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If you consider yourself to be extraordinary and super creative, then why don`t you try a Mohawk fade haircut? A true definition of brightness and creativity, it`s what we believe is a must for those who are ready and not afraid to experiment with their hair. So many different colors can be chosen, so why don`t you pick something bold?

You can combine a few ones, dying streaks of hair in different shades or pick the one you like the most and dye your whole hair with it.

Super short at the sides and long at the top, this Mohawk fade haircut will be really different to what you are used to. And we believe that this is the best thing about it.

High Fade Hairstyles

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As you have understood, fade haircuts in all variations are super trendy right now. They all can be really different but gorgeous at the same time. Longer at the top of the head, hair gets a bit shorter toward the back, fading into really short cut sides. Perfect for people with naturally curly hair or those who prefer to style it like that. So good-looking with natural hair colors and any bold ones that you would like to try. Give this haircut a chance, and you won`t be able to resist it for a long time.

  • Fade - Alternative name for a short taper. Source
  • Other names for this style of taper include full crown, tight cut, and fade. Source
  • A fade cut has is a fashionable haircut that has stood the test of time. Source