Let’s be honest - blue black hair is anything but usual hair color. Of course, with the recent tendencies, there is rarely any tint that will surprise you. However, once you see how magnetic the hue is and how many variations to it there are – you will surely fall in love with it. Taking all that into consideration, we figured that if you decide to try the hue out – you need to be fully aware of all the tiniest details on the matter. Besides, that fact that Ri-Ri and Katy Perry have already sported the shade should inspire you to push the boundaries!


What Is Blue Black Hair Color?

What Is Blue Black Hair Color? #mediumhair #sleekhair
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Blue Black Hair
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When you start to brood upon as to what blue black hair dye is and what is that special vibe that it grants to your hair, there is a list of things to bring up. First things first, black blue is a definite and successful union of these two colors. It may seem that two dark hues will never result in anything too vibrant, but the assumption is a misleading one. The beauty of this color is that it can remain quite subtle when you need it that way and then shine to its fullest scale when the subtleness goes away.


Is Blue Black A Natural Hair Color?

Is Blue Black A Natural Hair Color? #straighthair #glossyhair
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Long Blue Black Hair
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You need to understand that black, blue hair is usually achieved as a result of the dye mix. There are rumors that some people are born with a blue undertone to their black hair, but such people are extremely rare. In the vast majority of cases, you can get the color artificially only.

How To Get Blue Black Hair?

How To Get Blue Black Hair #longhairstyles #blackhair
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The best way to get that perfect blue-black hair color is to use the help of a hair professional. However, you can also do it on your own in the safety of your home. Just before you start with the dying process, you may consider bleaching your hair in the first place. The fact is that black, blue sticks better to bleached hair. Also, if you have had your hair dyed in any other color before, it is best that you remove the remnants of it with special color remover. When you are through with bleaching or color removal, it is advised to wash your hair just before you proceed with dying it dark blue. Then, when you have a hair dye you like at hand, you can start with the coloring itself.


Does Blue Black Hair Fade? How To Maintain Blue-Black Hair

How To Maintain Blue-Black Hair #layeredhair #wavyhairstyles
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Blue Black Hair Ombre
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No matter how gorgeous your midnight blue hair is – it is going to fade over time just like all the other bright colors do. However, there is a list of things that you can do to maintain your beautiful blue black hair color longer.

  • Do not wash your blue black hair too often, the more you wash it, the faster the color will fade
  • Use shampoos that are designed for dyed hair
  • Apply conditioner every time you wash your hair
  • Wash the conditioner with cool water only in such a way all the moisture from the conditioner will be locked in your hair strands
  • Do not be afraid to use dry shampoo
  • Stay away from heat styling

Which Blue Black Hair Dye Is The Best?

Which Blue Black Hair Dye Is The Best? #longhair #coloredhair
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Blue Black Hair Long Bob
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All the ladies who are thinking about adopting black and blue hair need to know which hair dyes are the best. We are not going to name some brand here since it is totally up to you to choose the one you prefer most. However, when you are choosing the color, you wish to opt for, or you need to browse through the ingredients in the first place. It is best to stay away from the dyes that contain heavy chemicals and other harmful elements. Also, if you wish to go back to your regular color straight away, it is advised to use a semi-permanent dye instead of a permanent one. Opting for manic panic or arctic fox collections for blue hair, for example, would be a nice start, as those are gentle and cruelty-free products that will rather condition than dry your hair.


Can You Add Blue To Black Hair?

Can You Add Blue To Black Hair? #bluehair #hairbalayage
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If you are not using the dark blue hair dye, you may be probably wondering as to whether or not you can add blue to black. In fact, that is not only possible that is mandatory if you are dying to achieve that significant and vibrant look that all the celebrities sport these days! Besides, blue highlights over the black base look so gorgeous!

Can You Dye Over Black Hair?

Can You Dye Over Black Hair? #prettyhairstyles #ombrehairstyles
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There are many perks of blue and black hair. However, the grandest one is that you can create almost anything you like with the combo. At times it may require some bleaching in the process or color removal at that point. However, as a result, you can acquire all sorts of highlight, balayage, ombre, and other popular dyeing techniques.

Blue Black Hair Colors Ideas You Should Try

Now, when you know everything about this fantastic color, it is time to look at some amazing black hair color ideas. It does not matter the preferences, these ideas can steal the heart of any fashionista!

Layered Blue Black Hairstyle #blackhaircolor #chichaircolor
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Blue Black Hair with Red Highlights
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Blue Black Lob For Straight Hair #bobhairstyles #mediumhairstyles
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Blue Black Layered Lob #hairstyles #haircuts
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Blue And Purple Highlights for Bleck Hair #highlights #purplehighlights
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Blue And Black Ombre Hairstyle #blueblackombre #twotonedhair
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Deep Blue Hair color for Straight Hair #deepbluehair #sleekbob
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Sky Blue Balayage For Brunettes #brunettes #balayage
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Ash bLue And Black Hair #ashhair #ashhaircolor
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Long LAyered Black Hair With Blue Highlgihts #stylishhairstyle #layeredhairstyle
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Shiny Blu Black Hair #shinyhair #healthyhair
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Layered Medium Length Bob #layedredhair #mediumhair #bobhairstyle
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Blue black hair is more than a trend – it is a masterpiece. No matter how long is your hair. It may be long, short or mid-length layered haircut. If you are an artist at heart, you will surely evaluate the opportunity to turn your mane into a canvas!


FAQ: Blue Black Hair

What happens if you dye black hair blue without bleaching?

Depending on how dark your hair is, and what you want the end result to look like.
If your hair is no darker than light to medium brown, you can try a deep, dark blue from any of the most popular (semi-permanent) ranges. Those dyes will give your hair a blue glow that will be more noticeable in the sun or under the spotlight. If you apply a very light blue, you won’t notice any changes.
If you want a vibrant blue hair, you will need to bleach it.

What colors will show up on black hair?

If you want to dye your black hair to achieve a total change without bleaching it, apply a special hair dye for dark hair (you need a 30-volume developer). It can be red, deep red, magenta, or violet.
If you want a less dramatic change, you can add a few shades to your black hair. They could be reddish, bluish, violet, or green.

Who suits black hair?

Black hair, especially with blue undertones, looks stunning on those with olive skin.
So does jet-black hair against dark skin tones. In this case you should avoid blue undertones.
If you have a medium skin, a dark brunette might be a better option for you, avoid red undertones that will make your skin look yellow.
Stylist recommend people with light skin choose a dark brunette shade, as black hair will make you look unnaturally pale.

  • Blue hair is a type of hair color that does not naturally occur in human hair pigmentation, although the hair of some animals (such as dog coats) is described as blue. Source
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