Exciting Things To Do In Maui

Things To Do In Maui That You Can`t Miss

Things to do in Maui can be so exciting and fascinating that you won`t believe your eyes. Gorgeous views and landscapes will make your heart beat faster and new activities will create unforgettable memories. Going to Maui will become your best choice for a holiday, so don`t doubt it for a second. Pack your suitcase and get ready to have the best trip of your life. Whether you are going with just your loved one or with kids, we promise you that you will find activities that will work for you. Here are some suggestions from us that will make your adventure in such a beautiful place even better.


Enjoy The Ride On The Road To Hana

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The legendary road to Hana is one of the most outstanding things you will find in any traveler`s suggestions about what to see in Maui. Intrigued by the reason why? Gorgeous views of the rain forest and the waterfalls will amaze you and some risky turns of the road will make your blood run cold. Believe us, such a mix of emotions will be truly unforgettable.


Appreciate The Greatness Of Lao Valley State Park

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Are you keen on hiking? Then this visit to Lao Valley State Park is a must for you. Long walks through the greenery to the remains of Maui`s volcanic past will fulfill your day with adventures and things that will leave a mark on you. Get to the peak and a great view is there. Enjoy your day!

Spend Great Time In Haleakala National Park

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Another option for those who prefer hiking is to go to Haleakala National Park. Following the hiking trails will lead you to the rain forest and some deserted areas will give you an opportunity to get closer to nature. Look around, and you will see hundreds of endangered species that can`t be found elsewhere. Get to the summit of the volcano and enjoy the landscape beauty you have never seen before.


Watch The Sunrise In Haleakala

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For those who would prefer something romantic, there are some ideas, too. Get to the peak with your other half and enjoy the sunrise with the sun going up the walls of the volcano. We can reassure you that those moments up there will forever be in your heart.

Visit Maui Golf Courses

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Have you ever tried playing golf? No? Then you have a great opportunity to try! Visit Maui`s golf courses that will not only give you an idea of how golf works but will also give you an opportunity to enjoy the landscape. A great idea for a family holiday.


Visit A Working Pineapple Plantation

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What is more rare and more exciting than visiting a pineapple plantation? An experience that will certainly leave a mark on you. Look at the fields full of sweet fruits and be amazed at how they grow. For those pineapple lovers who can't just look, there is a great possibility of taking some of them to taste. It's one of great things to do in Maui with family.

Test Your Courage On Maui Zipline

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Among other Maui activities, this one should be mentioned for sure. Perfect for families who look forward to some thrilling experience. Take a ride to the rain forest and enjoy stunning views that will take your breath away. A must for families with kids as it may become the best part of your journey to Maui!

Explore Underwater World In Molokini Crater

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The Maui`s sea life is something you should definitely see. The best way to do it is to visit Molokini island where you will be able to explore under crystal clear water. Turtles, thousands of colorful fish species, sharks, seals and whales can be met while swimming in the ocean among the volcanic creations around the island. So, don`t miss the chance.


Choose Your Favorite Maui Restaurant

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A huge variety of Maui restaurants is presented on the big island. We offer you a great opportunity to broaden your food preferences while traveling to such a beautiful place with such an exquisite cuisine. Try national food and find your special dining place.

Order A Helicopter Ride

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As you have already understood, Maui is a place full of unforgettable and breathtaking views. It is a lifetime experience to see all that beauty yourself. So, why don`t you take a helicopter ride to make it even better? Unbelievable sights will be in front of you to capture, so don`t even doubt for a second!

Spend Romantic Time Near The Ocean In The Moonlight

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Romance is what this island is all about. We believe that is why so many people decide it to be their honeymoon destination. Views and activities that can`t be found elsewhere are there. For example, a truly magical view on the stars is opening at night. The sound of breaking waves, beautiful shades from palm trees, the night sky full of stars and you two. What can be better?


A Fairy Tale In The Rain Forest

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For people who are used to living in big cities, walks through the rain forest must be truly magical. Feel as if you were in a fairy tale while exploring the lush greenery of the jungle, listening to tropical birds singing. Gorgeous nature and you, what can make you feel the connection better?

Go Sailing

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It's your fist trip to Hawaii and you think about things to do in Maui? A cruise is what you should definitely consider taking during your holiday. So many great things can be done while sailing. Whale watching, swimming in the clear blue ocean water and even having a romantic dinner on deck that you can enjoy while watching the sunset.

Bottom Fishing

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An unforgettable experience for keen travelers would be to go bottom fishing. Some huge species live in the ocean, so why don`t you use the opportunity to catch some of them? A beautiful day on board is guaranteed.


Visit Lanai City

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Lanai island, also known as the pineapple island, should be on your destinations list for sure while traveling to Hawaii. Beautiful views and nature will capture your attention once again. To get to some spots, driving special vehicles on the dirt roads is required, so it can be one great experience to have.

Try Scuba Diving

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Missing scuba diving can be such a great mistake while traveling to Maui. Watching the underwater beauty will be the experience you will remember for your whole life. Turtles and tropical fish swimming between colorful corals will show you the true beauty that surrounds us all.

Don’t Forget To Catch The Wave

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So many interesting things to do in Maui for sport lovers. Maui is famous all over the world for water sports. A lot of people come there just to have such a wonderful experience of catching the wave. It will be a great chance for professionals and enthusiasts who would like to try water sport.


Relax On The Beach With Turtles

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No one can deny the fact that beaches in Maui are wonderful. Clear blue ocean water and rocks that catch the waves fascinate every tourist who see that scenery. Add huge turtles to the beach and you will have the best day ever. Such a rare experience will make your holidays unforgettable.