Blue and purple hair comes in a variety of combinations and shades as well as the intensity of brightness.

The trend of blending these two colors exists for a while already. It emerged in New York back in the late 1970-s. And today’s fashionistas owe this trend to the punk rock culture that passed the baton to celebs.


Let’s discover marvelous looks with purple and blue hair. This color combo is so hot that it definitely deserves your attention.

Short Bob With Blue And Purple Hair

Source: hairbykaseyoh via Instagram

Do you like the mesmerizing shades of blue and purple shown in this picture? Great! But which hues will work for you?

If your skin has a warm undertone like olive or yellow, go for warmer blue and purple hues. And in case you have a cool undertone, it’s better to choose dye in cool shades of purple and blue.


Blue Bob Hairstyle With Purple Ombre

Source: hairbykaseyoh via Instagram

Do you like bright hair color ideas? Then this bob hairstyle with blue and purple ombre might work great for you.

Keep in mind that this hair color can be achieved only if you get your tresses bleached. Well, unless your natural hair color is platinum blonde, of course. Most bright, unnatural shades are not permanent. It means that they can’t lift your hair color lighter, comparing to its current state. Such dye can only deposit color. Thus, pre-bleaching is something inevitable if you go for dye, not for alternative hair coloring techniques.

Blue And Purple Curly Mohawk Hair Style

Source: xmandyleex via Instagram

This bright purple and blue curly Mohawk is so daring. And what will it take to get such a hair color? Well, we can tell you that do not expect to get it at once. It is a process. First, the tresses are bleached. But this will cause damage. So, the health of your tresses should be restored before adding some color. And there is a chance that bleaching the tresses once won’t be enough. So, it may take a while. But the result will worth waiting!


Straight Layered Bob Haircut With Blue And Purple Color

Source: bottleblonde76 via Instagram

We really love this blue and purple short hair style for its vividness and ability to attract much attention. But is it possible to achieve such an outstanding result without any bleach? Well, only if you agree to get a temporary result, then yes, it is possible.

Apply hair chalk/gel. Chalk is mixed with water before the application. And gel is applied to dry tresses. Both options are washed out with shampoo right away.

A vibrant color can also be achieved with the help of vivid-colored hairspray. It is also rinsed away at once – just one wash will be required to get rid of the color.

Bob Haircut With Bangs For Blue And Purple Hair

Source: bottleblonde76 via Instagram

This inverted bob haircut with a bang appears spectacular when paired with a purple and blue combo. And we can conclude that it is either a fresh dye job or the color was maintained properly.

By the way, the vibrant hues like these need special maintenance. Use shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair only. Otherwise, the hues will fade too soon. Also, nourish your tresses with coconut oil or mask regularly.


Galaxy Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Source: kcerenahair via Instagram

A wavy bob is eye catching on its own, but when you have blue and purple hair, we can guarantee that all eyes will be on you wherever you go. And these soft waves accentuate the vivid hues so nicely, don’t you agree?

Pastel Blue And Purple Coloring For Medium Hair

Source: hairbykaseyoh via Instagram

This light blue and purple combo works awesome for this medium length hairstyle. But how to achieve this pastel miracle?

Stylists point out that the tresses must be platinum to go pastel. For that, they will be not only bleached but also toned with special toner. Another option is to go brighter and wait until the shades fade. And sometimes hair colorists tone down the vivid dye by mixing it with conditioner by half.

Long Bob Hairstyle With Dark Blue And Purple Colors

Source: caroline.anythingbutbasic via Instagram

This blue and purple dye job is done on black hair, and these colorful strands are blended pretty well. This purple-infused variation of the blue black hair trend brings one important tip to our minds: for a cool result like this, it’s better to go to a salon. Only a professional can guarantee that you will get the color combo you wish.


Medium Length Hair With Galaxy Coloring

Source: xostylistxo via Instagram

Galaxy coloring is among the boldest hair trends. But as you can see in this pic, there are subtler options, as well. So, even if you don’t want to go wild with your hair color, you can still sport a magical combo of purple and blue.

Blue Medium Hairstyle With Purple Highlights

Source: xostylistxo via Instagram

Blue and purple highlights truly complement this medium hairstyle with soft and loose waves. And thanks to the multiple braided elements, these vivid-colored highlights are taken to the next level.

Medium Layered Haircut With A Blue And Purple Color

Source: xostylistxo via Instagram

If you wonder which hair style can pair well with a blue and purple hair color combination, we can recommend that you ask your hair stylist for some layering. Every layer will help every highlight play its part and mesmerize.


Light Blue And Purple Color On Blonde Hair

Source: hairbymisskellyo via Instagram

If you have blonde hair and wish to spice things up, this idea might work great for you. This combo of light blue and purple is not super vivid, and it pairs so well with the blonde color. Also, we like how this color appears when the messy hair effect is added.

Half Blue And Purple Hairstyle For Long Hair

Source: itsnicholehair via Instagram

Well, that’s kind of extraordinary, how do you think? In a good sense, of course. This model has long hair, and the blue and purple hair color just splits her hair evenly. That’s definitely something not that common, but we are sure it’s fun.

Blue And Purple Ombre For A Natural Hair Color

Source: spacestef via Instagram

Do you love your natural hair color so much that you refuse to dye your tresses entirely, yet, something new is what you desire? We have a solution for you. Go for blue and purple ombre like shown here. It’s pretty, and the natural color is safe.


Beautiful Ombre With Blue And Purple Colors

Source: hairbykaseyoh via Instagram

Here you can see a stunning purple and blue ombre hair color. What makes it so special? First of all, the unique blend of vivid hues and pastels, with the former being closer to the roots. Who would resist such beauty?

From Dark Purple To Light Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Source: houseofgen via Instagram

In this picture, you can see an ombre hairstyle with dark purple blending into a light blue color. Overall, the look is a bit washed out, but it’s the exact effect that was expected.

Fade Haircut For Long Blue And Purple Hair

Source: xostylistxo via Instagram

Paired with a fade haircut done on the long length, this dark blue and purple hair color is truly dramatic. You can choose it if you are not afraid to experiment and want to stand out.


Long Straight Blue And Purple Hair With Pink Highlights

Source: hairtaylored via Instagram

This combo of super bright shades is fantastic! And we can tell you for sure that it will take some time and effort to achieve something like that. Are you ready to get it? Go for it!

Do you like these blue and purple hair color variations? We think that you can rock one! Catch more inspo on our blog.

Cute Wavy Bob With Classic Two-Toned Ombre

Source: evalam_ via Instagram

Some girls can’t even imagine how many cool styling and coloring options a simple bob haircut can offer to them. Well, short hair has never been a synonym for limitations, and this classic two-toned ombre on magnificent short waves is the proof. Instead of going for the familiar blonde-to-brown transition, you can try to start with darker roots that graduate into blue-to-purple play. Isn’t that awesome?

Pastel Multicolored Ombre On Straight Hair


When you are working with straight hair, whether you’re about to get ombre, highlights or balayage, everything in your look should be smooth. Modern colorists recommend ladies with straight hair to avoid rough transitions as a natural blend of colors is crucial for decent looks. So how do you like the soft combo of multiple pastel colors? Nothing can compare to this gentle graduation!


Blue And Purple Balayage On Ruby Base

Source: jaymz.marsters via Instagram

If you plan to go for color experiments, you should make them big! Mixing a lot of colors may lead you to damage, so you can try some temporary coloring options to satisfy your inner colorist without spoiling your locks. A red hair base that melts with blue and purple balayage is something that is really worth a try.

Amazing Blue Hair With Purple Highlights

Source: rebeccataylorhair via Instagram

This idea reminds us of the popular unicorn and mermaid hair looks: the primary colors are aquamarine, blue, and deep, and some outstanding purple highlights nicely accentuate the unbelievable base. Of course, you’ll need the courage to wear such a combination in daily life; that’s a price for being in the spotlight!

Stylish Blue Peakaboos

Source: rebeccataylorhair via Instagram

Truly gorgeous and unique ombre should always have some distinctive details, and there’s no better way to add them than to spice up your ombre with blue peekaboo strands. A purple ombre will appear in a new light once you give it some bluish charm, that’s for sure.


Blue And Purple Tips And Natural Brown Roots

Source: petercoppolahair via Instagram

Some naturalness won’t hurt when you are playing around with new colors. You can ask your hairstylist to leave your roots just as they are and add new shades to the midway and ends only. Make sure that the transition from roots is soft enough, and the blue and purple hair colors will do the talking.

FAQ: Blue And Purple Hair

What color does blue hair fade to?

If your hair is bleached and you use a semi-permanent dye, it can last for months. Bright color washes out quickly and you are left with the light blue shade which is the hardest one to get out of hair. Eventually it fades to a green pastel color. You can fix it by using purple shampoo every time it starts to turn green. Just do not use it too often.

How to get rid of blue and purple hair?

It is a complicated process which requires several salon appointments. It includes color corrections, bleach washes, bleaching roots so the washed out pastel color blends in better. You can wash your hair at home with a mix of vitamin c tablets and dandruff shampoo, use oils and hair masks to lighten the color.